Using Muledump

Muledump is a fantastic account tracker, yet there seems to be some confusion about how to use it. This guide will tell you how to use muledump!
If you have any questions, feel free to ping me on the forums, I’m pretty good with coding. @SXplorer
Or PM me on discord, @Craig, Intern of the Mad God#1193
1. First, download Muledump from github here and click Clone or Download which is a green dropdown button and select donwload ZIP.

  1. Next, when muledump has finished downloading, move the zip to your desktop. Then, right click it and select extract all. It should look like this:
  2. Open up the folder that was just extracted onto your desktop(should be called or something similar to that)
    Note: as of the current version of muledump(7/18/2017), there is a folder within the folder that was opened. Go into both folders and you will find these files.

  3. Now, open up accounts_sample.js.
    If you can’t open accounts_sample.js, heres how. First, right click accounts_sample.js. Next, select open with and then select choose default program. Click Notepad or Notepad++, those two should work fine.Note if it still doesn’t work, install Caret from the Google Chrome Store here(note this app was used on a chromebook, I have NO idea if it works for Windows. I’m just trying to finish this guide ok?)

  4. When you open accounts_sample.js, you should get a screen that looks like this
    What you want to do is change the email to your rotmg email and the pass into your rotmg password. DO NOT DELETE THE QUOTATION MARKS!
    If you have more than two accounts, simply follow the same format:
    ‘email3’: ‘pass3’,
    If you only have one account, delete the entire line that says
    ‘email2’: ‘pass3’,
    When you are done, save by pressing CTRL+S.

  5. Now that you are done with the accounts_sample.js, Rename it into accounts.js This is a required step or else muledump won’t work!

  6. Now, open up muledump.html. Note that some browsers just won’t work with muledump. If someone is nice enough to edit this later, they should delete this sentence and say if or if not safari works. I can only confirm that Internet Explorer DOES NOT WORK and Google Chrome works fine. If you have Mozilla Firefox, I can’t confirm that it works but it might. EDIT: Google Chrome does work fine, and Mozilla Firefox also works, but there are some slight visual errors, such as check boxes not being aligned with their corresponding text. Google Chrome is a much better option.
    Muledump should look like this when you first open it up saying that it’s waiting for a request. Don’t worry, its just getting all your account info loaded for the first time.

    Now, when it’s loaded, it should look something like this. It should show all your items.

You can play around with the settings, be sure to click that reload on the upper right hand corner! This is what my muledump looks like with all options selected other than email. I don’t what you to know that!

The reload button refreshes and updates all your stats and stuff. You can tell that I lost a spirit dagger but gained an ST spell in that time that I didn’t click the reload button.


Whenever you have problems like “Account in use. 600 Seconds until timeout” or “Loading Data:Failed’ or “Failed too many times, giving up”, it can be very infuriating. This is to help you fix those problems.