Sphere God

Last updated: X.24.0.0
Sphere God

The Sphere God is a April Fools re-skin of the Cube God that has been released as of Release X.24.0.0 (2018).



Base HP: 10,000 (+10% [1,000 HP] per player in Realm)
DEF: 40
EXP: 195

Level 20 Quest
Counts toward God Kills
Immune to Stasis
Applicable to Friend of the Cubes

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
Dark Blue Magic
Shots:9 Cooldown: 0.75s Aim: 1 Angle: 10
Blue Bolt
Shots:4 Cooldown: 1.5s Aim: 10


Wander Speed: Default
Min. Height: 150
Does not protect

Slowly wanders the area, spawning Sphere Overseers. Fires shotguns of Blue Magic which are sometimes followed by a shotgun of Blue Bolts.

When its HP reaches certain thresholds (about every time it loses 1/3 HP), it will flash red and become invulnerable for a short time, After losing enough health, it will permanently gain Stun Immunity.


Sphere OverseerSphere Overseer

  • Max Alive: 10
  • Cooldown: 15 seconds

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Tips and Strategies

Assassins and Mystics punch massive holes in the bulwark for other classes to rush in and damage the Sphere God. Assassins can also throw poisons from a long distance to prevent themselves from going into any true danger while still qualifying for loot.

Rogue can get quick cloaked damage onto it, sneaking behind since its bullets are focused. A mistiming will spell the Rogue’s immediate death, though. You cannot be teleported to while cloaked, but keep your finger on the Nexus key.

Preferred healer is Necromancer running Soul Siphon, as the extra bulk makes up for the lesser damage, managing to still grant a full heal to the entire nearby party.

Priest is an effective fighter here, especially because their wands can pierce through the outer walls of the sphere system.

Paladin can provide the 50% damage boost for long-rangers.

Wizard is effective for corraling Defenders and Blasters by delivering well-placed spells to the Overseers. A single Tier 5 should take them down, causing all the Sphere Minions to rush over to another Overseer. This also prevents future Overseers from spawning more Minions.

Trickster has a niche of distracting the Sphere God if at least a slight opening is made for her. This makes it safer to take out the Overseers. Of course, it also leaves a gaping blind spot open on the Sphere God.

Bow classes can mow down Minions. More notably the Huntress’ trap which will Slow and heavily damage an entire Overseer system. The Quiver is better for sniping the Sphere God and Paralysis makes sure it can’t wander if you get it in a good position. Slow and Paralysis can be used to manipulate the orbit, too.

While Sorcerer can hit a Sphere System hard, AoE is generally the better choice. Don’t forget that the chain lightning can pierce walls.

Ninjas can use shuriken machine guns on the sphere system, dealing big damage. However, if a Ninja has a lot of Defense and recklessness, he can dive in with his katana to mow down the spheres.

Be very careful when trying to kill an sphere god on any dagger or sword class by yourself, as their need of range makes you get closer to the sphere god than most classes. At around 6 to 5 blocks, it is very difficult to dodge all of the bullets the sphere god sends out, not to mention the sphere overseers trying to provide support to the sphere god. Even one bullet of the sphere god’s extremely wide shotgun can deal up to 150 damage, and the sphere god shoots 13 bullets every shotgun.

Using a knight is recommended to solo a sphere god, as his shield can stun the sphere god, making it unable to pose a threat. additionally, his high defense can be used to ignore most of the other bullets.

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The sphere minions do not die after you kill the sphere god himself, so be very careful when you try to get your loot, especially if you get a white bag. Otherwise, you could lose the highly sought-after Dirk of Cronus within a minute of its drop.

The sphere minions do disappear roughly under a minute after you kill the sphere god but the loot bag disappears in 60 seconds so just take your time.

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