Bag Timer in tomb should start after bosses die


I think that the bags in a tomb should only start their despawn timer once all the bosses die. Someone could die trying to pick up a life or a white, or it could despawn and there would be nothing they could do about it. That happened to me, I was trying to pick up a prot on a priest and I was so happy, but both of the other bosses were raging and I was couldn’t go in and pick it up. By the time it was safe to go in, it was gone. I feel like it’s a bit unfair as you can’t do anything about it.


I don’t think this mechanic should change,

  1. Because it would be awkwardly specific to the dungeon
  2. It is possible to time your movements correctly in order to go in for the loot.
  3. If both of the other bosses were raging then it is likely they would be killed fairly quickly with a decent sized group
  4. It’s a risk vs. reward kind of thing. You have to make these kinds of decisions all of the time in this game. Just because the result did not benefit you does not mean it is a bad mechanic.


Perhaps the Ice Tomb mechanic could be applied to the regular Tomb.
Who knows, perhaps it would be a better change!


Or not exist at all outside of vault…


Or they could just drop bags after all 3 bosses die, like for Pentaract.


Yeah, I think that would be a better solution.


If you record footage deca might give you back that prot. You need VIDEO footage, only screenshot will never work

cool tip : do record every time you are playing


That’s actually how it works in ice tomb


cool tip : some people’s computers suck and can’t record while playing

for the people that can though, I guess this is good advice. As long as you delete the footage you don’t need afterwards.

My favourite suggestion in this thread is what @Platformz said, although I’m not quite sure how this is implemented with the pentaract. I think the game just has to keep the bosses ‘alive’ once they’re dead so they can drop their loot later.


I do wonder how people record only the relevant moments. I heard there was a thing for that so that you don’t have to record constantly when you play and cut to the important bits. And I don’t think it’s just on-click recording, but a thing were the recording starts… 30 seconds earlier? How does that work

Oh. I never realized that. I just thought I had bad luck and only got one bag.


The Nintendo Switch has that feature (for most games, anyway). I believe the way it works is that the system is steadily recording and deleting footage, only preserving that small amount of past footage when initiated by the user.