AsSaSsIn FaMe JoUnEy (totally not a copy of something else)


Complaint? It’s a fact. You need 22 hp pots for a VOID? thats just a major skill issue.


Let’s just agree to disagree here. I didn’t want this topic to devolve into constant argument, and judging by how this is going nowhere, how about we stop talking about this in general?


Void is easy dungeon to complete?

And since you say I have skill issue, you have issues of belittling/humiliate someone who have lower skill level. Knock it off.


gonna forge a cdirk for the assasin?


probs will, but I’ll gonna have to go on my grindset during the o3 event to get campaign points


unfortunately, this assassin died, but I will be starting an assassin ppe for my ppe thread that I hope goes well!