Troll Matriarch

Last updated: 32.0.6

A vengeful mother who has assumed the local trolls to be her children in her hysteria. Could do with a hair stylist.

The Troll Matriarch is the first boss of the Haunted Cemetery, appearing during the fifth round of the first level of the dungeon.

The Realm Eye says:
The hideous Troll Matriarch was once the joyful mother of the Ghost Bride. Overcome with grief at her daughter’s murder, she stood by her tomb forever.
As the cemetery fell to decay, surrounding trees and vines became entwined in her still-living body.
She no longer remembers who she was. All she knows is that she must protect the soul of her lost child from anyone who would threaten her.



HP: 9,000 (+20% [1,800 HP] per player in Dungeon)
DEF: 20
EXP: 400
Location: Haunted Cemetery

Immune to Stasis
Counts towards God Kills

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
Troll 3 Attack 1
Nature Wave
Weak for 2s


  • She spawns, invulnerable, at the top of the room, but then she will immediately move to the center. She will turn vulnerable and then begin constantly firing shots around herself in a loose ring. She will also spawn Deadly Mushrooms near her. When she has taken enough damage, she moves on to the next phase.

  • She turns invulnerable, remaining stationary while still firing shots around herself. She summons 1 Reanimated Remains every few seconds. When all of them are killed, she resumes her first phase until she is killed. However, she will flash and move more rapidly this time around.


Deadly MushroomDeadly Mushroom
Reanimated RemainsReanimated Remains

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Tips and Strategies

  • If you’re competing for soulbound in a large group, dodge the weakness bullets as much as possible. They can be hard to see, however.

  • Try to sometimes rotate around the boss. Her mushrooms can be difficult to see, and block shots which would otherwise count toward soulbound damage.

  • During the phase in which she summons Reanimated Remains, make sure you kill them quickly otherwise more will spawn, making it difficult to kill all of them.

  • If you have low defense, don’t stand on the boss. She fires enough shots to deal massive damage, even at full health.

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