The Pumpkin Master

The Pumpkin Master

The Pumpkin Master is a Halloween themed reskin of The Puppet Master (Encore) that was released with Release 27.7.X7, and was the boss of the Halloween Haunted Cemetery.

In Release X.32.1.0, the Halloween Haunted Cemetery was removed, and the Pumpkin Master instead was fought immediately after defeating the Ghost of Skuld in the regular Haunted Cemetery during Halloween events. When the event is not active, the Pumpkin Master has a small chance of appearing after defeating Skuld. This will be indicated by Skuld going briefly vulnerable just before her betrayal line, which will cause her to say a different line of dialogue if she is attacked during this window.

The Realm Eye says:
The Pumpkin Master is a distant relative of the Puppet Master who became obsessed with jack-o’-lanterns instead of puppets.
Skuld could not help but be slightly impressed by his passion for all things Halloween, so she granted him a small plot of land in the cemetery.



Base HP: 67,500 (Boss Adaptive Scaling Boss Adaptive HP Scaling)
DEF: 40
EXP: 40,000
Location: Haunted Cemetery

Level 20 Quest
Immune to Stasis
Immune to Stun
Immune to Paralyze
Counts toward Grotesque Kills

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Aesthetics Damage Condition effects Speed (tiles/sec) Range (tiles) Comments
Orange Pumpkin Blast
Pierces Players
Passes Cover
Orange Pumpkin Blast
Pierces Players
Passes Cover
Orange Pumpkin Blast
Passes Cover
Orange Shot
Pet Stasis for 5s
Pierces Players
Orange Shot
Pet Stasis for 7s
Pierces Players
Red Bomb
Radius: 4


If Skuld becomes vulnerable right before her betrayal, she will say “Fools, you dare to challenge me directly?! You shall perish for your insolence!” If this occurs, after Skuld is defeated, the Pumpkin Master will slowly rise out of the center of the arena and act as a bonus encounter.

In combat, he behaves the same as The Puppet Master (Encore), but with different visuals and dialogue. He is rumored to attack slightly faster.


“Happy Halloween, maggots. Thought you could squash the Pumpkin King without me noticing?” (spawning)
“No! My Halloween spirit is unwavering, and there shall be no treats for you on this night.”
(summoning dormant pumpkin minions)
“You fail to appreciate my passion, hero…you do not understand. I carved them myself, and you are next.”
“The witching hour is at hand!”
(Phase 1 begins)
“Awaken, my creation. A harvest of souls lay before you to reap!” (Huntress Pumpkin activates)
“You’ve crushed my beloved pumpkin! I spent weeks gardening it!” (Huntress Pumpkin destroyed, Phase 2 begins)
“Rise, my garish gourd! Carve them in your likeness!” (Trickster Pumpkin activates)
“How dare you defy this season of spooks?” (Trickster Pumpkin destroyed, Phase 3 begins)
“Attack, my pumpkins! Destroy these rebellious hoodlums, leave them to rot and fester in the November wind!” (Pumpkin of Pain and Pumpkin of Chaos activate)
“My pumpkin patch has been vandalized! I will carve you myself to become living replacements!” (Pumpkins of Pain and Chaos destroyed, Phase 4 begins)
“Haa haa…perhaps it is fate to go out like this. Trick or Treat!” (death)



Pumpkin Blast

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Tips and Strategies

See tips for the Puppet Master (Encore)

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