Guild Recruitment & Inquiries

Recruiting new members for my "POLISH" guild (2)
Looking for a mid/end-game active guild (2)
Recruiting for RAMENKINGS (6)
Recruiting for LazyPoints (Low/Mid Casual) (20)
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New US Based Clan Looking for Members (5)
Looking for Mid-Endgame Guild (4)
Looking for European or UK guild that does end game content (3)
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Old Vet Returning looking for New Guild (2)
The Senate (3)
Crows reqruitment (3)
Bred Guild Recruiting!! (2)
HappyPizza is recruiting! (9)
Bagno is recruiting (2)
Criminal Mindz is Recruiting! (8)
The Scamming Guild of [Redacted] (3)
My Friend Needs a Spanish Speaking Guild (2)
Her is recruiting! (2)
ExiledRealm is coming back! (2)
Recruiting for Dreamy Night (Low/Mid tier) (3)
Recruiting for Syndikate! (2)
Recruiting for IFapToAnimeGirls (5)
[Diehard] Recrutando novos membros | recruiting new members (5)
rGirls (2)
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❂ Complex [NA] [Mid-Endgame] [Casual] (2)
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Russian player looking for guild. (2)
Northern is opening recruitment to active players! (18+) (6)