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Welcome to the Guild Recruitment & Inquiries category on the RealmEye forum! We wish you all the very best of luck finding your everlasting love! :heart: :heart_eyes: :couple_with_heart: :female_couple_with_heart: :male_…

Recruiting for Accoladed [UsEast] (2)
Tied Army is recruiting for, what, the third time? (USMidWest2) ( 2 3 ) (51)
[USMW2] Headass recruiting (1)
(Recruiting) - Killed By Medusa - New and active US-W / US-E guild (1)
I’m looking for a guilDudino (2)
I'm looking for a guilDudino (10)
HavinFun is recruiting (EUSW server) ( 2 3 ) (58)
[EUEast] HamJam recruiting! (16)
7 year vet just getting back into the game. Looking for a guild (Pref USE server or USMW servers) (12)
Greased Lightning (EuSouthWest) IS RECRUITING (1)
Ready brek chilled guild just playing and talking (1)
Drain Gang is recruiting [EUW] (5)
Recruiting for Jellyfishing (usw) (1)
Hiho, bin auf der Suche nach einer deutschen Gilde :) (1)
Recruitment for Bionicle (AUS/ASE/AE) (6)
Templo Blanco reclutando! |USSouth3| (1)
MWoods Gang is Recruiting (USEast2) (4)
The Bingo Boiz (USWest) (3)
CLOSED Looking For A Guildd (5)
SxStim is recruiting New or Veteran! [UsWest/UsWest 2] (1)
Looking for Guild (NA) (5)
The Blessed Crusade (US East) (5)
~ Realm N Chill ~ [USWest] (7)
Looking for a non-hacking active guild (8)
Looking for a guild that regularly pops keys (EU) (1)
Recruiting for Cult Of Spongebob (10)
MWoods Gang (USEast2, USMidWest, USWest2) (13)
Looking for a guild (2)
Recruiting for Peas [USNW] (3)