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The Shatters (Highly recommended: 4/8)

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Best classes for soulbound

Since the loot chests that appear have very low soulbound damage thresholds, most characters will be able to earn a chance at soulbound loot, whether they are a priest or warrior.

Dealing with regular enemies

The regular enemies in The Shatters are arguably harder to defeat than the bosses if they are not fought properly. Every minion in the dungeon will not notice and attack players if they remain far enough from each other, though this distance is relatively small. Therefore:

  • It is not necessary to fight every enemy in the dungeon unless if it is directly blocking the path or a switch. Not fighting every enemy can save a lot of time.
  • Fight only 1-2 enemies at a time if confronting enemies is needed. This is extremely important and is the primary reason why Shatters runs fail, even with a decently sized group of players in the beginning. Most enemies in the dungeon have very high HP/defense, meaning trying to fight several enemies at once can quickly become overwhelming. In addition, most of the elemental mage minions become more dangerous and spawn other minions if not killed quickly enough, meaning that it is important that players confront 1-2 enemies at a time to ensure they are quickly defeated.
  • Never drag many enemies to the group or rush forward, for similar reasons as stated above.

Having a ranged character in the Shatters is usually the safest choice to avoid most of the heavier damage. Be very careful if you are towards the front of the group; enemies may rush at you or paralyze you, leaving you vulnerable to anything behind it. Staying with the rest of your group is vital for ranged and other frail characters, so as to ensure enemies are dispatched in the minimal time and the damage is spread throughout many characters.

Class composition and number of players

A common misconception is that a successful run of the Shatters requires a large group (15-20+) of maxed characters. This is not true, and it is possible to complete the dungeon with relative ease with a small group of maxed characters, as long as each person in the group is careful and knows their class’s role in the dungeon. In fact, the entire dungeon can be completed solo. Even without a pet! Over time, a small competition has been brought to existence featuring various kinds of Shatters speedruns. Here are three videos of players soloing the shatters.

BTEL (fastest as of 12/2/2017)
Dustbite (first ever)
Mrunibro (fastest petless as of 2/1/2017)

In a small group, it is important to have a mix of classes which support each other.

  • High-defense characters such as Knights, Warriors, and/or Priests with the Tome of Holy Protection can tank damage from Stone Mages and Stone Paladins.
  • Support classes such as Paladins and Warriors can increase the group’s damage output.
  • Ranged classes can safely and quickly deal with dangerous/annoying enemies such as Ice Spheres and Glacier Archmages from a distance. Archers and Huntresses with the Doom Bow are recommended as that weapon is very effective against groups of enemies with high defense, which are plentiful in The Shatters.

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Class tips

Priest tips

The priest uses a long ranged wand and can both heal and purify negative effects making it the safest class to use in the Shatters. If available use either a Tome of Holy Protection or the Tome of Purification. The Purification Tome is useful as it clears potentially-fatal status effects such as unstable, darkness, and confuse. It is debatable whether it is more helpful than the Tome of Holy Protection, which provides double defense for 4 seconds in addition to a 250hp heal. The piercing ability of all tiered wands can help to clear out groups of enemies quicker and more efficiently.

Mystic tips

It is very helpful to have at least one mystic with you in a shatters group. When going in to kill switches the mystic can stasis all of the minions and get in damage. The mystic is also very helpful on the first boss to stasis the blobombs before they get too close to any players, and on second boss she could stasis Blizzard to make the fight easier.

Knight tips

NOTE: In terms of minions, RED = CAN BE STUNNED | BLUE = IMMUNE (opposite to paralyzing)

Although many enemies in the shatters are immune to stuns, they can still be armor broken. Having a Shield of Ogmur to armor break enemies will speed up the clearing process, and will also help kill switches more efficiently since they have 200 defense. The knight’s high defense comes to use when absorbing the front line shots from Titanum minions. (keep in mind these particular enemies can be stunned)

Paladin tips

The paladin’s seal is important for its damage boost which will give your party a major advantage over a group without a paladin. The healing ability from the seal will also help your group recover faster from harder parts of the dungeon. Although it can be dangerous using the Seal of Blasphemous Prayer, many chose it over a traditional seal for its 1.8 seconds of invulnerability. Some take this opportunity to absorb a large clump of projectiles and protect any players behind them. If at any point in the dungeon you are cornered use the seal to escape unharmed.

Warrior tips

Like the paladin, the warrior’s helm is important for its dexterity boost which also gives your party an advantage, although not as much as the paladin (having both classes in a shatters is highly recommended if doing a planned shatters, but paladins are the choice if you can only pick one). No worries, since the warrior can also make switch clearing a joke with enough skill and sometimes resources (i.e. Ghost Rum). The warrior’s speed boost allows it to zip past enemies and blow them to the dust, with you going so fast that it is almost guaranteed that the enemies will loose you, along with the highest dps of all melees, which makes killing/rushing switches much easier (The recommended sword to use for switch rushing is the Ancient Stone Sword, or the ASS, as it produces the highest dps of all sword against enemies above about 155 defense, and as the switches have a whopping 300 defense, the ASS can easily crush these keys quickly, as time=survivability). Tiered helms are recommended over the Helm of the Juggernauts, since speedy is much more important here and armored does not improve protection against instakilling enemies such as ice spheres.

Trickster tips

Using the trickster has many practical uses in the shatters. Instead of having a mystic stasis blobombs at the first boss, a trickster can put out decoys which will distract the blobombs until the boss is killed. Note: Blobombs will not self-destruct on decoys. Having a teleport ability is helpful to quickly get out of harms way if you are slowed, confused, or paralyzed. Teleporting can also be used if you get stuck in the purple wall before the first boss. In addition, when clearing switches before fighting the Twilight Archmage, there is an optional fourth switch to the bottom-left of the map that can only be accessed by tricksters or rogues using a Cloak of the Planewalker. Destroying this switch will make destroying the south-eastern switch (the hardest of the usual three to reach and destroy) optional.

Rogue tips

Rogues are one of the least desirable classes in the dungeon due to their low damage output. Like tricksters, rogues with Cloak of the Planewalker are able to access the secret switch. Cloaking elsewhere is strongly discouraged for the following reasons.

  1. Cloaking, whether deliberately or accidentally near Titanums or Paladin Obelisks will cause them to spawn several Stone Mages, Stone Knights, and Stone Paladins at once. These minions are both dangerous and time-consuming to defeat.
  2. Cloaking to rush forward, ahead of the group, can quickly disintegrate the main group of players fighting or sneaking past enemies. In addition, players in the main group may feel pressured to rush if they see others rushing, thus increasing the chance that even more enemies are activated.

Archer tips

NOTE: In terms of minions: BLUE = CAN BE PARALYZED | RED = IMMUNE (opposite to stunning)

The archer’s quiver can only be somewhat helpful since many enemies are immune to slows, paralyzes, and dazes. The main advantage of the archer though is its piercing ability on bows which is efficient in killing large groups on enemies. Of all bows to chose from, the Doom Bow is the most useful because it deals high damage, which makes it great for killing switches, and shoots one arrow at a time. With the doom bow you can shoot through other enemies and hit the more valuable units.

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Why & How to find The Shatters


Bracer of the GuardianThe Twilight GemstoneThe Forgotten CrownSentient StaffAncient Spell: PierceThe Robe of TwilightThe Forgotten RingTier 12 WeaponsTier 13 ArmorTier 6 RingsPotion of LifePotion of ManaPotion of DefensePotion of Attack

Even though this dungeon can insta-kill almost any player, this dungeon is one of the few sources of life potions as well as Tier 12 Weapons, T6 Abilities and Tier 13 Armor. Most notably, each of the bosses has a chance to drop a unique and extremely powerful UT ring, as well as the famed Tier 6 Rings (Unbound Rings). Also, the Twilight Archmage ST Set for the Wizard can be found here. Much of the tradeable wealth is very expensive so to run The Shatters is to try your hand at getting rich.


Avatar of the Forgotten King

The Avatar of the Forgotten King is an event that spawns once per realm that has a chance to drop The Shatters.
This event has very strong attacks, 500,000 HP, 90 defense, and is armored most of the time. A decently sized group of maxed characters is required to kill the Avatar in a timely manner.

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Navigating through the dungeon

Unlike other dungeons the shatters has a pre-planned map with a clear path to each boss. After a few runs of the dungeon you should have a basic idea of the layout. Although there are no randomly generated mazes, there will be walls blocking you until you have cleared out all of the switches in that section.

Approaching the Forgotten Sentinel


Players begin by crossing the bridge marked ‘E’, and proceed into the main room. They must then go to each of the numbered locations and destroy the switches. Just adjacent to each switch is a mob of enemies which are randomly generated, with a few exceptions.

After all 5 are destroyed, the doorway to the boss-room, marked ‘D’, will open.

Clearing to the Sentinel

  • Someone gets Switch #2, in public shatters it is a less desirable job to do because you will often get trapped by activated enemies and often no one does it for that reason, making the shatters a lot harder since defeating #5 ends up activating enemies.
  • Switch #1 can be defeated pretty easily, the titanium can be defeated easily by sweetspotting the stone mage’s arcs of bullets.
  • Switch #3 can be defeated pretty easily with range (longer range sword or ranged weapon can shoot through the holes in it’s enclosure)
    -Switch #4 is a bit harder, use a weapon that can go over things like a spellbomb or a poison to damage it safely, drag or stasis the enemies away or just brute force send a melee to whack it.
    -Switch #5 should optimally be killed from a distance and then you just rush around in the trees to the bridge.

This is a video example of clearing the first area. It’s the most effective way for big and small groups. Dragging more enemies at once always slows down the clearing process.

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Some information on the various enemies in this dungeon and their difficulty levels. Refer to the individual pages for each of these minions for a full description of their behavior and strategies for defeating them.


Difficulty: Zero (by itself)
Titanums are stationary towers that have only one purpose, which is to spawn Stone Mages and Knights. They cannot attack, but the large amount of minions that they spawn can be dangerous. Take them out quickly if you don’t want an army of stone minions after you.

Stone Knight

Stone Knight
Difficulty: Low
Possessing fast speed, low health and a radial attack that does literally 5 damage, they are little to no threat by themselves. Nevetheless, kill them fast as their shots paralyze, making you easy prey for the Stone Mage that is nearly always nearby.

Stone Mage (Spikes)

Stone MageSpike
Difficulty: High
Fast, aggressive attackers that fire streams of wavy shots. The shots can be dodged by standing directly in front of it, but never stand at the interesection of their shots, as they can rack up immense damage. They will sometimes become invulnerable and either fire radial bursts of high-damage slashes or spawn Spikes all over the place. Spikes are not too much of a threat, as they only deal contact damage and can easily be killed, but one should back off once it is performing its radial attack.
Exercise extreme caution around them, as they are very powerful and are also notorious for stacking shots.

Paladin Obelisk

Paladin Obelisk
Difficulty: Zero (by itself)
Like the Titanum, it only serves to spawn Stone Paladins. Also like the Titanums, destroy them before you have a stone army on your hands.

Stone Paladin

Stone Paladin
Difficulty: Medium
Extremely resilient enemies that will walk towards targets while invulnerable, but will then drop their invulnerability to fire a massive, Djinn-like spray of shots. They don’t deal much damage if you have maxed defense, but can easily cut off paths due to having enormous defenses and nearly-permanent invulnerability. The group should focus fire on these so that they do not live long enough to become a major threat.
This should go without saying, but do not sit on them.

Fire Mage

Fire Mage
Difficulty: High
Fast adversaries that chase down players with a flamethrower-like stream of directed explosions. If one gets caught out by them, the flame stream will deal insane damage. If they live long enough, they can enter a phase where they have massively increased, erratic movement and can spew walls of status-inflicting fireballs. Their first phase isn’t too difficult for those with high defense like Knights, but kill them before they can transition into their second, harder phase.

Forgotten Ice Mage (Ice Sphere)

Forgotten Ice MageIce Sphere
Difficulty: Low (Mage) Extreme (Sphere)
Weak enemies that have only one attack, which is firing lazy shotguns of low-damage boomerangs. However, if they live long enough, they will summon an Ice Sphere, a horrifically powerful enemy that fires enough shots to instakill anything unlucky enough to sit on it. The sphere will sometimes charge at players, and will self-destruct into a massive nova of 300 damage white bullets if it lasts too long. The sphere is one of the main causes of Shatters-related deaths, so kill the mage before the sphere kills you!

Fire Adept (Fire Portal)

Fire AdeptFire Portal
Difficulty: Low (Adept) Very High (Portal)
Fire Adepts chase players with low-damage fireballs that inflict unstable and shotguns of directed explosions. It does pathetic damage in this phase, but it will spawn a Fire Portal - an incredibly dangerous turret that is arguably more damgerous than the enemy itself. Fire Portals shoot spirals of confusing bullets, so take down the portals quick or kill the adept before it can make one.

Ice Adept (Ice Portal)

Ice AdeptIce Portal
Difficulty: Very High (Adept) High (Portal)
Ah, the infamous Ice Adept. The terror of the Shatters, these guys chase down players with an unending stream of 150-damage bullets that inflict slow and darkness, as well as a wave of Confuse shurikens to confuse players straight into a swift death. Very fast and very dangerous, anything that gets within range of it’s stream is as good as dead. While it summons a portal too, it is significantly less deadly that the Fire Portal and the Adept itself. Backpedaling can help you deal with this lethal foe.

Archmage of Flame (Fire Bomb)

Archmage of FlameFire Bomb
Difficulty: Medium (Archmage) Very High (Fire Bomb)
Invulnerable while moving towards players, this Archmage will become vulnerable and perform one of two attacks once they get close enough. The first and less dangerous one is to rapidly shoot fire missiles along the cardinal and intermediate directions, which are easy to dodge. The second of which is to spawn a number of invincible Fire Bombs around it that will shortly explode, dealing massive damage. These enemies should be given less priority among a group, but make sure to get out before the Fire Bombs explode and delete your health bar.

Glacier Archmage

Glaciier Archmage
Difficulty: Low
These guys are more of an annoyance than anything else. Firing blue missiles that do no damage but inflict Sick and Unstable and rings of low-damage bullets that inflict a cocktail of status effects, they’re just there to make you unable to attack the other enemies by inflicting a massive amount of status effects. In his second phase, he has doubled defense and can fire rings of 100-damage white stars, but that attack is only dangerous if you stand on him.

Enemy Formations

Enemies are found in fixed locations throughout the dungeon and in certain formations. In most locations where enemies can be found, formations are randomly chosen from a range of possible formations and will differ across several instances of the dungeon. Titanums and Paladin Obelisks will always spawn by themselves and appear as a single dot on the minimap. Fire and ice mages, adepts, and archmages will spawn in groups and appear as multiple dots on the minimap.

Players should observe the minimap before entering an unexplored room in order to know what enemies to expect.

Formation and Appearance on Minimap Notes
Fire Mage x1
Fire Adept x2
Archmage of Flame x1
Forgotten Ice Mage x1
Ice Adept x1
Forgotten Ice Mage x2
Ice Adept x4
Glacier Archmage x1

This is one of the most dangerous enemy formations due to the large number of Ice Adepts and Forgotten Ice Mages, and should therefore be dealt with very carefully.
Fire Mage x1
Forgotten Ice Mage x1
Fire Adept x1
Ice Adept x1
Archmage of Flame x1
Glacier Archmage x1
Fire Mage x2
Forgotten Ice Mage x2
Ice Adept x1
Fire Adept x2
Ice Adept x2
Glacier Archmage x1

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The Bosses

The Forgotten Sentinel

The Forgotten Sentinel

A Disclaimer:
The Forgotten Sentinel is a boss that can be soloed, as seen in BTEL’s or Dustbite’s videos, but it requires lots of DPS (like a few consumables or a strong DPS setup (the only consumable-less first boss solo that I remember) ) as well as usually a few def effusions on non melees. Previous experience on dragging blobs and attacking the boss at the same time is also required since this is a solo, where nobody is going to steer them clear.

Phase 1: Difficulty: None
Upon crossing the bridge into the boss room, there will be 4 titanums and 2 paladin obelisks spread in intervals across the room, with the obelisks standing closest to the sentinel. Initially, all of them are invulnerable and inactive, remaining that way until the bridge is closed. Note that none of them are capable of moving.

In order to trigger the bridge to start closing, simply move towards the sentinel and shoot him briefly. The bridge will immediately start disappearing, 1 row of tiles at a time from either side, until there is nothing left. While this is happening, position your group in the lower left corner of the room, relative to the sentinel, and prepare for the fight.

Note that in many public shatters, a pro might end up dragging enemies to make others nexus.

Phase 2: Difficulty: Dependent on group size: Low -> Very High
Each of the titanums and obelisks will now start firing a continuous stream of incredibly high damage shots, along the xy-axis of the room - NEVER cross the beams. Shortly after, they will flash red and each summon 1 stone mage and 1 stone knight, or a stone paladin, depending on their type. Focus all your fire on the titanum nearest to you and the minions should die quickly, with the titanum itself soon to follow.

With 1 titanum down, move clockwise around the room to the next one and repeat the process. The spawners will cease firing their death beams for a period long enough for you to move into place. Just be aware of stone mages making their way across the room towards you. By the time they finally reach you they will have built up a massive wall of projectiles capable of instantly killing most classes. Dodge it and destroy them quickly, preparing for the next wave of spawns.


Repeat the process until you have killed the 2nd paladin obelisk, and note that the next titanum to kill is the one in the lower right corner of the room. Apply the same strategy as with all the rest and move on to kill the 6th and final spawner. Once all are destroyed, the next phase of the fight begins.

Watch the video for a demonstration of phases 1 & 2.

Phase 1 & 2

Phase 3: Difficulty: Low
At this point the forgotten sentinel awakens and will begin firing an elaborate pattern of very highly damaging bullets which are able to cross the nearly the entire length of the room. The furthest 2 rows of tiles are always safe if you need to back out and recover.

In the meantime, you and your group should move to the upper left corner of the room and hug the wall, in this position only 1 bullet per wave will be able to hit you. Position a knight or priest in the front to soak up the damage in relative safety, while firing at the sentinel who becomes vulnerable in this time. Once enough damage is dealt to him, he will stop shooting momentarily and shout “CONSUME!”. Triggering the next phase of the fight.

Phase 4: Difficulty: Medium-High
At this point an army of blobombs will begin spawning in various positions across the room and slowly make their way towards you. You are now faced with 2 options:
1. If your group has enough DPS, everyone can stay in position and simply shoot the blobombs once they come into range. (10+ players)
2. Otherwise, select 1 or 2 players to break formation and drag the blobombs away from the others and destroy them safely. (<10 players)
Attack the sentinel only when there isn’t an immediate blobomb threat and he will soon fall. He will shout “I tried to protect you.. I have failed. You released a great evil upon this realm.”, triggering the spawn of the loot chest in the center of the room and his death-explosion. Attack the chest and claim your loot, before fighting your way towards the Twilight Archmage.

Watch the video for a demonstration of phases 3 & 4.

Phase 1 & 2

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Twilight Archmage

Twilight Archmage

A Disclaimer:
This boss is possible to solo, but is the hardest of all three bosses unless the player has prior experience to the rage phase or is able to kill him before rage (which is highly unlikely), and is not recommended to solo.

Complete Twilight Archmage Tutorial Video

Complete Twilight Archmage Tutorial

Approaching the Twilight Archmage
The path to the Archmage is notably harder than the Forgotten Sentinel despite there being less switches. In fact, there are so many formations of enemies at every entrance and in every room that a proper map can’t be displayed to show all of them. There are 3 switches(4 if you count the secret) that you need to kill in order to access the path to the Archmage. If you kill the 4th one then the 3rd, which is the hardest due to the high amount of mages in the room, will not need to be killed. There are 2 methods in how to tackle the 1st switch:

1) If you have a large group, then attack as one group, and kill every single mage that comes your way with a knight or warrior taking the damage at the front and with ease you’ll be able to kill the 1st switch. There’s no need to go through the 2nd pathway unless you have an extremely small group and you dragged too many enemies. OR

2) If you have a smaller group but some Ghost Rum, this method is much quicker but riskier. Kill the first Titanum you see down the normal path. When the entrance to the 1st switch opens, focus all your fire on the first mage that comes through, do not shoot at anything else and only gun down the 1 mage. Then, make the rest of the group fall back while one person uses a lot of ghost rum(preferrably 5) to kill the switch. The recommended class for this is a knight, as its sword can easily override the high defense of the switch and its shield does high damage, although any melee can easily do this switch invisible. When you’re about to get low on rum, use another one and keep spamming until the first one is dead.

The 2nd switch follows a similar pattern, just without the path full of blocks. Just use a rogue or an invisible character to quickly kill the switch.

Phase 1: Difficulty: Low
Upon first crossing the bridge, the Twilight Archmage will be sitting in the center of the room, invulnerable, surrounded by 2 Archmages of Flame, 2 Glassier Archmages (the same enemy as the Glacier Archmage), and 8 magi-generators - 4 per side (also invulnerable). The boss in completely passive in this stage, and needs to be activated by defeating all of the mages surrounding him. Be aware that the magi-generators will periodically each shoot a large, black, slow moving projectile in your direction, capable of dealing heavy damage - avoid them at all cost.

WARNING: The bridge will disappear soon after the end of the phase. Remind your fellow players to get off it, before they are trapped in the water and forcefully disconnected.

Phase 2: Difficulty: Medium
Once the lesser mages are all killed, the boss awakens and begins to fire a large barrage of short range but relatively damaging shots - stay out of his range. In between doing this he summons several timed bombs and the occasional fire/ice portal near you. Move away from the bombs and focus down the portals. The boss is invulnerable while shooting, but becomes vulnerable for a short time in his rest period. Throw everything you have at him during this time and back away once he starts shooting again.

Sometimes after resting the archmage may change form, becoming blue. Instead of summoning bombs, he will now summon a variant of the Ice Sphere which moves out in the direction of players and fires off novas of Ice bullets - dealing high damage and inflicting slow (keep your distance from it). If you decide to kill it, paralyzing can be very useful, but just remember that fire/ice portals are far more dangerous and should have higher kill priority.

Once the sphere returns to the archmage it will stop and self-destruct, releasing the same enormous nova as a conventional ice sphere - avoid taking any hits from it as they do 300 dmg each. At the same time the archmage will become vulnerable again for a short time. If you deal enough damage, he will enter the next phase, otherwise he may or may not change forms again and repeat the same sequence of actions.

Note: The magi-generators are still active at this time.

Phase 3: Difficulty: High
Assuming you and your group have dealt enough damage, the archmage will disable all the magi-generators, and become invulnerable again. He then summons his two guardians, Blizzard and Inferno, while himself becoming completely passive.

Blizzard will move slowly in the direction of the nearest player and stop after a short time. He then proceeds to fire a long continuous barrage of Ice bullets along the xy-axis, at the same time, firing a circular barrage of Ice bullets in the same fashion as an Ice portal. They each do 150 damage and inflict slow/sick so avoid them with priority, but don’t be afraid to take a hit to move out of greater danger. Note that Blizzard becomes vulnerable only while he is firing the circular wave, and is otherwise completely invulnerable. Blizzard can be stasised if there is a Mystic available, stopping its attacks temporarily and allowing players to focus on Inferno.

Inferno in the meantime, simply orbits his companion, releasing a nova of moderately damaging bullets periodically. Unlike his companion, he is always vulnerable, and so naturally should be focused down first. Unlike a fire portal, none of his shots inflict confusion, so you are safe to tank a few if the situation arises. Additionally, Inferno can be stunned, making him easier to handle, or just to do extra damage when possible. Note that neither of the birds can be paralyzed.

The strategy to beating this duo is simple: MOVE. Don’t stop moving. EVER. Pick a direction and circle around Blizzard, keeping to the center of the room, weaving between his shots as openings appear. At the same time, use breaks in blizzard’s shooting pattern to focus down Inferno. Getting trapped in a corner of the room equals death, but you are smarter than that, you’ve read my guide and know how to deal with this phase. Other than that, take your time and stay safe.

Once Inferno is defeated, the fight becomes significantly easier. Blizzard will repeat all of his firing patters as before, attack him when he begins the circle phase and wait for your next opportunity while continuing to circle him yourself. Before you know it, he’ll be dead and you will enter the next phase of this fight.

Phase 4: Difficulty: Low
Compared to the previous phase, this one is a walk in the park. The archmage will awaken once move, become vulnerable, and move to the bottom left Magi-Generator, after which it will become invulnerable and release three enormous novas of extremely damaging but slow moving bullets. Simply back away and move between the shots as they spread out. Then, the archmage will once again become vulnerable, move to the Magi-Generator directly on the right, and repeat the process. The archmage should be slowed by archers, huntresses, or sorcerers with the Scepter of Fulmination to allow players to damage the boss more as it moves to a Magi-Generator.

At the same time, the magi-generators enter a kind of overdrive state. Perodically, one magi-generator will begin to fire long streams of slow, black projectiles, each dealing devastating damage but are easy to dodge. They also lose their permanent invulnerability, but damage should be constantly directed to the archmage instead of destroying the Magi-Generators. The damage output of most groups is sufficient enough to defeat the archmage before all generators are destroyed.

Phase 5: Difficulty: Very High
If all 8 generators are destroyed and the archmage is still alive, the most dangerous part of the fight begins- the rage phase. First, the archmage becomes permanently vulnerable and loses his ability to shoot. During the phase he will move around very erratically, making it difficult to land shots on him. Get as close as you can and focus him down.

While moving, the archmage will continually summon both fire and ice portals in random positions across the room with large range. To make matters worse, he will now periodically summon 2 Ice spheres, which as before will charge towards you and unleash large novas of ice bullets. They eventually return to him and self-destruct releasing a pair of supernovas of white bullets. Remember that fire portals will inflict confuse, albeit only 2.5 seconds as opposed to the normal 4.

The strategy for completing this phase is simple but requires patience. Start by picking a half of the room that you want to stay and as soon as the archmage summons any kind of portal near you, destroy it. If your group does not have a huge amount of dps, it will be difficult to keep up with the rate at which he summons portals, but until your area is clean, do not engage the archmage. There is no limit to the number of portals he can summon, in addition to his 2 ice spheres, the room will quickly be filled with highly dangerous portals in next to no time.

Once you are safe from the threat of nearby portals, turn your attention to the archmage, but dont forget about his ice spheres. If you haven’t seen them in a while, keep to your maximum range and be prepared. Attacking the ice spheres is a pointless exercise, rather dodge their attacks and allow them to safely self-destruct. Repeat the process for as long as it takes and victory shall be yours. Don’t get complacent or underestimate him at any point.

Phase 6: Death phase
Congratulations, you defeated the second boss of the shatters. He will glow for a moment before unleashing a nova of shurikens and disappearing. The loot chest will spawn a few tiles from the exit door, attack it for your well deserved loot. Just remember that any portals the archmage summoned will still persist after his death. Move through the door and fight your way to The Forgotten King.

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The Forgotten King

The Forgotten King

A Disclaimer
The Forgotten King can be very easy or very difficult to defeat, depending on the actions of players. The boss is, again, possible to solo, and is relatively the easiest if done correctly, but still is very hard to solo.

Phase 1: Difficulty: Low

Move towards the Cursed Crown to activate the first stage of the fight. The 2 giant guards will animate and begin chasing the nearest player. They will both periodically fire a nova of high damage but slow moving bullets, along with a single directed fireball. They should not pose a great threat to even a small group of players. Just avoid getting too close to them or let them corner you and be patient.

Phase 2: Difficulty: Medium - Extremely High

The large black crown will now transform into the forgotten king and speak a few words before summoning 4 colored orbs. They will revolve around him for a few moments before becoming vulnerable and beginning the fight. Note the forgotten king is completely invulnerable for the duration.

The 4 orbs will now begin moving in a pattern that circles the players, staying mostly grouped together. Note that only the Yellow orb has an actual attack, although an extremely powerful one at that. It fires a high spread shotgun of large yellow disks each inflicting ~2sec paralyze and 150 damage. If you get caught in his paralysis trap, then you have to hold your breath and pray that the rest of the party will save you, as the crystal chainparalyzes, making it impossible to escape unless you kill him in time, stun him if you are luckily in range, purify yourself, or become invisible. So if you are soloing without these and get caught, YOU WILL MELT - in this case, nexus immediately if you can’t inflict any further damage on him.

Meanwhile, the red and blue orbs will begin to float around; their main function is to periodically summon their associated color of portal, i.e. the red -> fire portal and blue -> ice portal. The spawn has a cooldown of about 20 seconds. So if possible, eliminate the portals as they spawn to make the fight safer.

The final green orb behaves in a similar way to the others but is completely passive, only healing the other orbs for a large amount of hp periodically. In terms of attack priority, the best approach is to kill the yellow first, then the red and blue followed by the green. If you take too long to eliminate the yellow, the arena will rapidly fill with portals and you will be overrun.

Fortunately, there are strategies that significantly lower the difficulty of this phase if done correctly. This strategy is usually to block the crystals by a wall while letting one by one into the party’s area and annihilating them. When the crystals are spawned and are about to attack the group, send one player (preferably one with an electric pet) to the top left corner of the section where the boss stands, while the rest sit adjacent to that player’s position, which is the top left side of the whole room. Once the crystals begin to attack, that player will immediately run and join the rest of the party, while the crystals are stuck on the other side. An slightly modified methods for those with electric pets can be done which makes it much easier. The player must position the pet to the side of the wall (where the player also stands), and carefully run back, so that the pet is also trapped on the other side, which will paralyze the crystals, making then harder to slip out.

Once this is done, there are two ways to finish them. One method (which is recommended when soloing) is to lure all of the crystal to the party and slowly move to the farthest top left corner of the room (next to the lava), allowing the crystals to circle past the group and go straight into the other side of the boss room. With the crystals trapped, the party will then slowly lure each crystal to the other side and put them into a position where they cannot move back into the room but can be sniped. Another way is to carefully drag each crystal one-by-one to the party area (the top left corner of the entire room) and melt them down.

In the moment immediately after the orbs are defeated, do not attack the forgotten king - this will take him into a buffed state and dramatically change his attack patterns. Unless you have a very large group, or have prior experience to the buffed phase, you will not survive the buffed version of this fight. The rest of the guide assumes you do not buff the forgotten king.

Phase 3: Difficulty: Low

The forgotten king will now move to the center of the room and summon a group of warriors around him, similar to the 2 initial guardians although significantly less powerful. Defeat all of them and the king becomes vulnerable for a few seconds while firing radial bursts of bullets. Deal enough damage in this time and the next stage will begin, otherwise he will summon more guards and repeat the cycle.

Phase 4: Difficulty: Low

The forgotten king will stay in position in the center of the room and begin to fire 6 long range beams of extremely damaging, slow moving fireballs (250dmg+), in 60 degree intervals. Groups of Helpless Souls will also now begin to spawn from the lava surrounding the arena and slowly move towards players. They explode when nearby and inflict bleed and sick, a very dangerous combination, preventing you from recovering any hp. Destroy or avoid them where possible.

For the duration of the phase, stay between the lasers and wait for the forgotten king to become vulnerable. Deal enough damage and he will enter the next phase, otherwise he will fire a large barrage of various projectiles and resume firing his laser beams. It is very important that the king is not slowed or paralyzed when it is vulnerable and transitions to the next phase, or the remainder of the fight will be extremely difficult. Do not attack the king with quivers, traps or the Scepter of Fulmination. Also, do not place any traps or position any pets with the electric ability directly behind the king.

However, if there is a huntress with a Coral Venom Trap, she can plant a trap on the king before he shoots his barrage of tentacles (the trap cannot land when the king is vulnerable, or it will not work), it will not explode until the king begins firing. At that moment, the trap will spring, and the tentacles will not shoot for the entire phase, making much of it a waiting game.

Phase 5: Low-High

The king will say “Drown, and be swallowed by those who have failed before,” and move to the top of the arena. The king will become vulnerable and will transition to its last phase if enough damage is dealt. If insufficient damage is dealt during this initial period, the king will aim an oscillating barrage of fire and ice bullets at players, while shooting a wide, oscillating barrage of purple Armor Pierce shots. These can be somewhat difficult to dodge, so players should position themselves a tile directly behind the king, close to the back wall. The king will aim the fire and ice bullets at players, but their oscillating pattern allows them to arc over the players and not hit them (similar to fighting Stone Mages at close range). The wide stream of Armor Pierce shots will not hit players because the king will only shoot them towards the front of the arena. Players should constantly attack the king from this position, who will periodically become vulnerable.

Phase 6: None-Extremely High

The king will say “YOU TEST THE PATIENCE OF A GOD!”, followed by “DIE! DIE!! DIE!!!” Players should immediately move to the front of the arena, far away from the king. If done properly, the king will shoot no bullets at all during the phase. Once the king says “Ha…. Ha…..” players should move in and attack the king, who is now vulnerable. If enough damage is dealt, the king will say “Impossible……IMPOSSIBLE!!!” and be defeated. Otherwise, the king will begin to flash and not say anything. If this happens, players should return to the lower position of the arena and wait until the king becomes vulnerable again.

However, if the king was slowed or paralyzed at the end of Phase 4, the boss will be positioned closer to the front than usual. As a result, players will always attract the king’s attention during this phase, regardless of their position in the arena. The king will use its attacks from Phase 5, in addition to its Tentacles of Wrath. The result is an extremely dense barrage of projectiles which is very difficult to dodge in the small arena. It is very unlikely that the remaining players will survive if this happens. Therefore, it is crucial that the king is not slowed or paralyzed. If this happens, however, the group must lavawalk back down the the top of the hallway section until he stops firing, which is near-impossible without special gear like puris or teleportation with all the souls preventing normal healing. If not, then good luck.

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