The testing servers are used for developing and reviewing planned features.

Public testing

Public testing (PT) is used to garner community feedback on specific content. Though testing is usually closed to the public, it becomes fully open for a few days after DECA announces a new session. The details of new sessions are posted on the Public Testing section of the forums and on the RotMG Blog.


It is important to note that the testing environment should not be considered an alternative to the production servers, though emulating normal gameplay is encouraged. Bugs are common and the preservation of progress is not guaranteed. The most important purpose of testing is to help ensure that the content will be ready for the production servers.

Depending on the session, character creation may be adjusted so that new characters are generated with preset gear and certain maxed stats. Pet eggs, pet food, and fame-granting items are offered for free in the Mystery Box shop. Some session-specific items may also be available there.

Delivering feedback

Testing is useless without feedback. Each new round of testing has a designated thread in the RealmEye forums’ Public Testing section, where players can post their opinions. On the RotMG official Discord seperate Testing text channel will be opened to discuss and give feedback.

DECA may also conduct polls about testing in the official Discord.

Note that Support will not address cases related to public testing, as any issues should be reported in the forum threads.

Closed testing

Closed testing is only available to DECA staff, members of the User-Generated Content group, and a small group of testers selected from the player base. Closed testing is used for early development; it is here that features are first introduced, tested, and polished.

The details of closed testing are confidential, and the testing group is invite-only. Though closed testers sometimes receive rewards on the production servers (such as the Future Seeker Tester skins), their role is as volunteers; they are not DECA employees.