Ban time


Is there an estimated wait time for the ban fix?


For normal shit = weeks


The real question is how does deca mess up and accidentally ban a bunch of random players?


Who said it was decas fault? I say swatsec boi


Many false bans were issued yesterday in what one may called a false banwave. DECA is aware of this and is actively trying to unban legitimate players.

EDIT: If you could unprivate your graveyard, that would be great.


Either someone decided to flood Support with fake reports or one of Deca’s employees behaved very unprofessionally.

I haven’t seen any official one yet. I hope there’s going to be some form of compensation for the players who have been unjustly banned, as this shit was completely out of their control and it’s unfair that they should be penalized for it.


Most probably the first one. DECA employees have no grudges against a wide variety of random players.

What are you proposing?


How did DECA accidentally ban a whole bunch of people?
Oh geez


SwatSecTwo doesn’t play around, he goes straight to the bans :wink:


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