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Welcome to the Guild Recruitment & Inquiries category on the RealmEye forum! We wish you all the very best of luck finding your everlasting love! :heart: :heart_eyes: :couple_with_heart: :female_couple_with_heart: :male_…

The Breakfast Club Is Recruiting Members [USWest2] (3)
Cult of spongebob is recruiting! (usw) (6)
Looking For Bad Guild I Can Join (LFBGICJ) (4)
US player of 6 years looking for chill place to call home (6)
Low Budget (EUSW/EU) (5)
----- Villoux’s Official Realm of the Mad God Guild----- [USS] (2)
DickRiders is Recruiting [USS3] (6)
Hi, I suck at the game xd and need a shitty guild where ppl also suck so I can feel better about myself (13)
I need a good guild (6)
Recruiting for "Low" (3)
Recruiting for l s d (9)
[EU] Recruiting for Pyyr (3)
Sociis is recruiting casual players, come hang out with us! [USSouth] (2)
[EUEast] HamJam recruiting! (14)
Recruiting For RE Forumers! ( 2 ) (21)
WreckedShip stranded again now recruiting [USEast] (5)
Me need guild im somewhat good (7)
Recruiting For Quincys [USEast] (6)
Vile Spirit (usw) (5)
Recruiting for my Guild Requiem of heaven! (1)
[USE] The Sinful is back! (9)
ThatsMyJam looking for guild :^) (7)
Banana Slayerz Inc is recruiting! (USMW2) (1)
Recruiting for Leaf's Legacy(USEast): We do giveaways and raids! (9)
Looking for an elite guild [NA] (3)
Low Budget EUSW/EU (9)
Recruiting for Smoll pp Gang (US East/ South servers) (2)
Recruiting for Unkown Legends (1)
FREE KEYS GUILD JOIN NOW (Private Testing)(OPEN) ( 2 ) (28)