Last updated: Exalt Version (May 2021)

The Urgle is a mid-high level Quest Monster that spawns in the Highlands.

Urgle is annoying. That’s all you need to know. (Steam Trading Card: Urgle)

The Realm Eye says:
One of Oryx’s most abominable underlings is the Urgle, a grotesque creature put together using the severed limbs of many different beasts.
They have been known to prey on weak pets who have been heartlessly released into the wild after being deemed undesirable.
Their muscular exterior creates a shell around whatever pet they have ensnared with their traps. The tendrils inside feed off of the pet’s life force, powering the rest of the fleshy monstrosity.



HP: 1,600
DEF: 9
EXP: 80
Location: High Plains

Level 11 Quest
Counts towards Grotesque Kills

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
White Bullet


  • Returns to spawn point, within a range of: 3 at speed: 0.8
  • Wander Speed: 0.5
  • Idle State: Waits for a player to approach
    • If a player is detected within 10.5 tiles, it transitions to Attack State

  • Attack State: Fires White Bullets at the nearest player while throwing Trap Elements

    • Three Trap Elements that fire horizontally are thrown
    • 1 second later, four Trap Elements that fire vertically are thrown
    • 1 second later, eight Trap Elements that fire diagonally are thrown
    • 1 second after that, the Urgle waits for 2.4 seconds and transitions back to Idle State


Trap Element

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Tips and Strategies

This monster likes to spew stationary invulnerable blobs that rapidly shoot various status-inflicting shots in a single direction; effectively creating a web or shield of sorts making it harder for the Sword classes to get in range. Strangely it resembles the flying brain in a way almost as if a flying brain were turn to a fleshy-like state. It is also annoying in the fact that it will often show up in the godlands when you are low on HP and kill you. However though, if you can get in with a sword class and attack it, you can kill it much quicker than you would with a ranged class, especially because a ranged class’s bullets will often be blocked by the trap balls that the Urgle places if he stays back rather than getting up close.

This monster has recently been a dangerous nuisance for many players with slow computers due to the massive lag it causes. If you don’t have a fast computer and if you spot an Urgle, do not attack. Move as far away from the Urgle as possible, you will most likely be disconnected if you stay too long. For this reason; the Arena can be harder for worse computers.

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