Tutorial Guide

Tutorial (Suggested Level: 1-20)

How & Why to take the Tutorial


Many players are unaware that returning to the tutorial is as simple as entering a command in chat:

  • /tutorial takes a player to the room full of chickens at the beginning of the tutorial.
  • /nexustutorial skips to the explanation of the Nexus, from which Oryx’s Kitchen can be accessed.


Magic PotionHealth PotionRing of Minor Defense
The idea of running the tutorial again may seem silly to some, but it serves as one of the fastest sources of HP and MP restorative potions. Newly created characters also receive some easy exp and a free +1 defense ring, which is preferable to several of the T1 rings found in the lowlands.

A main use of entering the tutorial is to easily exit a dungeon while remaining in a realm; typing /nexustutorial and completing the kitchen returns the player to the same realm, a popular strategy for exiting during early levels of the Haunted Cemetery.