Accessing an unnamed accounts Realmeye


I’ve recently started playing and gaining fame on an unnamed account, purely because i’m bored and think it would be cool to do. I remember a while back an unnamed player named “Eati” got access to his realmeye and I was wondering if I could do the same on my account. I’m not sure who I should reach out to or how I should, I’ve tried leaving a message with mreyeball and sending an email but I haven’t heard anything back. If anyone can help me out I would really appreciate it.

Here is my accounts realmeye page.

I appreciate any help I can get.


I don’t think you will get anywhere with this, because I think nowadays you can’t play using an unnamed account on the official game client.

Edit: see below replies, you can play unnamed if your unnamed account is old.


I’m not sure what you mean, yes, my gameplay is limited, I can’t talk, tp or loot, but there is nothing that stops me from actually playing the game without a name. I can still enter realms and dungeons and gain fame through them, which is the purpose of my account.


Do you mind sharing what platform you are playing the game on? (Steam, browser/flash projector, Kongregate)


I play on Flash player, but created my account on browser


After some thought, I don’t think we can conclude if this guy is hacking or not unless we can figure out if the game prompts existing unnamed accounts to select a name. The patch notes for the patch that made the change to unnamed accounts said users were only prompted on account registration, and that patch happened after this unnamed account was created.



This has nothing to do with hacking? I can play my account on the website, i don’t know why you are so quick to hackusate me. Try yourself make a new account and play before you start speculating.

If you have nothing useful to add about how I could access my realmeye please leave :slight_smile:


Fair play, that’s my bad for the accusation.
I stopped trying to log on with my old unnamed ages ago, because I didn’t want to have to name it, and so I failed to try logging on today, before I spoke.

And yes, it does let you use older unnameds, mine from years ago just now logged on fine.

I don’t have any advice to you about how to turn it into a RealmEye account though, sorry. I would have just directed you to MrEyeball.


Because you refuse to name your account, it is unrealistic to expect a method to exist that allows you to bypass the chat restriction placed upon you by Deca Games. Unless you work with the individuals who have access to the RealmEye servers, all realmeye accounts are only ever created through the private message system.

This does not mean that I am telling you to contact the developers or administrators of RealmEye. Quite the opposite.


I don’t think it is unrealistic because as i said in my original post, an unnamed player named Eati got access to his realmeye page. I was just wondering if anyone knew anything about a situation like this, so hopefully I could set it up. I am not asking for the chat restriction to be removed, and if the other player didn’t do it in the past I probably wouldn’t bother trying.

It seems trying to contact realmeye is the only way that I would try figure this out so i’ll keep trying there.


That story is hearsay, and an example of a developer potentially making an exception to the realmeye registration process. I don’t speak for the administrators of the realmeye service, but as a developer myself, allowing such a manual bypass to the chat registration is a waste of time.

Are you sure that your Eati story did not simply use this following page to get their permanent realmeye page?

The hyperlinks from that page never change, therefore you can use it to view certain stats. You won’t be able to sign into the realmeye service however, until you name your account.


No I am very sure that he got access to login to his realmeye page. I remember it clearly, he could private his chars, write in his bio and use every feature of realmeye. It’s not a story i’ve made up, it happened around 9 months ago and his account had a paladin with over 150k fame, which was hacked and renamed to Bertwasher.


I’m not sure why you’re accusing me of saying you’re hacking, when I literally did not say you were hacking. I said it wasn’t possible to conclude.
If anything, if you had replied to Nevov who literally did accuse you of hacking, it would make more sense.

I don’t know why you are so quick to jump to people hackusating you when that did not happen. If anything, that is even more suspicious.

What is even more suspicious than that is that you asked me to “make a new account and play”, which I assume you mean create a new unnamed account and play, when it is impossible for people now to create new unnamed accounts on browser/Flash Projector and play on them without using third-party clients.

Once again, I’m not going to say you are a hacker as fact, because that would be ridiculous of me to claim that without concrete proof. However, your response being irrelevant to what I actually claimed in my post, as well as the fact that you listed incorrect information, is highly suspicious. I hope you can understand why your behavior is highly suspicious.


yup he is def not hacking. :sailboat:️:sailboat:️:sailboat:️:rowing_man:‍♂️:rofl:




This game is a joke