Wine Cellar Guide

Wine Cellar PortalWine Cellar PortalWine Cellar PortalWine Cellar PortalWine Cellar Portal
The Wine Cellar, a location with one of the highest casualty rates and the best item drops in the entire game, it is the end of fate for the inexperienced and pathway to wealth for others.

Why & How to find the Wine Cellar


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While the Wine Cellar is one of the most dangerous dungeons in the game and notorious for tearing apart even the strongest of players, the Wine Cellar is one of the few sources of T12 weapons, T13 armor, and T6 abilities. Oryx can also drop a variety of different stat potions, as well as the ST Oryx’s Battle Attires set. However, not all the loot comes from the Mad God, as his minions can drop various wines, which are extremely potent restoratives.


Wine Cellar Incantation

In order to open the Wine Cellar, first you must defeat the first Oryx the Mad God in his chamber. Upon his death, a Locked Wine Cellar Portal will appear. In order to unlock it, a player in the chamber must use a Wine Cellar Incantation, a rare, one-time use item dropped by many Realm and dungeon bosses. Once it has been unlocked, all players can enter the Wine Cellar.

Navigating the Dungeon

The Wine Cellar has a predetermined layout which looks like this:

Wine Cellar Map

Players begin on either the top or bottom right of the map, which is shaped like a maze; and progress through a bunch of enemies which inflict a range of status effects on you. Watch out for Slow and Confuse because these 2 hinder you the most. Yet still reaching Oryx 2 itself is fairly easy, given the fact that the enemies you encounter are mainly stationary. Do not try to clear the dungeon, you probably won’t reach Oryx in time. Almost any character can rush this unique dungeon with obviously the utmost care. Don’t be afraid to Nexus, its better to live and try again next time.


Henchman of OryxHenchman of Oryx

The elite guard of the Wine Cellar, Henchmen of Oryx are the most threatening enemy in the dungeon, as not only are they very powerful, they are the ones who spawn the rest of the monsters there. Since they can create up to 3 other minions for backup, it is quite difficult to take them out. However they can be run past. Avoid his Confuserang at all costs- it’s the spinning blue star- as it can confuse you into it’s minions, or even worse, into Oryx.

Abomination of OryxAbomination of Oryx
A highly aggresive fighter, the Abomination lunges quickly at players before unloading a massive shotgun of 23 bullets, each dealing 50 damage. The bane of players with unmaxed defense, these guys can inflict massive damage with their attacks. However, they can only lunge in one direction, meaning their dash can easily be sidestepped. Since they have a cooldown between attacks, dodge it’s lunge and exploit the cooldown to attack or run past it.

Aberrant of OryxAberrant of Oryx
A more peculiar monster, the Abberant of Oryx does not attack you directly. Instead, it spawns Aberrant Blasters, small mines that explode into a directed spray of shots when approached. While they do not do too much damage, the Aberrant can throw them at a surprisingly long range. Keep your guard up and prepare to fire at any blasters that land near you.

Monstrosity of OryxMonstrosity of Oryx
A highly dangerous enemy, the Monstrosity, like the Aberrant, does not attack. Instead, it spawns Monstrosity Scarabs, small enemies that dash at you and attempt to detonate on you, like Gray Blobs. However, unlike Gray Blobs, the Scarabs can deal immense damage if all the shots hit, potentially one-hit killing squishier classes. Exercise extreme caution and ensure the destruction of any Scarabs that are within your sight.

Bile of OryxBile of Oryx
A nasty creature and the nightmare of all rushers, the Bile moves around, leaving a trail of Purple Goo. While the bile doesn’t do any damage, the goo it makes does, and anyone that steps in it is inflicted with Sick and Slow. While the slow can make you a sitting duck for the other minions, it’s the Sick effect that is most devastating, as it prevents you from healing by any means, which can be catastrophic to rush attempts. Nevertheless, these guys can avoided pretty easily.

Vintner of OryxVintner of Oryx
A more interesting enemy. These guys attack by throwing relatively slow wine bombs. While they do minimal damage, they inflict Drunk, which impairs your vision, even more so with Hardware Acceleration on. Drunk can cause you to be unable to respond to threats faster, so either turn off Hardware Acceleration before you enter the Wine Cellar or just avoid their shots. Besides that, they are nearly no threat.

The Boss

Oryx the Mad God 2

Oryx the Mad God 2

Upon reaching Oryx 2, you will find the fight to be completely different than from the Castle:

  • Oryx 2 has only one period of invincibility, so you can inflict massive damage in a matter of seconds.
  • Oryx 2 only has 2 phases, Starting phase and “Henchmen Phase” (Some players also call this rage phase or minion phase)
  • Oryx 2 fires a shotgun of differently-colored stars that do massive damage and inflict a variety of status effects at the nearest player. He also uses omnidirectional bursts of fire bolts.
  • Oryx 2 spawns Henchmen of Oryx, who in turn spawns more enemies, creating a meat shield surrounding him.
  • Oryx 2 also throws golden bombs that spawn Monstrosity Scarabs.
  • When Oryx 2 reachs below 30% HP, he will turn invulnerable and say: “Can’t…keep…henchmen…alive…anymore… ARRGH!”. He will stop spawning minions (while existing ones stay alive), become vulnerable, start chasing the nearest player firing barrages of bullets. Every so often, he will fire omnidirectional pulses of Quiet and Weak stars.

Class tips

Ranged classes are preferred, able to inflict damage from far away as long as there is a hole in the shield of minions. Ninjas, Wizards, Necromancers, Huntresses, Assassins and Archers have abilities that inflict damage on a target through the shield, giving them more opportunities to do damage.

If you are a knight, you can stun Oryx 2 by simply circling him clockwise inwards, if you are circling counter-clockwise then you are risking yourself rushing into Oryx 2 when you get hit by a confuse star, when you are close enough, stun him and back off, you never know if you missed the stun or not, if you do stun him, continue to chain stun him until you are out of stuns, and back off 2 seconds or so before the last stun wears off.

if you are a melee class, wait for a knight to stun Oryx 2 then start to attack him, count how much time has passed after the last stun and back off before the last stun wears off

Be careful and opportunistic. Try to stay just a bit away from the main crowd of players, where most of Oryx’s barrage is going to be aimed at. Move a little to the side where you can be helped if you run into trouble, yet can immediately move in and deal damage if you find a gap in the shield.

When Oryx begins chasing you upon reaching below 30%, be grateful. Any of the classes using Staves or Wands can actually hit Oryx without themselves getting hit while backing up. Easy damage. Be careful of the big white stars he shoots, while they only do 1 damage, they inflict Weak for a whole minute.

Side Note(s)


Individual Class Tips:


Priests are really good for WC, as they can both rush and have long range, and when hit, can heal themselves. For rushing, use a T6 Tome, and you can speed your way through the minions. Watch out for Henchmen’s Confuse Boomerang, as that can lead you to an early nexus. At O2, using a tiered wand is recommended as it pierces, but as soon as you see a breach in the minion wall, switch to a Crystal Wand or Wand of the Fallen for higher damage.


Same as priest, but don’t get hit as much. Your scepter can net you easy soulbound damage and the Scepter of Fulmination can help out the melees a lot!


Rushing can be really dangerous, so make sure to stack up on HP Pots and Holy Water. Luckily, after the HP Scaling buff Oryx 2 has gotten, there is no need to rush there early. Spellbombs can net you soulbound and clear a path for others.


Switch to your T0 Orb and rush away! If you are lucky to have an Orb of Conflict or Soul of the Bearer, then you may use those as they have a speedy effect. Stasising annoying minions like Henchmen can be really helpful for others that are rushing behind you. At the boss, its best to either stasis the minions, or aim away a bit and curse them.


Can be played like a priest, use skull when low and for getting soulbound. Pretty straightforward.

Archer and Huntress

At the boss, its best to use a Coral Bow or a tiered bow to clear the minions away, then switch to your single shot bow like Doom Bow. Slowing and Paralysing the Boss is extremely helpful, and an Archer with Quiver of Thunder can help melees get their damage in.


Rogue is actually not a good class to use in Public Wine Cellars, because of the sheer amount of people surrounding Oryx 2. When rushing, using Cloak of the Planewalker or Ghastly Drape is the proper choice, as they help you get to the boss faster so you can get soulbound damage early. Be careful when using Planewalker, as you may teleport and sit on Oryx leading to a nasty death!


Trickster are extremely mobile, and getting to the boss is extremely fast. For rushing, using a T0 Prism or Ghostly Prism for quick teleports because they cost less MP. At the boss, use decoys to your advantage! Decoys travel in the last direction you look at, so you can use a prism and look towards Oryx. The decoy will get stuck onto Oryx, and he will target it, which can be even more effective than stunning.

Paladin and Warrior

Melees are generally not favoured in a Wine Cellar, but if you happen to be on them, then don’t worry. Rushing is easy, however the boss can be challenging. Using a longer ranged weapon like Crystal Sword is prefered, as it makes you more safer. Even when Oryx i stunned, don’t stop moving! Oryx can become un-stunned and insta-kill you. Backing off when he transitions into Chase Phase is a safe choice. Don’t be greedy with getting more damage in, the soulbound threshold is very low (speculated to be 1% of his HP).


As with the other melees, rushing can be really easy, and at boss, circle towards the boss, running in a straight line is not a smart idea. Getting your first stun in is crucial, once stunned, just keep spamming hp pots and chain stunning him every 2 seconds, back off when he transitions into Chase Phase.


Ninjas are pretty fast, just make sure don’t run into confuse boomerangs! Hold your ability buttom and run through. At boss, you can play it like melees, or wait until there is breach in the minion wall and spam your star for easy soulbound!