Last updated: Exalt Version (July 2020)
HUD Layout

  1. Player placement
    • Shows up in all areas except for the Realm overworld, in which case it is replaced with the Realm task log.
    • Displays your player name, current character, player rank alongside your guild’s name, and your guild rank.
    • In the Nexus, clicking the red bag will open the Shop interface. The red bag appears in all Nexus subareas (but cannot be interacted with outside the Nexus main area) and does not appear in other areas.
    • The Gift Chest icon will appear in all Nexus subareas if there are new items in the player’s Gift Chests in the Vault.
  2. Fame and Gold
    • Shows the total amount of Fame and Gold on the account.
    • Toggleable option to show gold purchase menu when double clicked.
    • Clicking the “+” next to the gold count allows you to buy more gold
  3. Mini-map
    • Small version of the game map, does not rotate, though this can be changed in the options.
    • Use + and - to zoom.
    • Yellow dots = other players
    • Green dots = guild members
    • Red dots = enemies
    • Blue dots = portals
    • White/light grey dots = unnamed player
    • Dark grey dots = paused player
    • Certain enemies/objects will have unique colors
  4. Miscellaneous function buttons and options
    • Left: The bar graph icon displays a pop-up containing the stats of the active character. In another tab, will display the total amount of fame you will obtain (in addition to fame bonuses) after death.
    • Second from left: If a pet is equipped, the pet icon displays the name, rarity, abilities, and levels of the active pet.
    • Middle: If a loot booster is active, a lightning bolt icon will appear. Hovering over the icon will display the type of boost active along with the remaining boost time.
    • Second from right: If not in the Nexus, clicking the temple icon will return the player to the Nexus.
    • Right: The gear icon brings up the options menu.
  5. Level/Experience/Fame bar
    • A purple EXP bar showing your progress to the next level.
    • When you reach level 20, this will turn into an orange fame bar, showing how much fame is required for your next class quest.
    • Hover over to see your current EXP/fame. The text can be toggled in the options.
  6. HP/MP bars
    • Hover over to see your current HP and MP. The text can be toggled in the options.
  7. Equipped items
  8. Inventory
    • If a backpack has been used on the active character, clicking on the tabs can cycle switch between the main inventory and backpack inventory.
    • Can be cycled through with B by default.
    • When in your inventory or a backpack, displays the 8 slots in your bag.
    • Use Shift+click or hotkeys (default 18) to use.
    • Drag items into it with the mouse. Put items in a backpack with Ctrl+click.
    • HP and MP potions are stored below, up to a max of 6 each.
  9. Social/Chat area
    • Displays game messages and messages from other players.
    • Use Enter to start typing a message and/or display a larger number of recent messages which can be navigated using the scrollwheel.
    • Regular messages will go to the whole realm/dungeon, or nearby players if in the Nexus.
    • Using the Contextual Interaction hotkey on a player’s name grants you the options to lock, trade, whisper, or ignore them.
    • Clicking on the person icon brings up the social menu.
  10. Proximity menu
    • Displays the name of the current area, the number of players in it, and the maximum player capacity for the area.
    • If you are standing near a chest or item bag, this area will show the items inside. You can drag these into your inventory.
    • If you are standing near a portal, a button here will allow you to enter.
    • If you are standing near an item in the Nexus store, a button here will allow you to buy it.
    • Otherwise, this area will show the names and classes of up to 6 nearby players.
    • By hovering on players’ names, you can see their level, rank, equipment, and remaining HP/MP.
    • Left clicking a player’s name grants you the options to lock, trade, whisper, or ignore them.
    • For entering a portal or buying an item, you may use the interact button (default 0) to enter/buy.