The Tinkerer Prior to Release X17

For the current version of the Tinkerer, see this page.

Last updated: Release 27.7.4
The Tinkerer

The Tinkerer is a friendly NPC who is accessible through the Daily Quest Portal north of the Alchemist in the Nexus.

Every day, the Tinkerer gives you 3 offers, unless the Alchemist is open. If the alchemist is open, there are 4 offers.
At the 3rd offer, it gives you a Potion of Vitality (SB) and a Potion of Wisdom (SB).

You have to complete the offers one at a time. To complete them, you have to give the Tinkerer a specific item by dragging it into a small box. Once you have it, press the “Turn In” button and you will receive the reward in a gift chest, located in your Vault.

These offers reset at 5 PM Pacific time (01:00 UTC), so be quick!

Slime skins for all classes were also available as the final/third reward. Also, the first quest used to gift players 3 transformation potions instead of the xp booster.

Quest Item
Tier 7 WeaponsTier 7 Armors
Tier 8 WeaponsTier 8 Armors
Tier 9 WeaponsTier 7 Armors
Subject to Alchemist availability

1x Alchemist token