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Spellblades are a subtype wepaon used by staff classes: Wizards, Necromancers, and Mystics.

Spellblades have both a large and small bullet; each fired with the exact same trajectory (appearing as one shot), but with different properties. Tiered spellblades are one of the few staves to lack an amplitude, firing in a straight line with consistent shot velocity. A tiered spellblade deals more damage than the comparable tiered staff at medium defenses or higher, though at a reduced range.

All tiered spellblades fire two shots, have a projectile speed of 15 tiles per second, and a range of 6.6 tiles. The Large shot on spellblades Armor Piercing Ignores defense of target and Piercing Shots hit multiple targets, though the Small shot has neither effect. Other spellblades are the same unless explicitly stated otherwise.

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Tiered Spellblades

Spellblades Tier Name Damage (Average) XP Bonus Feed Power Projectile
Spellblade of Decimation 7 Spellblade of Decimation Small: 50-75 (62.5)

Large: 35-50 (42.5)
1% 53 Small Red Missle

Large Red Missle
Spellblade of Nightmares 8 Spellblade of Nightmares Small: 55-80 (67.5)

Large: 40-55 (47.5)
2% 75 Small Blue Missle

Large Blue Missle
Spellblade of Arcane Magic 9 Spellblade of Arcane Magic Small: 55-85 (70)

Large: 40-55 (47.5)
3% 109 Small White Missle

Large White Missle
Spellblade of Corrupt Premonitions 10 Spellblade of Corrupt Premonitions Small: 65-90 (77.5)

Large: 50-65 (57.5)
4% 159 Small Purple Missle

Large Purple Missle
Spellblade of Starry Insight 11 Spellblade of Starry Insight Small: 65-95 (80)

Large: 50-65 (57.5)
5% 233 Small Teal Missle

Large Teal Missle
Spellblade of the Sun 12 Spellblade of the Sun Small: 80-95 (87.5)

Large: 55-70 (62.5)
6% 450 Small Redder Missle

Large Redder Missle
Spellblade of the Heavens Light 13 Spellblade of the Heavens Light Small: 80-105 (92.5)

Large: 65-70 (67.5)
7% 650 Small Yellow Missle

Large Yellow Missle
Spellblade of the Everlasting Death 14
Spellblade of the Everlasting Death Small: 90-110 (100)

Large: 65-80 (72.5)
8% 950 Small Bluer Missle

Large Bluer Missle

Untiered Spellblades

Spellblade Tier Name Damage (Average) Shots Range XP Bonus Feed Power Projectile
Hovering Spellblade UT
Hovering Spellblade Tip: 85-95 (90)

Bullet: 55-75 (65)
2 7.91 6% 450 Hovering Spellblade Tip

Hovering Spellblade Bullet
Steam Pipe UT
Steam Pipe Steam Blast Projectile: 60–100 (80)
+25 MP
2 13.8 7% 800 Steam Blast Projectile
Crystallized Worm Spellblade UT
Crystallized Worm Spellblade Head: 30

Tail: 60-75 (67.5)

6.48 7% 1,200 Crystal Head

Crystal Tail

Limited Edition Spellblades

Spellblade Tier Name Damage (Average) Shots Range XP Bonus Feed Power Projectile
Royal Sekhem UT
Royal Sekhem Small: 60-70 (65)

Large: 80-100 (90)
2 6.6 7% 750 Interregnum Spellblade Large

Interregnum Spellblade Small