BAN evading - name change


Is it possible to evade a ban by simply changing your name?

For example, if I recorded someone hacking and I verbally abused the crap out of them, would they be able to change their name and escape a ban? I sort of want to mess with this cringe hacker but I don’t want to get mouthy for no reason and see him escape a ban. I just want all of his progress and absolutely everything he owns to vanish, ya dig?

I hate hackers.

  1. It’s more than likely Deca can see someone’s new name when looking up a old one. Though I’m not 100% on this.

  2. Don’t verbally abuse hackers you may end up being the one banned.


Thanks for the quick response. I imagine they can do this, but I wanted a second opinion just to be sure.

You’re probably right on that one. I won’t cross any lines in that case. I’ll just be condescending and show that White Star 15 8/8 top 400 account that I am the boss around here lol.


You sound more like jealous than trying to do this for the pure fact that they hack.


I’m pretty sure Deca takes verbal abuse more seriously than someone playing with hacks lmao

lmao for like 3 days maybe then they’re back


According the server architecture available on that certain website, accounts are indexed in a database by an iD system, where an account’s name is a property of that account object, just as the associated email or password are properties. (Obviously the passwords are encrypted before storage).

Just as the RealmEye client is able to pick up on previous usernames, so can the server owners. Bans are placed on either the account ID or a corresponding IP.


OR because I like to see people play the game it’s meant to be played? It triggers me when I see people who can’t die with every item that I want. They only ever gain more and more items, and never ever losing items due to the fact they simply. will. not. die. Call it jealousy. Don’t care really, doesn’t change the fact that they have broken the ToS and DESERVE to be punished. Whether that means being permanently banned or having their accounts ‘reset’.


Saddens me how true this actually is. LOL


Makes complete sense. Perfect reply, thank you!


I know in realmeye settings I can look at my own name history so I assume DECA could do the same


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