Guild Recruitment & Inquiries

Moon Bunny is recruiting! (1)
AdInfinitum is making a comeback! Looking for new members (1)
50 - Recruiting (10)
TXT Guild Revival - Chill guild with giveaways and server events! (1)
TriHarder is recruiting, ALL amounts of experience accepted. (1)
2 idiots are looking for an active guild (1)
Looking for a chill guild to hang with (3)
Recruiting for FreeWifi! Join the HotSpot! (2)
Aeolus is once again recruiting! (3)
Delisting guild name from realmeye (2)
We Team Now (1)
LF Guild :) (2)
Inversiones Don Juan Guild :D [Spanish Guild] (1)
MightyPancakes (1)
Looking for a guild to vibe with (2)
Looking for Friendly Active Guild (7)
Recruiting to Great Tomb of Nazari! (4)
Looking for active mid/end game guild. (1)
The Mad God Province is looking for people to build a great community (2)
New Player Looking For a Guild (3)
The Girlfriends is recruiting! [US] (2)
Dogset is recruiting! Dogset On Top (2)
MightyPancakes is recruiting :> (2)
Her is recruiting! (20)
Recruiting for Sator Squad (3)
Recruiting for Endless Void 15k alive fame reqs (2)
Recruiting for "m a l d", accepting basically anyone rn ngl (4)
The Elite Dragons (Ever improving!)l ( 2 3 4 5 ) (92)
NEW GUILD: Skill Issue (3)
Explorers Guild is recruiting! All player types welcome! (2)