Weapon Lore

Last updated: X32.6.0


Item Description
A sharp dagger made of steel.
A short sword blade mounted on a dagger hilt.
A dagger made of blued steel.
A dagger made of rose-tinted steel.
A silver-plated steel dagger.
A well-made dagger plated with gold and inscribed with evil runes.
A dagger with a blade made of volcanic glass.
An extremely sharp dagger made from the strongest and most desirable of all metals.
A dagger with a blade that burns with an unholy magic.
A sharp druidic dagger vibrating with primal energies.
A deadly dagger of glittering magical emerald.
A dagger of rare purple agate, infused with powerful dark magics.
A crimson felsteel dagger saturated with evil magic and primordial hatreds.
A moonsteel dagger of the underworld, corrupted by loathsome enchantments and profane spells.
A jagged, wickedly barbed blade of evil, charged with the unreasoning rage of ancestral vendettas.
An appalling dagger with a blade forged of a highly resilient metal, one of the very few materials that can withstand the corrosive properties surrounding it.
Made of a strange metal not known to the living.
A makeshift dagger hastily crafted from the debris of a fallen golem. It may be blunt, but it is also very lightweight.
This dagger is said to point in the direction of the one you love. Or intend to stab. Sprite Credits: ngbro
A dagger imbued with Amethyst magic to protect its owner from harm.
Crude, but effective.
Interestingly, freezing the acid of Forax into a solid material retains its burning properties. Crafty alien mercenaries have used this to create brutal assassination weapons such as this. Sprite Credits: Aurum
A short lived dirk which saw little use in the hands of a quickly slain adventurer, too lucky for their own good. Knowing its purpose was left unfulfilled, it seeks to eliminate the evil chicken menace from beyond the grave. Sprite Credits: Aurum
A fragment of Lord Ruthven’s curse manifest itself into this pulsating dagger. Its formless state allows it to cut in ways no other weapon could.
Displaying this malformed mango in public is said to awaken the rage of a long-dormant entity from beyond.
The Mad God knows the value of cloak and dagger operations, despite his personal inclination toward more overt tactics. Oryx’s minions consider it a great honor to be gifted this dagger. Sprite Credits: Aurum
A set of daggers given partial sentience by alien technology. They fiercely compete to claim more kills than the other. Sprite Credits: Aurum
Made of a strange metal not known to the living. Its connection to the spirit plane causes a high pitched shriek as it slashes.
This legendary dagger was commissioned by a band of mad rogues to prove the worth of the Dirk.
An incredible dagger forged from the teeth of a murderous rabbit, it has the incredible power to summon angry rabbits.
A dagger made of razor-sharp bone.
A cursed dagger imbued with the infinite power of the Cult of Admin.
A dagger fashioned from the fang of an enormous spider.
A chicken leg of doom.
The melding of these creatures and their host is one of pain and suffering.
A dagger that was condemned to Davy Jones’ Locker.
Forged from sunshine, baby smiles, and the sparkle from unicorns.
The blade of this dagger was once the enormous Killer Bee Queen’s stinger. It remains exceptionally sharp, and could easily cut through even the heaviest of armor in a single strike.
This was all the rage a few Winter Solstices ago.
A claw-shard from Feargus, the Obsidian Dragon.
Carved from the bones of a frost lich and honed to a razor’s edge.
Using real corn as a weapon proved to be counterintuitive, so it was substituted with candy corn. Surprisingly, this only worsened the crow problem. Sprite Credits: Bonk, Aurum


Item Description
A well-made shortbow.
An iron-reinforced bow.
A bow mounted on a stock that shoots with amazing speed and accuracy.
A bow made from the rare greywood tree.
A high-quality bow made of magical ironwood.
A bow that shoots arrows that burn with an unholy fire.
A bow that somehow manages to shoot two arrows in different directions.
A slow but powerful crossbow with a good grip.
A bow gifted to mortals from the gods themselves. It shoots powerful arrows in three directions at once.
A highly effective bow fashioned of still-living magical springwood.
A powerful bow crafted by dryads and blessed by the spirits of the woodlands.
A runed bow steeped in the dark power of ancient injustice.
A diamondwire bow used by guardians of the unseen ethereal shrines.
A superlative bow of sunsteel and diamondwire, created by a secretive race of star-dwelling entities.
A peerless triple bow crafted of nightmatter and diamondwire by the exalted bowyers of the primeval overgods.
This probably doesn’t have a chance of making monsters fall in love with you. I mean, I don’t think so.
A bow of light forged by the angels for use in their eternal struggle against darkness and evil.
Some people wear their heart on their sleeve, I chose to use mine as ammunition! Sprite Credits: WunderWafe
A stunning bow forged in the heat of a massive star many lightyears beyond the realm.
The abnormal alignment of Malogia’s moons block direct light from its sun during most of its revolution. The brief periods of visiblity are ferociously hot. Sprite Credits: Artauris
A rib strung together by a tendon, sure to send shivers down your enemy’s spines. Sprite Credits: Tero, Aurum
Crispy, buttered, wheat or rye. In toast it lives, in toast it dies.
A revered bow hidden away for many years by those wise enough to recognize the danger of its devestating might. Its strength is unmatched throughout the universe.
You are not a unique snowflake. You’re like one of five or something.
Not one for long distance combat himself, Oryx leaves archery training in the hands of former realm heroes who defected to his side. Sprite Credits: Aurum
No mortal can fire this dreaded bow without resting in between shots. It requires tremendous skill to wield.
A bow fashioned from living coral found in only the deepest ocean trenches. It is the favored weapon of those that inhabit the realms beneath the waves.
A flexible ironwax bow created by the Felwasp Guards to defend their larvae from assailants.
A deadly repeater crossbow and a marvel of craftsmanship. This mechanical weapon is efficient, but carries additional weight.
The Cult of Admin is always on the hunt for the unworthy.
Toats sweet robobow bro!
Fashioned from the finest logs found within the Woodland Labyrinths, this bow uses sharp leaves instead of conventional arrows. Such lightweight ammunition allows for quick movement.
Every shot that hits a target frees the soul of a forgotten hero. Every shot that misses is trapped for eternity.
Meow! Meow meow meow! MEOWMEOWMEOW.
A weapon of mass eggstruction.
Good thing this bow is lucky because it sure doesn’t hit very hard! Sprite Credits: Beige
A bow, fashioned from solid ice, enchanted not to melt. It’s often used by elven hunters of the arctic wastes. Sprite Credits: Poshun
Decorated with the finest flora of the realm’s toughest forests, this bow uses the sharp cymes of plant life as arrows against would-be vandalizers.
You can hear the screams of tortured souls as you draw this bow.
Magic in the bow pulls in water vapor and instantly freezes it, creating ammo out of thin air. Not recommended for desert use.
Distinguished archers are permitted to take their prized bow with them to the afterlife. It conjures ethereal arrows when drawn, penetrating the very souls of living beings.


Item Description
A magical wooden staff topped with a white crystal.
A staff imbued with potent magical fire.
A staff charged with the icy powers of the heavens.
A staff powered by the magic of Stheno’s minions.
A staff that harnesses the energy of shooting stars.
A powerful staff crafted by demons for waging war on mortals.
A slender felwood staff pulsing with auras of vengeance and justice.
An ancient knurlwood staff crackling with power and exuding thin gray vapors.
A mysterious runewood staff decorated with horrific figures.
A golden staff imbued with the powers of death magic.
An imposing golden staff of tremendous otherworldly power.
A splendid golden staff of astonishing power, bathed in light and brimming with magical energy.
A golden staff of transcendent understanding, made from crystals present at the formation of the universe.
A golden staff of elysian consciousness, shining with the base power of empyrean truths.
An otherworldly staff of omnipresent elation, embodied of cardinal essence and the power of deathless peace.
While it may be alive, it can’t speak. But, it CAN kill.
While it may be alive, it can’t speak. But, it CAN kill.
The unusual shots that this staff fires have been known to bind the hearts of your foes for all eternity, or at least until death do you part.
A staff that glows with the warmth and color of the rising sun.
Made by a pretty lazy wizard. Hope it makes something worthwhile.
I was a fool before, but now everything is so clear. The phylactery speaks to me, knows me, protects me.
Fa la la la la, la la la la.
A highly unstable staff engineered to expel forceful bolts of an energy component known as K.I.D.D. (Knee-deep In Dungeon Design). It’s not great now, but allegedly the second version will be better.
A rod composed of solid foramite, the only known material in the galaxy capable of withstanding the corrosive effects of Foraxian acid. Sprite Credits: Aurum
A blued wooden staff lit with an undying flame. Only an extraordinarily skilled sorceress can wield the fire without this attachment. Sprite Credits: Aurum
While working in a lab late one night, a wizard beheld an eerie sight. Sprite Credits: Aurum
Initially built solely for Oryx’s reckless use, the construction of this staff proved potent enough to mass produce for Oryx’s champions. Sprite Credits: Aurum
A staff constructed from the bark of trees exclusively found in the Magic Woods, charged with the lively spirits of legendary heroes.
A staff that channels the ultimate force of Anatis.
A godly weapon belonging to the Cult of Admin.
My staff led me to a strange arena, which seemed to have a dark aura about it.
In the primal era of the realm, the volcanic mountains were overrun with rampant lava spirits, spiteful creatures who sought to burn all they could touch.
Once the most powerful staff in existence; a crack in its frame has rendered it incapable of focusing fire. It remains uniquely deadly.
An ancient staff used both for sacrifice and communion with the gods.
Eucalyptus can be incredibly effective at looking awesome.
A commanding staff used by vile cult leaders. It has a strange force inside it that prevents it from facing forward of the user.
Adult male basilisks are apex predators, and at full maturity their tails gain the unique ability to release piercing acid from the tip.
A frozen staff, used for creating powerful chilly blasts around the user. Sprite Credits: Poshun
An irregular fragment of a fiery comet that once passed over Malogia. Intergalatic legends know it as the herald of the great alien lord Nizos. Sprite Credits: Trensient
It seems to dispense special runes upon use. Perhaps…some things are better left unknown.
Imbued with the power of winter.
Perhaps all that remains of Esben, whoever he was. Sprite Credits: Pfiffel


Item Description
A wand that casts a simple fire spell.
A wand that emits bolts of pure force.
A wand that fires power bolts.
A wand that casts a strong missile.
A wand that shoots dark eldritch energy.
A wand that casts a strong fire spell.
A wand that casts a bolt of pure magic force.
A deadly wand that channels magefire from the nether planes.
A fearsome wand that fires bolts of penetrating death magic.
A mysterious wand of otherworldly origin, imbued with the purest of arcane energies.
A wand of demonic enigmas, cloaked in darkness and crackling with dark enchantments.
A centuries-old wand of great power, heralding long-destined destruction.
A great golden wand of the heavens, created by angels to wreak justice on the slayers of the innocent.
A shining gold wand of force, built by a diabolic archmagus to channel vast corrupting energies into the material plane.
A golden wand of breathtaking power, created by elemental forces from the realms of ice and flame to unleash revenge on their enemies.
Oryx’s so-called priests use cruel wands like this to inflict suffering on their recipients. They themselves must endure this pain to begin the path to consecration.
A crude walking stick enchanted by Skuld’s distinct style of sorcery, constructed to guide fallen spirits to the afterlife.
Harnessing the unusual power of Belladonna’s flowers, these shots are beautiful but deadly!
Harbinger of hard-boiled justice. Sprite Credits: Linkshot, Sues, and Wylem.
Created by a lonely Sorcerer. This sentient eye doesn’t make a very good friend. It does, however, make fruit.
Despite their normal pacificity, priests of Geb were able to protect themselves from aggressors.
How else would the minions of Oryx get their gifts? Sprite Credits: paulo and sonutx
The harbinger of past pandemonium, current craziness, and future fatuity. It just can’t seem to stay focused.
Granted only to the highest ranking mages of Oryx’s legion, this wand conjures pagan magic forbidden by most practitioners. Sprite Credits: Aurum
This wand is powerful at conducting magical energy into a devastating blast.
Only advanced acolytes of the Cult of Admin may wield this weapon.
A wand created from the wood of Sprite trees. Seems to be poorly calibrated, though.
A sound almost like a wind chime emanates softly from this wand.
Although destroyed, the beast’s brute strength remains deeply embedded in this odd wand. Its rage possesses you, and lends you its force.
This strange weapon was used by ancient battle mages to deter invaders. The secret to its construction has long been lost.
A wand made from a brilliant white cross designed to ward off evil.
The fabled weapon of the Sauce Boss himself.
From the realms of frost, this wand’s ice magic penetrates even the strongest armor.
A cool wand that creates a flurry of beautiful snowflakes. Sprite Credits: Poshun
Made from a cherry tree branch. This wand was gifted by Xil to Daichi for bringing him into this world.
An accomplished alien conquerer brandished this wand as a show of might, topping it with a gemstone from each planet he overthrew. Sprite Credits: Aurum
A wand held together by an ice crystal extracted from the depths of Untaris. Each shot possesses the concentrated force of a blizzard. Sprite Credits: Aurum
This wand has been used countless times to raise Lord Ruthven from the dead.
This wand is so cold it freezes the very air around it. Use with gloves, do not place on bare skin.


Item Description
A steel short sword.
A broad-bladed steel sword.
A single-edged light sword.
A well-made sword with a double edged blade.
A single-edged broad-bladed sword.
A fiery blade capable of burning flesh and bone.
A sword formed from a single shard of unbreakable glass.
A sharp sword plated with gold, clearly intended for the use of a great lord.
A powerful sword infused with the spirit of dark rituals.
A sword forged in a great volcano and consecrated with dragon magic.
A sword pulsing with the powerful magic of ancient beings.
An unfathomably powerful sword wielded by titanic air elementals in their great war of revolution.
A great sword of recognition, forged by the gods for the champions of humankind.
An exalted weapon of the august kings of old, hallowed with the spirit of nations and yearning to grant power anew.
A gleaming obsidian sword of imperial power, fashioned by enslaved demons for the personal use of a world-conquering leader of mortals.
A swift and hungry blade that is never satisfied with just one kill. This ancient weapon has become even stronger with the ages.
A clumsy yet vicious weapon favored by marauders from coast to coast. Only an experienced pirate king can perform the techniques required to unlock its full potential.
Used only by the pirates who would make themselves kings, this cutlass is said to be cursed as each Pirate King seems to be killed rather unexpectedly.
An unfathomably powerful sword that absorbs the skulls of enemies and unleashes them with magical energy.
A sword with an impossibly sharp edge. It has been designed with holy magic to slash like no other blade.
Strung together with the deadly vines of Belladonna. Sprite Credits: nooblegend
A detailed sword crafted out of blackened metal and precious bloodstone by Oryx’s minions as a tribute to their overlord.
A sword that, when held by one true of heart, will release magic from the flawless ruby in its hilt and ignite in flames.
An odd energy source known for the amazing ability to fire hats.
One of the most unusual feats of Katalonian engineering. This barely tangible sword hurls puffs of toxic gas, if you can manage to firmly grasp it. Sprite Credits: Aurum
Steeped in the acid rainwater of Forax, the chemical coating has transformed this already mighty blade into a heavy-hitting weapon of war. Sprite Credits: Aurum
A merciless blade forged in the intense fires of the realm’s core, designed for use by great demon lords. Sprite Credits: Aurum
Pixies are often a more aggressive fae. It makes great sense that they would provide heroes with swords as fine as this.
A heavy mace that abides only by the power of repetition.
So hot, it’s cool. The unique combo of hot and cold elements allows it to generate devastating ice attacks.
Colorful and fashionable, but not very good for hunting monsters. Sprite Credits: Beige
A brutally heavy sword designed to make those at the other end of its blade know their place. Sprite Credits: Aurum
A relic from an age when evil chickens had taken over the realm. Their tyranny ended eventually at the hands of an exceptional wielder of the dirk.
A swift and hungry blade that is never satisfied with just one kill.
For Testing Monster Defense.
The sacred blade of the Cult of Admin. Not to be trifled with.
A lightweight blade that seems to dance in your hands.
A slow but powerful sword that is a relic of a long forgotten age.
This legendary sword is used to summon the beautiful power of bears.
A magical chain of infinite keys capable of unlocking the secrets of the universe, though your mileage may vary. Not to be confused with a different key-related blade. Sprite Credits: Aurum
“Say it with flower” - Classic Eggre warrior motto. Sprite Credits: Piggby
Pixies are often a more aggressive fae. It makes great sense that they would provide heroes with swords as fine as this.
A lightweight blade, imbued with frosty runes. Sprite Credits: Poshun
Your enemies have been very, very, naughty.
When you have this hammer, you don’t need a reason to use it.
Forged eons ago in the fires of Shaitan’s domain, this infamous blade has cut down countless mighty heroes throughout the ages.
All initiates who start the path of becoming a Dragon Tamer are given a special weapon. If an initiate completes the Path alive, this weapon is given a name by the Elders.


Item Description
A rusty old katana.
Suitable for practice.
A basic katana.
A striking fine-edged weapon.
A katana capable of cutting a razor-thin line.
An ancient katana with a blade of jet black steel.
A beautiful katana, forged and cooled by the mists atop a great mountain.
A mighty weapon wielded by a hero from long ago.
A cruel blade forged in hell flame and blood.
A mighty katana with a crystal eye embedded in the hilt.
One of the legendary great blades of the master Ichimonji.
An evil blade that hungers for blood.
A magnificent legendary blade which only cuts those who deserve death.
A formidable blade that was meticulously crafted over the course of several centuries by the most renowned masters in history.
An awe-inspiring sword gifted to only the most worthy mortals from the heavens themselves.
A Katana made to harness the energy of the Wind.
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, they also happen to make for great blades… so shiny!
The frigid landscape of Untaris is chilled by the moonlight reflected from a planet of astral frost. Sprite Credits: Trensient
A katana once belonging to a royal sorcerer known for great ambition, but slow delivery. His treasured blade was prophesied to produce something wonderful… eventually.
Though Oryx is only known to deploy his assassin units in times of personal need, the deliberately cruel craftsmanship of their katanas is no less remarkable. Sprite Credits: Aurum
An astronomically heavy katana. It is forged from dark matter.
A crappy katana that can barely cut anything.
A great katana charged with the power of the sun itself.
The finest katana, forged by the Cult of Admin. Its blade cuts anything.
Battle for the Nexus: Never Forget.
Stuck in the maw of the Son of Arachna, this Katana is coated in the creature’s poisonous venom. In the hands of the right person, this is a truly deadly weapon.
Though its composition is merely a sharp crystal embedded in a rock, this naturally formed blade glistens with light, carving a path for its wielder to use.
The metal is icy cold to the touch and delivers a biting sting upon cutting.
An ancient weapon imbued with the power of the cosmos.
Create your own rainbow! Sprite Credits: Aurum
Though rather unremarkable as far as alien weapons go, Malogian clans swear by this weapon as a good luck charm. Some things never change.
This blade is drenched in the blood of heroes. Are you sure this blade is meant for you?
To be a true warrior, you must take winter into your heart.
Omae wa…
First summer storm cloud Inflicting a thousand cuts Brilliance, then ash.