6/8 Knights Can't Tank Everything...


So I had a 6/8 Knight (let’s just say 6/8, I needed about 8 vitality pots or something)… HAD a 6/8 Knight, when sludgy boy in toxic sewers decided to pop me. I was tanking every shot in every dungeon perfectly fine, I knew which bosses I could sit on and when I needed to dodge or back up. Solo’d Toxic Sewers multiple times, along with many other dungeons. I loved my OP Knight, he was my dear friend who I could rely on to get the job done. Until I slipped up.

My Knight was tanking everything perfectly fine for so long, I never had to hit R on him… So my R finger got a little too relaxed… I got a lil too cocky, I thought I was Super Peen. Low and behold, when the time came for my instincts to kick in and hit R, I wasn’t prepared. I spent half a week grinding pots for my knight and I barely had him for a day.

Moral of the story. Don’t get too comfortable on Knight. Stay on your toes, ALWAYS. And most importantly, don’t think you’re Super Peen.

P.S I thought after losing my knight I would have no more motivation to grind the pots again, but here I am doing sewers. I am coming for you sludgy boy


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