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The Puppet Master's Theatre Guide

Puppet Master’s Theatre (Suggested Level:20)

Why & How to find a Puppet Master’s Theatre


Potion of AttackHarlequin ArmorPrism of Dancing SwordsPuppet Master SkinJester Skin

This dungeon is a great source of Attack pots, especially if you can find treasure rooms. This dungeon also drops the rare and untiered Harlequin Armor along with the Prism of the Dancing Swords. Two unique skins can be found from this dungeon as well. While it is recommended that you be level 20 before you tackle this place, but it is possible to get loot as a level 10 player due to the low soulbound rate on the treasure chest. (EDIT: The Puppet Master no longer drops a loot chest as of Patch X.16.0 It is possible for lower level players to attain loot from The Puppet Master through doing enough damage, however don’t get discouraged if you don’t get loot.)



Portals to this dungeon are dropped from Leviathans which are found in the Godlands. The drop chance for this dungeon was initially rather low, but was soon buffed and is assumed to drop at about the same rate as the Undead Lair.

Class Tips


The knight’s high defense and high damage can clear rooms and break walls. Be careful of the archer puppet’s paralyze and the knight’s armor break.


The warrior’s speed and dexterity boost are great for rushing past enemies and breaking walls. You may get caught around corners with the paralyze arrows, so be careful.


The rogue’s cloak is amazing at passing through enemies without being seen, but be careful if caught breaking a wall when uncloaked. The rogues low defense can be very dangerous if you are not careful.


Trickster’s decoy is really helpful for distracting enemy puppets, and the teleport can help get you out of dangerous situations. Tricksters, like rogue, however have low defense so you should be careful while rushing and or clearing.


Archer at great at clearing the enemies because of piercing arrows. A doom bow is great because of the high damage. A coral bow is good because of the high rate of fire.


The wizards high attack and rate of fire clear enemies fast. The spell bomb is great for singling out archers and knights and destroying them quickly.


It is pretty easy to rush this place as priest because the walls can be destroyed in one hit. Make sure you watch out for the archers, as they can paralyze and kill you very fast.


The Mystic has the ability to stasis the puppets and curse them as well, allowing others to focus on the other ones and potentially assisting in completing the dungeon.

Navigating through the dungeon

Navigating through The Puppet Master’s Theatre is considerably similar to the Snake Pit. You start by spawning in a room that has one or more breakable walls. The rooms that spawn are completely random so you have to navigate through the dungeon sort of like a maze. Treasure Rooms may also be found in this dungeon.


Archer Puppet
Knight Puppet
Warrior Puppet
Priest Puppet
Sorcerer Puppet
Rogue Puppet
Mystic Puppet
Wizard Puppet
Assassin Puppet

The Boss, The Puppet Master

Here he is, the boss of the dungeon, the Puppet Master. He isn’t a very hard boss if done correctly, but can be the most tedious of them all, being extremely annoying in many phases. Speaking of phases, let’s see what his phases are.

In his first phase, he moves to the center and then fires a stream of armor-piercing bullets in a djinn pattern. Do not sit on the boss, or you will pop in less than a second. Then, if enough damage is taken, he will stop shooting and begin to suddenly fire a shotgun of slowing bullets. Circle the boss to avoid the shots. His third phase can get a bit harder. He will become stationary and spawn wizard, knight, and priest puppets, while firing a spiral formation of armor-piercing bullets. Make sure to keep your hands on the boss at all times, because the priests heal him.
Now here comes the most annoying and tedious part of the entire dungeon- phase four. The boss will then spawn five clones of himself who will fire a shotgun of slowing bullets and as well a few blue bullets, just like the puppet master. Beware that if you kill a clone, he will explode in paralyzing bullets and spawn a wave of assassin and rogue puppets. Now there are two ways to do this phase-
The clean version, where you only concentrate on the true boss and deal as minimal damage to the clones as possible. The real boss should be either armored or invulnerable (he cycles through the effects). This is the most common and recommended way to do this phase, but sometimes, you’ll have to switch to dirty.
The dirty version is done when you cannot reach the real boss anytime and you need to clear some on the clones that block him. Kill each clone and their minions one by one, and then attack the boss safely. Make sure to always clear all the minions, or the next phase will get harder.
Once you put enough damage on the puppet master, then he will move himself to the “stage” of the room and begin firing the same djinn pattern in phase one, but he will also spam-spawn wizard, knight, and priest puppets. This phase may be considered the hardest part of the entire dungeon, because of the boss’s healing and the minions keeping your hands full. But there’s still a way to get around this easily. The puppet master has a maximum amount of minions that he can spawn (exact number unknown), so you can drag all the puppets to one corner of the boss room, and shoot the boss from the opposite corner. Ignore the priest puppets since they cannot be dragged (and will instantly respawn upon death) and you can easily outdamage their heal if you keep you shots at the boss (approximately 2500 dps). Once you drain his hp bar, he will then explode in paralyzing bullets, he will not spawn a test chest so make sure to pile damage throughout all his phases.

Treasure Room, The Oryx Puppet

While it is unconfirmed of how many treasure rooms can be found in the Puppet Master’s dungeon, it is clear that there is only one type of boss for the treasure rooms; the Puppet Oryx. In the room of the Puppet Oryx, he starts off by shooting 20-15 white bullets that move fast at you and do a decent amount of damage to your character (75 base). After, he summons Puppet Imps similar to the Abyss of Demons. When killed, they drop a limited amount of HP and MP potions. Some contains from 1-8, others can drop none.
After all imps are dead, he starts on his second phase. He starts running across the room in a zig-zag undefined pattern that is not predictable. He shoots bombs everywhere that do at least 75+ damage. When on low health, he will summon the artifact mode, or the blue little squares that surround Oryx until gone. Keep attacking or stay back; doesn’t matter since you cannot damage him in this mode since he is invincible until the blue squares run out of duration. Before death, he will do his similar 1st phase move and shoot you with 14 white bullets spread in a 145° angle at you. The Oryx puppet does not drop a chest, so make sure to deal enough soulbound damage throughout this fight.

It seems that unlimited treasure rooms can spawn, similar to a snake pit.


The short form is called either “Puppet”, “Pupp”, or “Theatre”
The Puppet Master’s Theatre is a source of attack potions and many kinds of white bags.