Are you ready for the new BARD class?


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What do you think about the Bard class?

  • I love it
  • I don’t like it
  • It’s okay

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If I Deca doesn’t make it flash compatible and I don’t find a solution for the lag on unity I’m going to be so pissed


Wait so what’s going to happen on Flash ? People will see it ?


I have a sneaking suspicion flash won’t just not see the bard, but the whole game once it comes out.


I have been ready for this for way to long.
For about a month and a half I have had a covert and cbow, a deca, and a gsorc, along with a max level potion and four maxing candies ready to get five more stars.


I wouldn’t say it’s their worst idea, but it could certainly be a bit more exciting. None the less, it doesn’t need a rework (at least what I’ve seen from testing), nor does it need to be removed.


it would be hilariously tragic if the very thing people thought would save the game (unity) ultimately kills it by prematurely restricting access to the game before the performance issues are sorted out. I’m not 100% sure that’s what’s about to happen, but it would be in line with how deca’s been operating for the past several years: making changes when they say they are ready instead of when they’re actually ready. (fungal/crystal cavern, rushed sts, etc.)


The only rushed thing here was Crystal Cavern, Fungal turned out great and the STs are p2w, but not rushed.


Maybe they shouldnt add Bard and O3 just yet seeing as 75% of the time you cant even finish oryx’s castle without a DC on unity


They’re not that great…

…uh…not really, actually…they were somewhat rushed bc of sets that were being worked on getting scrapped, on top of a rather sudden deadline announcement.
A couple of the assets were finished days before the release.


That is actually a concern of mine. I think most people will get over the bard controversy over time, but my true worry is that having it become a downloadable that takes more effort than simply hopping onto a website will rid us much of our income of new players. I don’t know how much longer this game would last without them.


Along with the people who are playing on devices not necessarily administrated by themselves, so they can’t even download it in the first place.


Honestly though, now that I think about it, many flash games are beginning to see the end of their lives with Adobe sunsetting it. It’s not just this game. The only ones I know of who are bravely (or stubbornly) resisting are the Super Smash Flash 2 crew haha


What I love is how DECA listened to absolutely NONE of the feedback for bard on the last two PT’s and in fact removed the thing we were advocating for in the first place, doubling down on the problem it provided. I guess we will all enjoy never being hit by anything on any class and then have to deal with future dungeons being designed around bard (but remember overcentralization is bad XDDDDDDDDDDDD) so that when there ISN’T a bard in the group the dungeon will feel miserable to play without 10+ healing classes and make completing it that much slower, COOL!


They removed energized


Inspired was and is the problem with the class, it is so disruptive to balancing that they will either have to balance the future dungeons around it so that you will, to quote myself “need 10+ healing classes”, or they will just be mind numbingly easy as a result (which will already happen to existing dungeons). Instead of working with existing ideas that had potential, they would rather make a terrible excuse of an ability just so they can rush IC under the pretense of all melees having colo sword range by default. It’s just so funny to me that any and all balance concerns or discussions are immediately thrown out of the window in favor of the absolute worst solution possible, which is what DECA has been very good at doing for the past few years.


Doesnt make much sense since Exalt is still in Beta.

Why would a official release of a character would only happen in a beta client?

There’s a chance this does happen, but it would be VERY stupid lol


DECA has announced that both bard and O3 will be Exalt-exclusive.


If deca makes it flash compatible, it will be immediately boated and exploited to hundreds of thousands of fame in a few days because deca ignores and refuses to fix the biggest fame exploit this game has ever seen for the last 3 months :^)

Please no flash compatibility…