A Message to Kongregate Players


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Sorry, can't join this realm right now [005]
Browser players

Wow literally a week ago I tried to get my account, I had 2 out of 3 security question right and they won’t transfer my account. Hopefully I’ll actually get to transfer my account this time.


if i was kong i would be done for, I made them in like 5th grade


it’s been 2 days, still no response…


Probably busy exactly because of this. Give it a while. Just don’t make new tickets, that’ll push you to the back of the queue


I was playing on Kong and got my account switched over to the browser. DECA handled my situation very well and their customer service was exceptional. It took a while for them to respond and get the whole thing figured out (I kept getting my security questions wrong) but I’m sure that’s because they are very busy with the whole Unity port and all the other ticket requests.


I think this is something for everyone to keep in mind right now; DECA is in the middle of implementing a massive, intense change to the game, so expect some delays with support tickets and the like while they focus on more pressing issues (like the uninstaller thing). Everyone just be patient, they’re doing their best.


Im trying to transfer, they are asking for my kongregate ID (a number).
I cant find it in the game or on my kong profile, anyone can help me out here ?

Thanks a lot, Kazuth


google do be good