The Crawling Depths Guide

Last updated: Build 16

Crawling Depths (Suggested Level:20)

Why & How to find the Crawling Depths


Doku No Ken Symbiotic Ripper Rags of the HostTier 12 WeaponsTier 13 Armor Potion of Mana Wine Cellar Incantation

This dungeon is the best of three epic dungeons, because it is one of the few sources of mana and also has 5 chances of getting soulbound drop in the boss room. All of the four big eggs have chances to drop T10-T12 armor and T10-T11 weapons, and the boss itself can drop the highest tiered equipment in the game. In addition, all eggs and the boss have chances to drop a powerful UT katana: Doku No Ken, and a Wine Cellar Incantation.

The difficulty of the dungeon is already enough for almost all players to call out this dungeon or bring a group to run it. One mistake can destroy anyone’s day and the whole place will fall to ruins. If you feel like you’re confident enough to take this on solo or a small group, go for it, and riches will fly in crazy with 5 sources of potential loot.


Lucky Djinn

The dungeon is a guaranteed drop from the Lucky Djinn, but can also be purchased in the nexus for 100 gold (price varies).

The best way to search this dungeon is to enter small fresh realms. When you enter fresh realm first, you have a chance to see one of three quests: Red Demon, Lucky Ent or Lucky Djinn. If you see one of the first two quests, you could either kill them (will take some time) or try to teleport to another spawn point or re-enter the realm to spawn in the different place (this could change the quest).

Lucky Djinn tend to spawn mostly in the south area of godlands, sometimes it will spawn near cyclops castle surrounded by deep blue water. Make sure to have a trickster or planewalker rogue around to enter the dungeon.

Take extra caution trying to teleport to someone near Lucky Djinn: sometimes there are lots of gods around it and it also could explode right on top of you like any other normal djinn.

Navigating through the dungeon

This dungeon has no dead-ends and wrong turns, all rooms are connected to each other in one chain. The safest way to pass the dungeon is to clear small spiders along with breaking only those small green eggs which block the path. Sometimes it’s better to clear a safe room to lure bigger spiders and to take them down quickly. Turn your autofire off and to try dodge most of the bullets. The last room: always clear it and then break the whole web only if you sure that other players will not activate the boss early. You could use this room to retreat in case of danger.

Rushing this dungeon could be very risky on most classes. If you are rushing be sure to avoid armor broken and don’t break the small green eggs. If you rushing with a rogue, it’s possible to enter the boss room without clearing the last room (which is not safe, but saves time). If you are rushing on any other class, always clear the last room before calling. It’s better to call people in the last room before breaking the web to prevent disorientation and activating the boss by an accident. Take extra care teleporting to a rusher because very often they don’t clear the last room and those spiders will attack you even if you don’t move. There is always 14 rooms in between the Start Room and the Boss Room.


Crawling Grey Spider

Crawling Grey Spiders: chase you in a pattern very similar to manor’s Hellhounds, shoot armor broken projectiles, which could be deadly combined with other attacks. They shoot only one big slow bullet, avoid it at all costs.

Crawling Grey Spotted Spider

Crawling Grey Spotted Spiders: chase you very quickly, jump on you along with shooting high damage bullets without status effects. Try to lure them to a safe room and kill quickly.

Crawling Green Spiders: shoot at you with bleeding rain which spreads similar to the multi-arrow bow, but from a distance closer to dagger range. Just move right and left to dodge these shots.

Crawling Red Spotted Spider

Crawling Red Spotted Spiders: always come in groups of 3-4 spiders, shoot at you with high damage bleeding red stars. Their attack pattern is similar to that of an Ent God: trying to predict where you are going to move. Strafe right and left to dodge these shots.

Crawling Spider Hatchlings: spawn from the small green eggs if you shoot them or if you come at the distance of 1 tile. Their shots inflict weak and quiet and sometimes they stack enough to hurt a lot even with maxed def (and also could insta-kill a fresh unmaxed character), so it’s a good idea to break only one green egg at a time and dodge all these shots.

The Boss

Son of Arachna

To enter the boss room you need to break the web. The boss will stay inactive as long as you stay near the wall. There are 4 big eggs near the walls. To make the batlle easier you have to destroy all these eggs. Each Egg Sac spawns enemies after destroying and also removes a different attack pattern from the boss:

This one is located south-east, spawns Crawling Grey Spiders and removes armor broken shot from the boss when destroyed;

This one is located north-east, spawns Crawling Red Spotted Spider and removes red bleeding shot from the boss when destroyed;

This one is located north-west, spawns Crawling Spider Hatchlings and removes the big quiet bullet from the boss along with changing his movement pattern. His speed slows down and he acts more like Arachna.

This one is located south-west, spawns all type of spiders before breaking, but no enemies after destroying the egg. The destruction of this egg removes the paralysis bullet and makes the boss vulnerable. This is actually only the one egg which is strictly has to be destroyed before attacking the boss, you cannot deal any damage to him while this egg exists.

The safest strategy for taking down the eggs is to start from the right and continue moving counter-clockwise. The egg order will be: Silver->Red->Blue->Yellow. Remember to ‘hug’ the wall, staying as far from the boss as possible. Move left-right to dodge small shots from the little blue spiders and use your full range to attack Egg Sacs, but don’t destroy them completely: keep track on their hp bars, then stop shooting and leave 5% hp on each. Each egg has a chance to drop good loot (eve a white bag), but if you move closer to pick up the item, it would activate the boss, so don’t break the eggs until you’ll weak almost all of them. When you reach the last egg (yellow), don’t leave 5% hp, just destroy it as soon as possible to prevent spawning spiders. If you get a drop from this egg, don’t pick it up immediately, quickly go clockwise and finish the blue egg first to slow down the boss before picking up the loot. If you use a high speed class, you should be able to finish all big eggs before picking up any loot dropped from them. Prefered order to finish all big eggs after taking down the yellow is blue->red->silver.

General tips

Solo: Be careful after entering this dungeon - sometimes you get a very tiny spawn room and next room full of Crawling Grey Spotted Spiders (small black ones), which are extremely hard to dodge in a tight space and which can deal lots of damage before you kill them. Unless you are a tanky melee with electric pet or rogue/mystic which can cloak/stasis and deal with them easily, be cautious when clearing the first room. In the boss room: just follow safe strategy with weakening eggs, or kill the straight away if your dps allow you to take down all of them in less than 1 minute (possible with dbow or on melees).

In small groups: clear the last room and convince people to weaken eggs before breaking any of them completely. Start with silver egg sac, move counter-clockwise. You don’t need to do much damage to qualify on the egg sacs (it seems like 1/5 of egg sac’s hp is more than enough to get a drop from it), so try to stop shooting way before it goes down to low hp and use that time to clear green eggs around and move on to the next egg sac.

In huge groups: hug the wall, stick with the group, start with yellow egg and move clockwise. Do not rush to grab your loot until at least blue egg sac is dead: the bag lasts for the whole minute, you will have plenty of time to get it! With good dps you even might be able to clear all the eggs before your bag expires, but if you don’t want to risk losing loot or afraid of being dc’ed - get it right after the blue egg is dead.

With 5 or more players it’s almost guaranteed that someone will activate the boss early. Be ready to retreat behind pillars/in first room if you see that web appeared before egg sacs were destroyed, track movements of the boss and be ready to nexus if he jumps on you. Clear remaining egg sacs carefully and focus on blue one.

Class tips

  • Assassin: Use poison judiciously: one use can pop the eggs and another can wipe the hatchlings but as Assassin is known for, poison can activate everything making for a messy room. Use poison with extra caution in the boss room while clearing eggs as activating minions you are not directly fighting makes everything a lot harder (you are essentially limited to dodging a couple tiles in and out if you don’t want to wake the boss).
  • Sorcerer: don’t use your scepter until you’ll clear all the eggs in the boss room.
  • Archer: don’t aim quiver to the center of the boss room until you’ll clear all the eggs.
  • Trickster: decoy will not wake up the boss, but use teleport with caution to prevent breaking too many smaller eggs. Send a decoy using a high tier prism during the boss fight to push him to the wall, then stand to the center of the web and shoot the boss.
  • Wizard: don’t use spellbombs during the clearing or on bigger eggs if you can’t aim them right to the ‘sweet spot’ to land all the shots. Even one missed shot could accidentally wake the boss.
  • All dagger classes: bone dagger is very good for clearing the smaller eggs in the dungeon and in the boss room. Use the highest range dagger to kill the boss safely.