Guild Recruitment & Inquiries

Moon Bunny is recruiting! (3)
BrokeBoys wants YOU! (1)
Looking for an active guild preferably with 30+ members and high activity (1)
Looking for an active guild to hang out with and to learn endgame dungeons. (US) (1)
La Revolution rekrutuje (1)
Recruiting for my guild "Moderation" (1)
Recruiting for pls :) (3)
La Revolution Rekrutuje! [PL] (1)
Ankh is now recruiting active players (1)
WLR Recruitment (13)
Recruiting those who enjoy hard dungeons in small groups (1)
Aeolus is recruiting again! (1)
Cheese Goblins Recruiting! (2)
Cheese Goblins Recruitment (2)
Trying to recruit people to rebuild my dead guild! (2)
The Elite Dragons (End of an era) ( 2 3 4 5 ) (93)
Join the GOKTURKS Discord Server! (2)
Looking for a guild that is active in game as well as in discord (2)
FakeSomeGuild Recruitment. (2)
Flush Force (4)
Punity is recruiting! (2)
Looking for a highly active guild for me and my friends! (3)
Cult of the Sun is recruiting! (11)
Looking For an Active Guild, GMT-6 is my time zone (2)
Looking for guild. 4 8/8's, 10,985 current alive fame (4)
Seeking to join an Active USW* Guild (2)
Hall Is recruiting come slide thru (2)
Top 50 guild Quantum Crusaders is Recruiting! (2)
looking for guild i havent played in years (2)