Yellow Beehemoth

Last updated: Exalt Version (Oct 2020)
Yellow Beehemoth

The Yellow Beehemoth is an Event Boss that assists the Killer Bee Nest.

The Realm Eye says:
The strongest warriors from each of the Killer Bee Queen’s three distinct races of children were chosen as protectors of the colony known as the B-Team.
Knighted by the queen herself, each Beehemoth is tasked with overseeing the development and spread of nest construction by thousands of worker bees.
Their greatest calling is to protect the nerve center of the colony from invaders, ensuring the queen’s safety in her own massive nest.



HP: 20,000 (+10% [2,000 HP] per player in Realm)
DEF: 25
EXP: 20,000
Location: Killer Bee Nest setpiece

Level 20 Quest
Stasis Immune
Paralyze Immune
Levitates off ground
Counts toward God Kills
Counts towards Beast Kills
Counts towards Encounter Kills

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
EH Yellow Stinger Large
Yellow Swirl Dazed for 2s
EH Yellow Stinger Small
Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
EH Yellow Glaive
Paralyzed Icon Paralyzed for 1s
EH Yellow Ball
Paralyzed Icon Paralyzed for 0.6s
Yellow Swirl Dazed for 1s
Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
EH Yellow Ball
Paralyzed Icon Paralyzed for 0.6s
Yellow Swirl Dazed for 1s
Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
White Bomb
? for ?s
Radius: ?


3 Bees Remaining

Chases players while firing 4-way small stingers and 4-directional pairs of large arrows that inflict Dazed. Periodically also spawns groups of Yellow Nest Colony Guardians, including right upon spawning. If it strays too far from the Killer Bee Nest, it will return to it before resuming its chase.

If the Yellow Beehemoth is brought below 25% HP, it will briefly flash red and go invulnerable before entering an enraged state, where it is immune to Stun. It will then chase players with increased ferocity, firing 3-way bursts of small stingers, arrows, and yellow orbs, along with rings of yellow stars.

If the Red/Blue Beehemoth becomes enraged, the Yellow Beehemoth will become Wooden Shield Armored and abandon it’s previous shooting pattern - firing multi-directional small stingers, rings of stars, and shotguns of large arrows. If it is brought below 25% HP in this state, instead of enraging, it will retreat to the Nest and become passive for the rest of the phase, circling it while healing for large amounts of HP.

2 Bees Remainings

Circles around the Nest in a random direction, firing 2-way spreads of arrows, rings of small stingers, and aimed shotguns of yellow stars. If it is brought below 25% HP, it will enrage similar to how it would have in the first phase of the fight.

If the other Beehemoth was enraged first, the Yellow Beehemoth will go invulnerable for the rest of the phase and follow them, firing multi-directional small stingers, rings of stars, and shotguns of arrows.

Last One Remaining

If the Yellow Beehemoth is the last one left alive, it will flash green, fly to the Killer Bee Nest, and consume it, growing in size and restoring all its HP before causing the Nest to explode into a ring of respectively-colored shots and summon a group of respectively-colored Nest Colony Guardians. It will then alternate between 3 attack patterns:

  • Circles the dead Nest, firing pairs of yellow stars at players and V-shaped bursts of arrows in the other direction, while also firing rings of small stingers. The destroyed Nest will fire periodic spirals of bee projectiles at the same time.
  • Repeatedly lunges at the nearest player, firing rings of yellow orbs and aimed spreads of small stingers.
  • Chases players with a messy radial barrage of yellow orbs (?).

If it is brought to 25% HP in this phase, it will fly to the center of the arena and rapidly fire 4-directional bursts of large stingers, small stingers, and glaives as the destroyed Nest fires a 4-armed spiral of bees.


Spawned by:
Killer Bee NestKiller Bee Nest
Yellow Nest Colony GuardianYellow Nest Colony Guardian

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Note that the Yellow Beehemoth Armor, Yellow Beehemoth Quiver, and Sword Rune only drop when the Yellow Beehemoth is killed last.

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Tips and Strategies

There was previously a bug within the game that caused the Yellow Beehemoth to drop no loot when killed last, this was reportedly patched in X.28.0.5.
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During MOTMG 2020, the sprite for Yellow Beehemoth changed to fit the Reconstruction theme. However, unlike most reskinned event bosses, the name didn’t change.

MOTMG Yellow Beehemoth

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