Worshipping Priestess

Last updated: Exalt Version (Feb 2022)
Worshipping Priestess

The Worshipping Priestess is an enemy found in the Tomb of the Ancients. It circles the Sarcophagus within the dungeon.



HP: 7,000
DEF: 15
EXP: 500
Location: Tomb of the Ancients

Counts toward Humanoid kills

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Aesthetics Damage Condition effects Speed (tiles/sec) Range (tiles) Comments
Blue Boomerang 0 Weak Icon Weak for 7s 6 12 Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Blue Missile 80 7 14


The Worshiping Priestess acts like the Worshiping Priest. It circles around a Sarcophagus and heals it if it is damaged. It will begin firing bullets if it is attacked or if it detects a nearby player. Occasionally the Priestess will flash yellow and move out to make a larger orbit around the Sarcophagus. At low health the Priestess flashes dark and starts moving toward the Sarcophagus. Upon death, the Priestess turns invincible, flashes red, and chases a nearby player for about two seconds before exploding into a circle of bullets.

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Tips and Strategies

The large amount of shots this enemy shoots can kill unmaxed or low defense classes quite quickly if the player is not paying attention. It is wise to keep your distance to avoid this.

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