Trader's Etiquette

So you want to do some trading. Trading is how the right items get to the right people, and is a key part of the co-op nature of RotMG.

Trading can be daunting for newcomers and veterans alike. Good trading comes with experience, but great trading comes with care and consideration for your fellow players (read: customers), your own trading goals, and your local market.

The following are a few things to consider. These are not hard and fast rules, but they can help you to become not just a better trader, but a more memorable and nice player (read: returning customers!).

The Fine Art of Trading

Know your market

Different items have different prices. To trade, it is important to know what you’re buying. If you don’t know the prices of the items you are selling and buying, you could get ripped off or ignored.

Trading tends to be limited to these higher tiers of equipment:

Note that there still is a place for items below these tiers. Feel free to give them away to beginners, or trade within tiers. The actual tier guide is an accurate method to trade between lower-level items.

Thank You Tinkerer!!

A step through the Daily Quest portal will lead you to the well known “Tinkerer”. When you talk to him, he will ask for a t7-t9 item whether it is a Staff of Destruction or Dragonscale armor in exchange for a random reward. Because some lack the drive to go out in the realm to retrieve the quest items themselves, they often overpay for these items. Thus, making them sellable.


Many players follow unofficial price guides to judge the relative value of different items and potions. These are by no means absolute, as prices tend to fluctuate. Price guides can be found in the trading discussion forums. In lieu of an accurate price guide, you can ask a question there, or see what other players are currently offering.

When negotiating a trade with another player, using “that’s not what the price guide says” as an argument is not only rude, but fundamentally flawed. Remember, people are free to value an item however they want, but they will have to compete–and this works for both buyers and sellers.

Price Guides: (out of date)

A more up to date price guide
- Guidescroll Price Guide (pot prices are good, items vary– posted 10/21/15)

2 Wisdom / Speed / Vitality / Dexterity = 1 Defense Potion / 1 Attack, although dexterity might be hard to sell, it’s very easy to get.
1 Defense = Around 1.33 Attack ( 3 Defense = 4 Attack ), Defense costs slightly more due to the recent economy change regarding the abyss defense potion.
3 Defense = 1 Mana, it’s very hard to sell 1 mana for 4 defense now.
2-3 Mana = 1 Life
7-8 Defense = 1 Life
8 Attack = 1 Life
Sometimes you can buy a Life for 8 Rainbows ( Wisdom / Speed / Vitality / Dexterity ), although it might take a bit of time to find a buyer.

Where to trade

The Nexus is preferred for buyers and sellers, as all players pass through it every time they play the game. Nexuses in some servers are better trading hubs than others. The trading server is either USWest2 or USWest3, depending on which one crashed less recently.

However, remember that the Nexus is a communal space. Don’t expect everyone there to want to trade, and offering random trade requests to strangers is annoying to most and angering to some. Spamming junk text will get you /ignored faster than anything.

Trading can sometimes be time-consuming, so some players prefer to post offers on their RealmEye pages.

Know the mechanics

/trade <player name> offers a trade opportunity to <player name>. You can read more about it on the Trade System page.

In order to complete a trade, both players must have enough room in their inventory to contain the received items.

Additionally, often enough you will click trade on a player name or type /trade “name” and you do not see a trade request message sent in chat. This may be because it was very quickly overtaken by other chat messages. Do not click trade over and over but just wait a few moments and try again. This is the same for accepting a trade request and no trade window popping up.

The loading bar in the “Trade” button is a good thing. Take that moment to check that what you are about to receive is really what you want.

When to trade

In the morning to noon, the nexus is very densely populated. At this time, def is in EXTREMELY high demand. It is recommended to sell any def at this time. You can also get items quickly, and if you happen to have defense, cheaply, (i.e. griffon for 1 def). In the afternoon to evening, you can get reasonable offers for def. I recommend stocking up on def at this time and selling it in the morning.


It helps to have a few stars when trading; some filter 1-10 star players due to the spambots in Nexus. If they can’t hear you, you can’t trade.

Respond to people when they talk to you. If they want to walk out to the lesser populated corners of the Nexus to negotiate, take a few seconds to do so. If they want to converse via /tell, do likewise. It takes a few more keystrokes, but it’s private, easy to see, and doesn’t spam up everyone else’s screen with your business. (A useful hotkey to set is “Begin Tell” under Options>Chat. This allows you to initiate and return /tells quickly, letting you avoid retyping the command over and over while negotiating a trade.)

Signs (see below) can help with communicating your intentions, but being fancy isn’t necessary. When looking for offers, just be sure to be clear. Here are some samples to copy for trading:



Consider the Following:

You PM someone on USWest, but the spam blocks your sign.
If you are on a Windows computer, type your PM, then hit control-shift-J (Or, for Mac users, use Command-shift-J) a few times. The text will appear on top of a large blue box, allowing your sign to be seen. This works as of 25.0.0, but it might be fixed.
Please Note: This will not work in public chat. Only in Guild Chat and PM’s


Many people in the Nexus have a need for a certain item, and will place a priority on getting it. People have their own prices for items, so you may have to compromise. If you are looking for a certain item but can’t afford it, you may have to settle for less.

Asking people to make offers is not negotiation. Unless you’re indifferent as to what you get in return, know what you want. It helps to know what items are of equal value, so you can make exchanges later on. Negotiating with the word “offer” puts the trade firmly in their hands, and your only recourse becomes accepting or rejecting.

Be reasonable

Everyone wants a good deal; no one wants to be scammed. Think about your offer from their side beforehand, and you’ll get a lot less people /ignoring you. Also, you shouldn’t say that someone is a scammer.

Never say anything like “selling to overpayers”. This demonstrates complete ignorance of how a market economy works, and is bound to deter and annoy people. If you want a relatively high price for something, don’t go over the top; have realistic expectations.

Though it often helps to be patient, understand opportunity cost. Time spent in the Nexus trading is time not spent killing enemies, who are sometimes easier to get items from than other traders. Remember, you earn no fame and no white bags sitting in the Nexus.

Some people may not be patient. Deal with them. Negotiate a good deal or walk away or ignore them. Trading obscenities could attract the notice of bystanders.

Finally, be sure to be firm. You owe nothing to anyone. Until you click “Trade,” that item is still yours. Don’t like the deal? Don’t take it. Renegotiate or move on.

Mules and vaults

A player without a backpack can hold 8 items at a time in their inventory. Someone may have something you want, but not on their character, or even on their account; they may have that item on a mule.

If you make an offer and no one responds, give it time. Hopefully, if someone does have access to the item, they’ll let you know that it’s in the vault, but they may not. Be courteous and be patient.

Know the lingo / Know the product

“Griff” does not refer to hippogriff hide armor. If you’re uncertain about the slang, you should consult the guide to avoid mistakes.

It also helps to have a reasonable idea of items’ value, and a realistic understanding of what they mean to a player. Remember that the difference between tiers is usually low, and the highest-tier items are often valued less for functionality than for aesthetics. Going cheap is sometimes the smartest thing a player can do.

Stake your claim

It helps to stand still when selling (or buying if you may). Shouting your trade list while running around in circles will hurt your trade appeal in more than one way:

  • I can’t see your name to /tell or /trade with you, particularly in a crowded Nexus.
  • Your name moves on and off my proximity list. I can’t lock you unless you’re on it.
  • If I want to make to a trip to the vault, I want to know that you will be easy to find when I return.
  • It’s annoying to other Nexus denizens and you could be ignored.


Merching is where you buy items for a low price and sell them for a high price, and repeating to make profit. People have gone from a Def pot to a UB Health Ring (this will take several hours). Unfortunately, ROTMG is full of merchers who don’t even learn to play the game, and therefore, merchers are usually frowned upon.

Be patient when merching. People will not always take your deals because in reality, you have to make crappy deals if you want to make profit. If trade is at a standstill, switch servers. USWest3 and USMidWest are usually packed with traders. If you still don’t get any deals, then your price is probably too high and you should change your offer.

There are many different tutorials and walkthroughs on merching on Youtube. I recommend watching a few to get the gist of it.

Starting From nothing:
1. Learn how to PLAY THE GAME.
2. Go to the The Forest Maze and get a couple of Speed Sprouts.
3. Call “Selling Speed Sprouts” in the Realm. Sell a couple of sprouts for a cheap pot (such as dex, vit, or wis).
4. Now go to the Nexus and merch!


Begging WILL get you /ignored by respectable players and will probably not get you ANY items. If someone does give you something for free, it is by definition, their castoffs–their junk. Think long and hard about the image you want to project.

Try this: Lock a few players that you see begging. Leave them locked, then look for them a month later. Not playing anymore, are they? In the unlikely event that they are, you can bet that they’re still living off the scraps of other players.

Instead of simply asking for stuff, go play for a few minutes. If you don’t find anything of value, fill your inventory with health/magic potions and offer those for equipment. (You may have to place an item in your inventory to switch them out with.) High-leveled players still use these potions, and they will be much more inclined to give you items if you show some effort.

Be specific if you can: “8 HP Pots for Tier>X [your class] Gear” sounds much better than “ITEMS PLZZZZZZZ”. To obtain a health potion in your inventory drop one then switch an item back for it

Common Scams

There are several common scams employed by those pesky noobs to cheat you out of your hard earned goods, but with a little attention, spotting them is no problem.

Be especially aware of spambots, which are set loose on the markets to amass wealth by trying to make costly deals 24/7. If they don’t cheat you outright, they’re almost certainly going to offer you a bad deal. You can tell its a spambot if it messages you “you do not have the required items”

The ‘Quick Trade’ scammer

This is one of the most common scams, often used by spambots. It involves a player offering a ridiculously good deal for an item, and using a similar-looking cheaper item in its place. Watch out for Wisdom potions (which look similar to Life), Basilisk armors (which look like Griffon hides), Unbound Dexterity Rings (witch look similar to Unbound Health), Snake Oils (witch look like Potions of Defense) as well as Student robes (similar to Elder Warlock robes).


This scammer tries to make a legitimate trade, and then quickly deselects his item in an attempt to make you accept a trade for nothing. Watch for people asking you to change your side of the deal; scammers do this to distract you. This scam is extremely common.

Dungeon Opener

A scam that has been rising in popularity lately is where somebody asks for donations, where in return they open a high-quality dungeon. Obviously, after receiving their donation, they nexus and go somewhere else without actually opening the dungeon.

If you want to pay goods for someone to actually open a dungeon (which is still risky), check out the current offers on Realmeye for more trustworthy people who will open dungeons for stuff.


This kind of scammer pretends to be a Youtuber in order to gain donations. They will walk around the nexus saying things like “If you donate I will give you a shoutout in one of my videos”. They could also say “I am doing a youtube video give donations and I will do a *drop party”. Avoid these people no matter how hard they beg. Better somebody else than you. Do /ignore right away.

*Drop Party is where somebody drops a bunch of items in a group of people.

False Promoter

This type of scam decreased in usage a while ago, but it is slowly making a return. It involves someone allegedly ‘running a lottery’, offering to open dungeons for items, or holding an auction. Of course, as soon as you hand over your items, they close the window and disappear without giving you what you wanted.
Be aware that it is very difficult to “sell” or “buy” Dungeon keys from people. This implies that if you were to sell for example, a tomb, most will not pay you what you want until you open it for them. Obviously it is very easy for them to scam you by entering the dungeon and not paying you. It is recommended that you trade with someone you can trust to ensure a good deal.


An extremely rare scam which involves a player pretending to be a moderator or a respected player in order to get free items from you. True developers and moderators would never ask for items. Report anyone you see doing this immediately.


Another rare scam that has the perpetrator tell you he is hacking your account and that the only way he will stop is if you give him some potions. A real hacker would never outright TELL you that they are hacking you. Don’t fall for this if you see it.


This is the next level of trading. Signbuilding is the art of tailoring your text box to be more appealing, and to make you a more memorable vendor.

Consider the following:

trading potsTrading Pots !!!!!!Marathon's POTSTOP

It’s just that simple.

A few facts to get you started:

  • Your textbox maxes out at 128 characters.
  • The maximum width is generally set by a pixel count, not by characters. Without spacing, the box can contain 44 lowercase L’s (l) or 12 uppercase W’s (W).
  • Live and die by your space bar. You’ll have to play around until to figure out the magic touch with spacing; it is a tool that can help or harm. Spaces cause lines to wrap in ways you might not expect. Interestingly, a textbox comprised solely of spaces does not wrap. The space bar is an exceedingly useful tool. Experiment.
  • Have fun, but make it clear what you are selling or wanting.
  • Tag it. Put your name in the box somewhere. In a crowded Nexus, the chat log may scroll by too fast for potential customers to catch just who you are and that finely crafted sign is rendered useless. Tag your name in there so they know who to /tell.
  • Tweak your sign in the comfort of your own vault. A shoddy sign is unprofessional and no one needs to see your working draft.
  • No matter how cool your sign is, don’t spam. If they want the deal, they’ll come to you.
  • Copy and Paste works in RotMG. An interesting pre-set: if you press shift and tab it will highlight everything you have typed into the chat bar (at least on Macs–maybe other). You will still need to use your copy and paste shortcuts. You can maintain a list of signs and common statements on some text file, then paste it into your chat entry, hassle-free.
  • If you see someone with an offer in the chat, right-click on their name in the chat to open up a menu to whisper, trade, ignore, etc. You can quickly hit ‘trade’ to be the first to get their products.
  • You can also right-click on someone’s speech bubble above their name to open up to a similar menu like the one stated above.

Some sample signs

llllll SELLING NOTHING lllllll

Para Xxx#x Para Xxx#x
Pots Xxx,Xxx,Xxx

Exa Xxx-#x Exa Xxx-#x
Tier Xx,Xx,Xx,Xx

There is a difference when buying and selling items, and signs can help differentiate. When you’re selling, you should put a price next to the item in parentheses to show what you would like for it. You should also have your name at the bottom, so if someone sees your sign and they want to buy that item,

Instead of trying to get next to you, they can just type /trade "your_name"

Here is a forums post about it:

Etiquette on Realmeye

Reference this page when adding offers and searching for them on Realmeye.

Buying Process

Once you have found a deal on Realmeye that you want to accept, follow these steps:

  1. /tell the seller a greeting, like Hi, or Hello. If it says that they are not found, they are are probably offline. If they do not respond, wait a few moments for them to respond; they may be in a giant fight with a dungeon or event boss. If they still do not respond after one minute or so, you can presume that they are afk. Whatever you do, Do not spam the seller
    If you still want that offer, you can send them a private message via realmeye.
    Tip: If a player has not made their last seen time private, you can look at it to see if they are online. A player last seen <1 minute ago is more likely to be online than a player last seen ~5 or 20 minutes ago. A player last seen several hours ago can be easily presumed to be offline.
  2. Once the buyer responds to you, repeat their offer, so they know what they are selling to you.
  3. If they confirm their offer, ask the seller where they would like to meet.
    Note: to switch servers, open the options menu (hotkey o) and then press “return to home.” Then, press back, servers, and select the server the seller has requested you to arrive to.
    Note 2: It is generally polite for the buyer to go to where the seller demands them to go, but this rule is not firmly set in stone. If the seller asks where you want to meet, do /server to determine your location and tell them that (but only the server, and not the portals. Trades are usually done in the Nexus.)
  4. Tell the seller that you are coming to that location, and once you arrive, tell them that you are there.
  5. Meet up with the seller, and make the transaction. Afterwards, don’t forget to say “Thank you” and “You’re welcome”, or the seller will not think your parents taught you your manners.

Selling Process

  1. After you have added your offers, wait for people to come to you and accept your offers. They will usually send you a private message, asking if you are still “Selling X for X”. Make sure you actually have the item, or the buyer will be extremely irritated when they finally meet you and you realize you have already sold that item. If you would like to pay with another currency (e.g. pay with DEF potion instead of ATT potion; DEX potion instead of WIS potion), notify and ask the seller if he would accept it first.
  2. Once you have confirmed your deal, tell them where you would like to meet. Reference the two notes above for where to meet for deals.
    Note: If the item that they are buying is being held by a vault, make sure to tell them that your alt will come meet you. Don’t forget to also tell them your alt’s IGN. If you don’t, there will be a lot of confusion with the buyer.
  3. Make the deal. Again, don’t forget to see “Thank you” and “You’re welcome”.

Sending Messages via Realmeye

A message sent via realmeye is a great way to buy/sell something to someone when they’re not online. When sending a message to someone on realmeye, use the same format when you are PMing someone for an offer, except all on the same line. Put “Trade Offer” for the subject line, and make sure to “sign” your name at the end.

General Etiquette on Realmeye

  • Don’t make silly offers, like a tier 12 acropolis armor for eight tier 9 armors. Everyone can see your trade offers, and one silly offers can ruin your reputation.
  • Avoid making “set offers”. For example, don’t sell four defense pots for a t11 dagger, t10 hide, t5 cloak, and a t4 ring. Doing so will decrease the chance you have for potential buyers. Who is going to have precisely all of those items in their inventory or vault?
  • Be respectful of both side’s time. If you’re selling that t11 sword, and someone’s already waiting for you in your server’s nexus, don’t run through another abyss. Respect the buyer’s time and try and be prompt instead of making them wait for you for 10 minutes because you haven’t finished that abyss run.
    Tip: if you don’t want people to keep coming up to you while you’re off in dungeons and such, you can hit the ‘suspend all’ button. This will make your offers invisible to others while you’re off fighting monsters, and after you’re done doing so, you can press ‘reactivate all’ once you’re ready to deal with your customers again.
  • Don’t scam people; If they have use Realmeye as well, they can easily report you for being a scammer and ruin your reputation. It’s also a waste of their time as well.
  • Always make sure you are at the right server. Avoid that awkward situation where you tell them that you’ve arrived and they don’t see you.
  • Update your offers frequently. It’s annoying to buyers when they go and buy something from you, only to realize that you’ve already sold it or dropped it on the ground.