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Welcome to the Guild Recruitment & Inquiries category on the RealmEye forum! We wish you all the very best of luck finding your everlasting love! :heart: :heart_eyes: :couple_with_heart: :female_couple_with_heart: :male_…

Returning Player looking for a Chill USE Guild (6)
Casual player looking for and equally casual guild. (2)
HavinFun (EUSW) is recruiting (18)
[USW2] TheDungeonDwellers (1)
OryxMinions Active GUILD [EUE] (2)
Bappo Guild Recruitment! [USW] (2)
bad player looking for members (useast) (1)
Semi casuals, unite! [USWest] (1)
[EUWEST/EUEAST] Active Guild Recruting (1)
Just returning after a 3ish year long hiatus, looking for a laid back, experienced USNW guild (2)
Dex Effusion Addicts recruiting [EUE] (3)
----- Villoux’s Official Realm of the Mad God Guild----- (3)
Looking for strong, active, high fame players to help us become amongst the best in RotMG. [EUWest] (3)
Leave [AUS] (2)
Evil is recruiting (uswest2) (3)
Recruiting for new Guild Iris :) [USEast] (3)
Looking for Guild [USW2 / USW] (8)
Looking for a guild (USEAST) (1)
Scary - [Any Server Will Do] (1)
Shadow Rose - Shattering the Limits (11)
Tied Army is recruiting for, what, the third time? (USMidWest2) ( 2 3 4 5 ) (99)
S P A C E S H I P is recruiting (USEast) (1)
Apostle recruiting! (EuWest) (2)
LFG> Casual player [US based] (1)
Hi, Need friends : ) (2)
Recruiting for Jaded! (5)
LFG for MotMG - 45 8/8s - 80k+ Alive - Returning Player (3)
Waffle Fries is recruiting! Everyone is welcome! [USE] (3)
Looking for active guild (Any server) (1)