Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards were added in Release 23.1 and were previously used for daily quests via the original version of The Tinkerer who would, when The Alchemist was active, request one random Tarot Card in exchange for one Alchemist Token. With the Tinkerer redesign in Patch X.17 and no immediate plans by DECA to reintroduce The Alchemist, Tarot Cards currently function as low level pet food and quest items for uncommon Tinkerer quests, and no longer drop normally.

The designs and descriptions of the Tarot Cards reference the Major Arcana, the emblematic picture cards of a tarot deck.

The Fool Tarot Card was not part of the initial release, it was added two months later in Release 25.0.0.

All Tarot Cards have Feed Power: 250

Treasure: 1 of 8 Treasure: 2 of 8 Treasure: 3 of 8
Treasure: 4 of 8 Treasure: 5 of 8 Treasure: 6 of 8
Treasure: 7 of 8 Treasure: 8 of 8 Treasure: 0 of 8