Balanced Trix Set?


^ i have pyra and i would prefer to stick to t0 prism(my own reasons, dont bother to ask why, I wont respond). however, i can do a ring upgrade.


I have no idea what you’re asking, can you elaborate a little? Can you list off any armor or weapons you have? What rings you have available?


I have a foul, t0 and t6 prism, hydra.armor, and pyra. I am asking, what is a balanced Trix set for high DPS and high defense.


literally what you have. foul, t0, hydra, pyra is completely fine for trix.
If you have an etherite or a spec, those are also quite good, but if you don’t then you’ll be fine.


I have an etherite that I use as a swap out. I am thinking of getting a crown, t13 dagger, and t14 armor.


Quite easy to want specific lh tops; not quite as easy to get them. Same goes for crown but iirc there’s currently an event for ice crown?

You might want the crown, true, but don’t stress out too hard over the lh tops, your current gear works just as well.


nope, that’s finished now


I got a star mother one the first run I had when they remastered lh, and I got a marble seal yesterday, so I think my luck is pretty darn high, considering that I haven’t played realm in a few months. However, thx for advice!


If you’re going for a barebones trix set I would say etherite, that t0 you were talking about, spec, and pyra. Those are pretty easy to obtain items but still get the job done, it’s not necessary to have a crazy good trix set since it already has solid dps


ok, guess ive got to grind the locker. my main problem with etherite is the low range and my lvl.50 heal pet, but I’ll try.


I’d say garments give more survivability, 3 speed on a 8/8 trix is kind of worthless.


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