The Tinkerer Prior to Release X17

For the current version of the Tinkerer, see this page.

Last updated: Release 27.7.7 (July 2016)
The Tinkerer

The Tinkerer is a friendly NPC who is accessible through the Daily Quest Portal north of the Alchemist in the Nexus.

Every day, the Tinkerer gives you 3 offers, unless the Alchemist is open. If the alchemist is open, there are 4 offers.

At the 3rd offer, it gives you a Potion of Vitality (SB) and a Potion of Wisdom (SB).

You have to complete the offers one at a time. To complete them, you have to give the Tinkerer a specific item by dragging it into a small box. Once you have it, press the “Turn In” button and you will receive the reward in a gift chest, located in your Vault.

These offers reset at 5 PM Pacific time (01:00 UTC), so be quick!

Slime skins for all classes were also available as the final/third reward. Also, the first quest used to gift players 3 transformation potions instead of the XP Booster.

Quest Item Reward
Tier 7 WeaponsTier 7 Armor XP Booster 1 hr
Tier 8 WeaponsTier 8 Armor Loot Tier PotionLoot Drop Potion
Tier 9 WeaponsTier 9 Armor Potion of Vitality (SB)Potion of Wisdom (SB)
Subject to Alchemist Availability
The Devil Tarot CardThe Sun Tarot CardDeath Tarot CardThe Tower Tarot Card
The Magician Tarot CardThe World Tarot CardThe Chariot Tarot CardThe Moon Tarot CardThe Fool Tarot Card
1x Alchemist Token