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The Wanderer (Interregnum)

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Last updated: Exalt Version (Aug 2022)
The Wanderer (Interregnum)

For the Wanderer found in dungeons with the Wanderer Boss modifier, see this page.

The Wanderer is the final boss of the Hidden Interregnum.



Base HP: 100,000 (Boss Adaptive Scaling Boss Adaptive HP Scaling)
DEF: 45
EXP: 80,000
Location: Hidden Interregnum

Immune to Stasis
Immune to Daze
Immune to Paralyze
Immune to Stun
Immune to Slow
Counts towards God Kills

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)

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After Black Blade Ozuchi is defeated, the Wanderer will appear in the middle of the arena shortly afterwards. After some dialogue, she will begin attacking.
“So you wish to stop us? Why?”
“Do we not share the same goals?”
“No matter, I will not let you get in our way!”


The Wanderer picks one of several attacks to use at random, loosely based off of the attacks from her original fight. Every time she loses 25% of her HP, she will go invulnerable and choose a new attack to use after providing some dialogue.

(at 75% HP)
“I have been watching you, you heroes have repeatedly done the impossible, you have felled the Mad God countless times.”
“But what has any of it achieved?”
“He always returns…”

(At 50% HP)
“You are all merely an inconvenience to him.”
“You can never truly defeat him, and no matter how legendary your heroes are, they all eventually find their end.”
“I have seen it, again and again.”
“I am not willing to witness it any longer.”

(At 25% HP)
“What do you not understand, do you truly believe this endless cycle will result in your victory?”
“Can you not see that this is the only way?”


Taunt: “Running away? Cowards!”
The Wanderer spawns four portals that form a grid of green bullets. She then chases players while firing aimed swords, converging bursts of blue blades, and spreads of purple blades behind her. She also summons a Wanderer Shadow which periodically teleports to fixed points on the map at random, firing a ring of oscillating purple shots before vanishing.


Taunt: “Dodge this!”
After marking their locations with harmless green shots, the Wanderer creates four blue swords that rotate around her, along with a ring of purple circles at the edge of the arena which rotate in the opposite direction. She will also remain still in the center of the arena and fire a storm of small blades in all directions.


Taunt: “Ram through!”
The Wanderer alternates between Armoring herself in the middle of the arena while firing swords in all directions, and chasing players with rings of blades and aimed walls of small swords, gaining brief invulnerability when changing patterns. Periodically, Wanderer Shadows will spawn from the corners of the arena, charging in a straight line while firing arrowheads of swords.

Sword Flurry

Taunt: “Sword flurry!”
The Wanderer stays in the middle of the room and fires a 3-armed spiral of axes and rings of blades, while periodically shooting three streams of swords that form a spinning ring to trap players with her. Four portals will also rotate around the arena, firing slow spreads of green arrowheads inwards and rapid spreads of green shots outwards.


Taunt: “Shadestep!”
The Wanderer circles the middle of the arena while firing aimed spreads of swords. Four portals in the corners of the arena fire spreads of green spinners, while four more portals at the cardinal points fire sweeping streams of swords. All of the portals will fire towards the center of the arena.


When brought to 1 HP, the Wanderer will stop all attacks and become passive for some time as she provides some dialogue.
“You are stronger than I, more determined than I.”
“Perhaps you will find a way to free the realm yourselves…”
“I have countless others depending on my success.”
“I will not let you take this from us!”

After this, the Wanderer will fully restore her HP and enter her final attack, which starts off relatively simple but will rapidly intensify as the Wanderer nears death. The Wanderer will not move for the entirety of this phase.

100% HP

The Wanderer drastically shrinks the arena and summons 4 portals that rotate counterclockwise around her, shooting 4-way green arrowheads. 4 more portals rotate clockwise around the perimeter of the room, also firing 4-way arrowheads. The Wanderer herself will periodically throw out a number of swords that stick in the ground and pulse damaging AoEs before disappearing.

75% HP

The Wanderer summons 4 more portals that rotate clockwise slightly further away from her, which use the same attack as the previous 8.

50% HP

The Wanderer summons 4 more portals that rotate counterclockwise around the perimeter of the platform, which use the same attack as the previous 12.

25% HP

The Wanderer adds in a 3-way clockwise spiral of axes in addition to the 16 portals and swords.

Once she is defeated for good, all portals and swords vanish.

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