The Hive Guide

The Hive | Suggested Level: 15-20

The Hive PortalThe Hive PortalThe Hive PortalThe Hive PortalThe Hive Portal

How & Why to find The Hive


Warrior Bee

The Hive portal drops from Warrior Bees, which spawn in the Midlands. They are not to be confused with Wasp Queens, which look similar but do not drop The Hive portal.


Honey ScepterOrb of Sweet DemisePotion of DexterityWine Cellar Incantation

The enemies’ moderately high XP rates make the hive suitable for levelling up. This dungeon can be also farmed for its UT drops for feeding of pets, as both UTs have 450 feed power. Plus, there is a high chance for the boss to drop a Potion of Dexterity, making this a possible source of Dexterity. The Orb of Demise may also be a viable Orb for the Mystic. The boss also has a chance of dropping the Wine Cellar Incantation.


Navigating through the dungeon

This dungeon is very challenging for low level players, due to the large amounts of minions and their high damage output. Other than that, with adequate defence, it should be a fairly simple dungeon to complete. The enemies found in the dungeon are:


Fat BeesAngry Fat BeesSmall Bees

The main challenge of getting to the Boss, these bees spawn in large quantities, deal pretty high amounts of damage, and have erratic movements, making them pretty dangerous and difficult to kill. The angry bees (which have a chance to spawn when a fat bee is killed) deal less damage, but inflicts bleeding. The fat bees spawn from Mini Hives (see below), which are found around the dungeon, and maggots (below again), which spawn when their eggs (spawned by the boss) are broken. Thus, if you are clearing the dungeon, it would be crucial to destroy the Mini Hives first. As for dealing with the bees themselves, there is nothing much to say, except to just be mindful of your health at all times, avoiding rushing unless you know you can, and being patient to regenerate your health when you need to. The bees can easily kill you quickly if you walk into large groups of them! Lastly, do not underestimate small bees: despite their small size, they still do pack a punch, so do be careful!

Mini Hives

Mini Hives

These are what spawns small bees and fat bees. Usually located around the center of a room, they have a guaranteed drop of Bottled honey. This is really useful for rushers as they can just drop by a Mini Hive, break it, drink the honey and go. As for those clearing the dungeon, make sure to destroy these first before clearing the bees.

Note that these are rarer than other enemies, and will not be found too often.

Boss: Queen Bee

Queen Bee


The Queen Bee has two phases. It starts by shooting black bolts all around it. They deal around the same damage as the fat bees’ attacks. They’re pretty short ranged, so just avoid sitting on her and you should be fine. That is followed by a red bomb. These deal a ton of damage, so make sure to avoid them. Next, she chases the closest player while firing bursts of 3 honey shots. They do the same damage as the black bolts, but inflict daze (which slow your firing speed). So make sure to avoid those, as they just make the process of killing her much longer. After that, she fires another red bomb, and the cycle repeats.


Maggot Egg Maggot Egg MaggotsMaggots
At the same time, she throws bombs that spawn maggot eggs. Breaking them spawns maggots, which aren’t really dangerous except for their slowing effect. However, after precisely 10 seconds, these maggots turn into fat bees. With some time, the fat bees that spawn can easily overwhelm you. So just avoid shooting the maggot eggs, and if you do, kill the maggots quickly.

Things to note

However, there are some things that make it really difficult to kill her. Firstly, she is always invulnerable in between phases. Secondly, she has really erratic movements. And of course, as before mentioned, she can daze you with her honey shots. So time your attacks well, and with good enough tracking and dodging, she shouldn’t be too hard to take down. Do note that having a decently tiered armor and weapon is pretty necessary. (at least T7 is recommended)