3rd and Final Giveaway for now (I'm kinda broke :P )


3 Final Decas! (1 Deca each)

Post your most Aesthetically Pleasing Character and your ign (this includes set, what’s in your inventory, character skin, cloths, and even your pet!)

No RNG in this one! Winner will be the people with the top 3 most Aesthetically Pleasing Characters!


IGN: Mathician

Yes I know the image is weird, the website apparently can’t handle the full file size, so I had to crop the more unnecessary parts. Anyways, I tried to go for the green St. Patrick’s Day Aesthetic, so I just looked for green things.


pov: you’re going to have a good time
ign: Neveryear


My own entry into my own giveaway :smiley:

If I had blasphemy, I could use almadine armor for a much more "black " set but almadine looks wrong without a full black seal
Also wanted to do it in a void but I am fully exalted and not going to go that far to win my own deca lol


I find the color combination very similar to a Pokemon Ball. The picture shows a wild Pumkinmon

IGN lostiboy


A blue-purple-ish set. I think it’s very pretty.



Very few Entries. Will End it in 2 days probably!


@Mathician @Fincy @lostiboy @Neveryear given there were only four entries, everyone gets a DECA. I’ll just give out one extra lol. DM me in game!


Leohe hey i would take 1 deca i won in your giveaway im euwest


im still online u was online too :frowning:


Could we agree on a single time to meet? I’m playing RotMG a lot less now cause the wifi at my school for some reason hates on RotMG and I’ve already lost a cshield knight to lag. When will you be available on Wednesday? I would go Tuesday but there’s no gurantee I will see the message before then!


i have wednesday from 1p.m im from germany is another timezone^^


Alright so your 1 pm is my 7am. Honestly, on Wednesdays, I’m not awake until 12. However, I should be available from your 6 to 9 pm


have u yet time ?


Shh I scammed him. It was secretly a ring of overwhelming health