Speed Sprout

Speed Sprout A rare sprout found in the Forest Maze that gives you a speed boost when eaten.

Effect on Self: Green Up Arrow Speedy for 5 seconds

Quick Slot Stack Limit: 8
Consumed with use

Feed Power: 35

Speed Sprouts are significantly useful on any class that has a slow SPD stat. They provide a speedy effect that allows slower classes to rush and keep up with other, faster classes. This makes them useful to have if you are going into wine cellars or other rush-friendly dungeons, as well as speeding across the realm to reach an event.

Thanks to the simplicity of the Forest Maze, and the frequent nature of the dungeon appearing in the lowlands, these sprouts can be accumulated in great amounts.

In previous eras of the game they could easily be sold to players prior to a Wine Cellar, since a slow character could end up missing out on the entire fight. Though this example is no longer really the case in the current game, a rusher might still resort to the trading market for Speed Sprouts rather than farm their own.

Before Exalt Version (Dec 2020), this item had the following sprite:
Speed Sprout (old)