Last updated: Exalt Version (Aug 2022)

Tachis are a subtype katana used by the Ninja, Samurai, and Kensei.

Tachis fire two angled shots, one to the left and right of the player, that converge at a specific point at the middle (which is unaffected by Inspired Icon Inspired). Unlike most weapons, you are unable to hit all shots while on top of an enemy. Their true range is also quite short, but tiered Tachis have increased damage output compared to their ordinary counterparts (at lower DEF) while retaining piercing.

Tiered Tachis fire two shots, have a range of 4.61, and Piercing Shots hit multiple targets. Other Tachis are the same unless explicitly stated otherwise.

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Tiered Tachis

Tachi Tier Name Damage (Average) XP Bonus Feed Power Projectile
Cloudstrike Tachi 7 Cloudstrike Tachi 45-80 (62.5) 1% 53 Light Blue Cross Slash
Devilbane Tachi 8 Devilbane Tachi 55-90 (72.5) 2% 75 Red Cross Slash
Darksteel Tachi 9 Darksteel Tachi 60-95 (77.5) 3% 109 Dark Cross Slash
Dragonbone Tachi 10 Dragonbone Tachi 65-100 (82.5) 4% 159 White Cross Slash
Accursed Tachi 11 Accursed Tachi 70-105 (87.5) 5% 233 Purple Cross Slash
Skyslash Tachi 12 Skyslash Tachi 75-110 (92.5) 6% 450 Gold Cross Slash
Sunset Tachi 13 Sunset Tachi 85-120 (102.5) 7% 650 Pink Cross Slash
Godslayer Tachi 14
Godslayer Tachi 95-125 (110) 8% 950 Cyan Cross Slash

Untiered Tachis

Tachi Tier Name Damage (Average) Shots Range XP Bonus Feed Power Projectile
Burial Blades UT
Burial Blades 65-120 (92.5)
Armor Piercing Ignores defense of target
2 4.61 7% 1000 Phaedra Cross Slash

Valus Cross Slash