Sullen Blade

Sullen Blade An ancient weapon imbued with the power of ancient dragons, but depraved by Feargus.

Tier UT
Shots 3 (arc gap: 20°)
Damage 40–120 (average: 80 / total: 240)
Projectile Speed 15 tiles/second
Lifetime 0.25 seconds
Range 3.75 tiles (true range: 1.37 tiles)
Amplitude 0.5 tile(s)
Frequency 0.5 cycle(s)/shot
Fame Bonus 4%
Soulbound Soulbound
Feed Power 450

Loot Bag Assigned to White Bag
Drops From Feargus the Demented

A long time ago, during an accidental release in build 11, a similar weapon called the Celestial Blade was dropped by the previous version of the black dragon named Thanatos. It was modified to become the Annoying Firecracker Katana for unknown reasons, while the stats and name are the only differences between the two.

The name was changed to Sullen Blade in Build X10.3 and it was also buffed considerably.

A more peculiar weapon that fires 3 short-ranged shots in a cone. While up close this can do staggering amounts of damage, its short range puts the player at risk more. It is mostly useful on enemies that are mostly safe to approach, in a similar vein to the Demon Blade. In terms of sheer DPS, it is like a Staff of Extreme Prejudice compared to other katana.
It should be noted that the Void Blade does not outdamage this Katana up to 38/43 DEF; as such, this Katana would be a preferred choice for easily approachable enemies.
Note that this katana does not pierce enemies.

In Patch X.31.8.0, this katana was completely removed from the game and replaced with the aforementioned Celestial Blade.