Best Kensei Sheath


All of the top Kenseis use the Irradiance sheath.

The irradiance sheath is slightly better in every way than a T7 sheath, almost as if it’s just a T8 sheath.

That being said, all T7 abilities are extremely good, so this sheath being better than a T7 is pretty crazy.

I understand that on paper, this sheath giving raw attack and the highest attack multiplier will automatically crown it the best item without argument.

But I genuinely believe that the volcanic sheath is better.

You can take a level 4 kensei 0/8 into godlands with a T14 armor, volcanic sheath, no katana, and a deca, and delete godlands until you’re level 20.

In terms of usability, and ease of stacking a sheath, the volcanic sheath wins every time (inb4 “u suck lol, learn 2 use irradiance sheath”).

I’m not sure how the numbers work out, and also not sure any DPS calculator will accurately depict the differences, but has anyone else tried this? Does anyone else agree?

I’ve used both heavily, and I will always choose volcanic sheath over irradiance. If you haven’t tried it, solo a bridge sentinel with a volcanic sheath (I use a cult ring too for the wismod).


In my opinion, nothing else beats out Kaiken. I just went from almost 0 use of kensei to 4/5 attack exalts in the span of a few days. The dps stats (on equip) that the Kaiken gives beats out irradiance. I don’t find myself dashing over enemies almost at all during boss fights. If anything, it feels more like a gimmick. I will always bring irradiance as a rushing tool (and survivability, as it gives 60hp,) but main Kaiken for its dps stats.

The slow that the Kaiken gives is useful, but inconsistent during shatters. It is hard to use well without a lot of experience, but I feel that as it is the only debuffing sheathe, it has a solid spot as one of the top sheathes in the game.


I’ve never used the Kaiken, I’ll give it a shot. Its even more interesting that you have the same experience but with a different sheath.

You should give the volcanic a shot with a wis build. Just a resu and a cult ring. Go through god lands, no katana, and try to die while also spamming spacebar.


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