Are you ready for the new BARD class?


I am pretty sure that if you had to switch to Unity to see it they would have said so. There’s no sensible way to have content like this on Unity and not Flash, so requiring Unity for Bard means requiring Unity for the game. So they would need to have said:


Except bigger and in flashing letters.

What I think has happened is Unity is taking longer than expected. A lot longer and looks far from ready for final release. And they don’t want to delay Bard anymore as they have content to release for it, events to run, magic boxes and packs to sell.


So how come this exploit hasn’t been called out already among a more trusted group of individuals who care more about the health of the game than some meaningless numbers on their characters?
I don’t mean that as a personal attack.


It has been discussed extensively on sbc and evidence has been disclosed there as well as on the closed testing discord…
“more trusted group of individuals”


And you got this information how, exactly?

I was not aware of any such group being aware of it.


Being friends with closed testers, as well as having direct contact with multiple GMs

Your personal lack of awareness doesn’t change anything, and you don’t seem particularly involved in “trusted groups” regarding cheater reports as far as I can tell, so I’m not sure what you’re insinuating by this. I’d be happy to send you evidence if you’d like. and since my word apparently doesnt mean much to you, I can show other more “trusted” people talking about it too, lol


That was on me - with that statement, I meant that I presumed that this information was in only a select few’s hands.


This is basically public knowledge by now :confused:
But I am a bit disappointed that you think with the huge numbers of cheater reports that I’ve made that I only “care about the health of the game for the sake of meaningly numbers on characters”
Thats one part of the overall health of the game which is already on its death bed due to complete lack of anti cheat, and no strict ban policies


probably because Deca’s stupid and instead do:


SHould have been saving epic quest chests for the fame then to suicide


For those looking for more info on what “boating” means and the effect that such hacks have on fame gain and other parts of the game at large, here’s a recent video that will provide additional perspective:

You might have to open the video in a new tab for this to work.


One thing I’m happy with in the upcoming update



sorry to be a downer, but unless this extensive discussion has all taken place in the time window of “last two weeks” (and based on your first comment on this thread I’m guessing that isn’t the case), I can confirm that the testing channel used for cheater/exploit reports (the very same one used for the ghost realm incident last year) has been deserted for months at a time with no discussion of anything whatsoever. so whatever it is you guys are doing to promote this issue, something isn’t getting through. you may need to try something else to get deca’s attention.


I’ve done everything I can and have been told it has been forwarded to the testing discord as well as the security team, myself and others have contacted testers and gms directly. The fact that it isnt being talked about more and even UGC members arent aware of it is saddening to be sure. I have seen screenshots of it being discussed but I guess that did not take place on the reports channel itself. What you’ve just told me is really concerning though, thanks for letting me know

Edit: Just been told that you’re mistaken so…


I did mention that if it happened within the last two weeks I wouldn’t know about it because that’s when I left. if it happened any earlier than that then I’m not lying that I do not recall it being mention in that channel ever because that was one of the few channels I didn’t have muted in the months leading up to my resignation. whoever you’re getting your information from should double check their dates and/or sources because while I confess my memory isn’t 100% infallible, I would not have forgotten something about this.


I stopped watching when he said “lack of prevention from the game developers”. Yes, they have done nothing at all, everyone who wants to use a hacked Flash client cam do so easily, nothing is going to change to make it difficult for them. Like, er, Unity?

The port to Unity was announced a long time ago. Anyone in 2020 claiming developers are doing nothing is just trolling.


that video contains footage of a hacked unity client.


It’s really important to watch the entire video before making a comment on it. It causes a lot of misunderstanding.


I’ve been using those on my rogue, to get some fame boost, plus maxing my current characters faster. Maybe I should use my only 7/8 for something else, but I want my bard to be a more active character, so I can truly get the experience of playing with one for a while.


I find it sad that Bard won’t be playable on Flash, but I wish they still let people use it. In my opinion it’s too early to get rid of the flash version. Even though I have an overall smoother performance I do get more crashes with exalt still.

It’s pretty absurd how spaghetti the game can be in securing some areas. How come you can join a realm IP or portal directly using its IP even if they don’t exist in the nexus as he shows in the video? How come it lets you join a portal that your character isn’t even next to… that’s some very basic stuff, you know.


Boating? That’s got nothing on duping chests…