Guild Recruitment & Inquiries

Best guild in the game (5)
HavinFun (EUrope based guild) (16)
Top 50 guild S P R I N G is back! [applications are closed] ( 2 ) (27)
Sxstim: Former Top 20 Guild (USWest2/USWest) (1)
Ruined and Reborn is Recruiting! (6)
Omo Guild Recruitment! [USMW] (14)
S A N D C O F F I N (Usw) (1)
New player LF guild (5)
Celestine Court is Recruiting (1)
Back to the Basics is back! (Discord link inside) (12)
New Guild D A B O I S Recruiting! (1)
Drakoken - Seeking Italian Guild with Discord (1)
Guild For "Old School ROTMG" Players Join NOW EUE ~1Life Welcome Gift For Joining The Family~ (3)
Guild Recruitment For Plack Beoble! Low reqs and very op guild! (US) (1)
Poi Poi Gang Recruitment (USW4) (3)
Rot6G is Recruiting - US South West - Casual ( 2 ) (30)
Raiders of Realm [Casual] [USE] (1)
Recruitment for the Crimson Lion Kings! (13)
----> Are you a Merchant? (Discord) (16)
Looking for EU guild to join (1)
Once again, Tied Army is re-opening its gates! (USMidWest2) ( 2 3 ) (47)
Recruiting members for POUND! (1)
PopEyes is Recruiting(US) Realm Clearing/Event Farming (1)
Merchant Republic is live! (1)
NamelessGhouls is Recruiting ( friendly place to grow ) (1)
Recruiting for Jolly a US based guild! (1)
Recruiting for Plack Beoble! (US Guild) (1)
SugarRush (US Guild) (1)
Forsaken Fighters Family Guild! (USWest4) (1)
Recruiting For Mafia Cats!!! Lost Halls Runners. (1)