Staying Alive

Beginning Players

If you are brand new to ROTMG, please first check out the Getting Started page.

For beginners, everything in the realm is a threat of some kind. Maybe you just got your first level 20 character, but don’t think your gear is that great. You’ve been inside the godlands but keep getting overrun and nexusing. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Remember that ROTMG is not an easy game. It will take time and effort to get “good”.
Here are some key points to remember to stay alive longer.

If Something Looks Scary, It Probably Is

Trust yourself. If that Leviathan looks too much of a challenge for you… it probably is. If you don’t feel confident to do a UDL with your friends then just opt out. Nothing is worth you losing your new level 20 character because you played too risky.

Get To Know Your Class!

Whichever class you are currently playing as, be it Wizard, Knight, or Priest, know how it works.
Read up on the classes here and try to memorize the abilities of your favorite ones. This can be very helpful in life or death situations. For instance, Necromancer can only heal himself off other enemies. If you step into the lava in a deserted godlands don’t think pressing space will save you.
Additionally, this can be very useful a bit later in your ROTMG career. When maxing stats, don’t forget that Knight needs 40 def and Paladin needs 30 while every other class only needs 25.

Take your time

Most dungeons in the realm should not even be approached without a level 20 character. Especially as a beginning player where most dungeons will be a bit of a surprise to you. Try to level up your character before venturing into the unknown.

Some good ways to level up are:

  • Complete quests
  • Do low tier dungeons such as the forbidden jungle and spider den. These dungeons tend to give a large amount of experience especially when you clear the whole dungeon.

Intermediate Players

For an intermediate player RotMG is not a walk in the park. Some dungeons pose very real danger and even gods pose an immediate threat. Many people at this level find themselves dying unnecessarily due to bad play or simply being unlucky. Hopefully this guide will help with that.

Your Life Is The Top Priority

Remember, Realm of the Mad God is a perma-death game. It doesn’t matter if you get a white bag and then die immediately afterwards. Any potential loot is not worth dying for. This also applies to other people: if you and someone else happen to be in dungeon together, don’t be afraid to bail on them. You would rather stay alive.

Exercise Self Control

This is a big one. A lot of unpotted characters and farmers die this way. You should know your characters abilities as well as your own. Can you really do this Abyss with just two other people? Are you good enough to solo this Haunted Cemetery? It may be helpful to make 2 lists for each of your characters: dungeons this character can go into, and ones they can’t (learn more about the dungeons here). Although this isn’t an essential tactic it can prove to be helpful.

Learn Learn Learn!

“Know your enemy.” Those wise words make total sense, especially in Realm. Read up on the gods of the realm and try to memorize their patterns. You will also naturally become better at fighting them with practice.

Adept Players

Okay, you feel pretty darn good. You’ve gotten a 6/8, maybe even 8/8 after a lot of farming. You know your character, probably have over 500 base fame. The question is: what do you do now?

Prepare for a death

I know it sounds bad, but accept it - uou will die eventually. When you do, it will be nice to have 16 or more life pots waiting to help you to max. Life is often suprisingly cheap to trade for, but other statpots are still nice to keep around.

Improve your gear

Provided you have a stash of life for when you die, you can start to improve your characters gear. Wine Cellar Tops are a easy upgrade, either from O2 or from the market.

General survival tips for all players

Going AFK

Chatting while fighting in godlands is can be deadly. Clear the area around you if you want to chat in godlands. Watch out because the gods respawn.

Never go AFK in the dungeon, even if you are soloing and cleared everything around you. Enemies can wander and find you if you didn’t clear them all, and in some dungeons they just respawn. Even going afk after entering a Snake Pit solo can be deadly - someone can join you and break the wall, dragging snakes on you.

Being afk on the beach of a closed realm normally will be fine, but you should always be wary. hen you’re telaported to Oryx’s Castle, some enemies can be dragged into the starting room.

Risky teleports

  • Always watch out where you teleport to. When teleporting in general, be ready to nexus immediately after teleport.

  • Never teleport to rushers inside the dungeons during the rush, unless you can verify that they are safe or you are super confident and can afford to risk your character.

  • When teleporting to godlands, pay attention to the class of the person you are teleporting to. Telporting to a melee class is likely to bring you in a situation much closer to enemies than squishier characters are comfortable with. Therefore teleporting to long-ranged and frail characters is favourable.

  • When teleporting to godlands be ready to move/nexus if you land on top of djinn.

  • When teleporting to events, don’t teleport directly on top of them, on the mini-map pick a dot which is a bit further and teleport to them.

  • Watch out when you teleport over the walls on trickster - a Cyclops castle swarmed with gods, a tomb room full of scarabs and jackals, Oryx Castle room with deadly brutes - all these things are nasty and can kill you in seconds.

  • Teleporting to a boss room after people activated the boss can be very deadly, especially in Mad Lab where you can land directly on a green potion or on top of the 2nd boss during its shotgun. In abyss be careful if you teleport to a rusher who just reached the boss - there might be a huge tail of enemies behind them or just White Demons which deal lots of damage combined with other stuff in boss room.

  • Teleporting to a rusher who called ‘TP’ in Cdepths or Ddocks can be deadly if the rusher is still moving. That means that he is still dealing with a bunch of enemies and they can kill quickly if you are not safe.

  • When playing and farming godlands dungeons with friends, you can make someone a godlands anchor and let him be your trusted godlands teleport. This person should always play safe, and it’s better if that person is using a healing class - paladin, necro or priest can heal/buff friends when they teleport to him and allow them to survive even when they teleported in the middle of intense god fight.


Some immature and toxic players try to hoard huge groups of enemies trying to kill you, and some players just like to create huge mobs of enemies to fight with to challenge themselves. In both cases you can die quickly if you are not careful. How to prevent dying from dragging:

  • When teleporting to godlands, be careful teleporting to level 20 melees and priests - even if they are not dragging at the moment, pretty often they are surrounded by huge godwalls.

  • When entering a tomb, do a full circle in the boss room and discover it completely before doing something else. Watch out for other people dragging in the boss room! If you want to go afk for a bit, don’t. apologize AND warn other people if there are any. If you can’t rush, best thing to do is to clear nearby rooms to prevent them dragging on you and to contribute in completing the dungeon.

  • In tombs also be aware of people dragging stuff in sarc rooms during sarc fights and in boss foom during the boss battle.

  • In OT, watch out for people dragging in spawn room while someone else is rushing. People tend to do it when the rusher is close to the boss room to distract your attention from teleporting to the boss room. How to prevent: clear first room or couple while someone else is rushing, stop when you see that the rusher is close to the boss room. Don’t forget to track your air and avoid being paralyzed or confused while you clear.

  • In small Shatters: watch the minimap for the players who separated from the group, be ready to nexus if you see them approaching. Be aware of people dragging regular minions, but also watch out for the movements of person who drags blobombs away from the group on 1st boss - they can drag them on the group instead.

*Be carful in the manor boss fight don’t stand in the swarm of bats.

  • In WC: be aware of minions which can be dragged on you from the last hallway. Though people rarely do this during the battle, they do it sometimes after the fight when other players grab their loot, donate to opener or just chat. If you are in small WC and already did damage required to qualify, you might consider to clear monsters at the very end of the hallway to make yourself feel safer.

External sources of risk

  • Try to avoid playing when tired or intoxicated because it slows down reaction times.

  • Avoid playing or be really careful when you experience occasional lag spikes. Monitor the ingame performance stats for unusually high or volatile net jitter and try to identify whether there are any downloads/updates going on in the background.

  • Don’t play with mouse or keyboard powered by old batteries as they might suddenly stop working.

  • Close the game or turn off your computer if you experience a long rubberbanding in a dangerous spot with lots of enemies around (for example, events or crowded godlands).

  • Make sure that there are no popups that could make the game lose focus (messager notifications or popups for available updates or routinely running programs like antivirus checks) while you play.

  • If you choose to continue playing despite occasional lag spikes (potentially caused by a large amount of players at an event/Oryx or a god wall) be aware of the direction in which you are moving. While lagging you will keep walking in the direction of your last movement input so make sure your current trajectory is not towards a dangerous spot. So approach the enemies at an angle that will not make you end up dead if you unwillingly continue walking at that angle for 1-2 seconds during a lag spike.