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Welcome to the Guild Recruitment & Inquiries category on the RealmEye forum! We wish you all the very best of luck finding your everlasting love! :heart: :heart_eyes: :couple_with_heart: :female_couple_with_heart: :male_…

Tied Army is recruiting for, what, the third time? (USMidWest2) ( 2 3 4 5 ) (86)
Returning player looking for a guild [EU Servers] (4)
Celestine Court, a [USW] Guild seeking a passionate Community (1)
Returning player looking for guild (3)
The Villoux Guild is hosting a dungeon run and recruiting new members! [USE] (1)
HVAC is recruiting! (USE) (1)
Guild CIS Exiles Recruiting (EUE, ru speaking) (1)
Consider joining Iron Blood? (1)
S P R I N G (USEast) ( 2 3 ) (42)
Looking for a guild (EUN2) (3)
Remote is now Recruiting [USEast] (2)
Stay Hydrated is now recruiting! (usw2) (2)
Looking for USS/USSW guild (5)
HavinFun (EUSW) is recruiting (7)
New Guild looking for players [EUN2] (1)
Crest is now recruiting! (11)
Join our Clam! (Active on discord and in-game, no cheating) [EUSW] (5)
~2012 player looking for guild to get back into the game (6)
Top 10 EU Guild Dynasty is recruiting once again! [EUSW] (2)
ISuckatRealm (USWest) (1)
LF Guild (EU) (4)
US Priest/Necro/Wiz looking for chill guild to crush some of my CLands keys with (2)
Kraken Eu Guild reqruiting (1)
Recruitment for Bionicle (AUS/ASE/AE) (10)
SoyeaIguesswhythefucknot (8)
USEast Player with keys looking for decent guild (2)
Looking for active US guild (1)
Recruiting for Expert Main server: USW (1)
Looking for a social guild in EU (2)