Best of the best criteria


Ideas should be evaluated using a rubric to ensure consistency, though ultimately, it should boil down to an unanimous decision by the mods.

Perhaps we could have a topic where the community ‘votes’ for an idea worthy of being in ‘Best of the Best’ and mods review the top ones?

The rubric could include some of these categories:


  • Has the idea been suggested before?


  • Is the idea half-arsed? Looks well polished?

Community Reception

  • This could simply be used to pick out ideas to review, maybe if you hit ‘x’ amount of likes your idea is automatically considered.


  • Not necessary, but something to consider. Could this idea foreseeably be actually implemented in game?

Status Effect Depletion

But, then the question is how good is well polished, and what would be x? b/c as time goes on, more/less people will use forums, so the likes will vary as well.


This was originally meant to just be a reply to Stu’s comment but Doc split this into an actual thread…

Obvious the criterion is super vague (it was meant to be), so how about you help me define a solid rubric eh?


lol yeah i noticed that it had a reply symbol to stupidity. Ill prob write something later, suppose to be doing work rn


@Doc, wow you edited my title, such a power-hungry tyrant.

In light of the recent addition to the #ideas:best, I decided to take a look at what makes the two ideas that currently hold this title stand out and use the criteria that I’ve decided were important to consider. If you have another category for criteria, please comment!

##Dappertron’s Status Effect Depletion

Having the title of ‘first-idea-to-be-granted-with-this-honour’, there must be something special about Dappertron’s Status Effect Depletion idea.

However, Stu even admits that the decision wasn’t from a formal, rigorous process but we’ll see what caught his[?] eye.

Dapper keeps claiming that this idea has been suggested before but a 5-minute google search didn’t seem yield anything. Perhaps my search query was less than stellar, but Dapper was certainly the first person to put effort into developing a concise, thought-out version of this idea.

The use of gifs to demonstrates the idea visually in a clear manner, and aids the audience in understanding the idea. The gifs contribute the overall impression of a well-thought, polished idea. It’s clear this idea had some effort put in, not just a few sentences like, "How aboit we maek an affect wheree ur buff starts blinking wehn you almost run out? Or stasises for enmies??"

However, Dapper’s comment,

holds some merit. Compared to fully designing a dungeon (we will look at Puff’s later), this took only a fraction of the time. So how do we reconcile this?

If we just look at absolute effort (i.e. how much time put into an idea), the only ideas in Best of the Best would be dungeon designs. To have a wider range of ideas, we should rate the effort relative to the nature of the idea. For this idea, the effort shown clearly exceeds expectations from; even if Dapper were to physically put more time in, would it improve the idea drastically?

To conclude, the effort category should be subjectively reviewed based on the type of idea presented.

###Community Reception

Generally extremely well received by the community, being the second topic in “Top” on the forums (though to be fair, the “Top” criteria is based on discussion, not the original idea). I believe that it’s also the second most liked topic.

Generally very well received, and there’s little criticism. That being said, I’m not implying the criticism is bad per-say, but a topic with tons of critics is an indication that it may have some inherent problems that require fixing.


I’m still not sure about this category, but as for Dapper’s idea, it seems quite plausible to be implemented and would enhance gameplay without many downsides. As always, I have no idea about the code but the simplicity of the idea makes it appear easy to put in. But I could be wrong…

##Puffagod’s The Beyond (Dungeon Idea)


A completely new dungeon, this dungeon definitely scores big points for originality. While using mechanics from previous dungeons, the creator is able to fuse all the individual elements together to make a unique final product. Plus all the new enemies/items/effects etc.


As I mentioned earlier, effort should be judged with respect to what type of idea it is. Being a dungeon concept, it’s expected that this idea have tons of work put into it to make a comprehensive blueprint should it actually created. Even looking at purely the page count (50), one can see the amount of work that went into this. The organization, meticulous attention to diction/detail and aesthetically pleasing layout gives a sense of a project that someone put a lot of effort into.

For example, sprites are refined and well-designed, enemy behaviour laid-out in well-organized tables, stylistic choices results in a skillful composition, which makes for an interesting read.

###Community Reception

Puffagod’s idea isn’t far behind Dapper’s, in fact, it’s just one behind in Top topics. Although I mentioned that a great deal of criticism might signal an unfinished product, this is a special case. Xaklor wrote pages of constructive criticism but for such a grandiose project, this is necessary for it to improve. The important thing to note is that Puffagod took these criticisms thoughtfully and used them to improve his final product. Rather than being an indication of a poor-quality dungeon, this merely is part of the design process.


Again, not sure about this category. Of course implementation of an entire dungeon, especially a complex, end-game dungeon, is no easy task. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it; I suppose this criterion could be changed to:

Is the effort taken to implement [idea] worth the time and effort on the part of Deca?


Not at all. Arbitrarily judged they may be, but it’s basically a combination of effort, quality, and popularity. A great idea that doesn’t spark conversation or feedback wouldn’t be worthy, imho.


I know some of the word choices I used were poor and had other connotations, hence my uncertainty for that particular category. What I was trying to get at was ‘is this a worthwhile idea to consider?’. Because an idea may have plenty of effort put in, is of utmost quality and have many likes but (I’m trying to pull examples out of my ass right now) if you recall the ‘sausage’ class from Reddit - yes, it’s not the greatest example because Reddit is a shitshow - it was well liked for its humour, effort was put into the sprites/presentation and was presented in a decent manner, good quality. But all in all, it was just for fun and not something to be taken seriously.


So what are the implications of the criteria that I just applied to the two ideas currently in Best of the Best?

What would be next?

I think what should happen is that every month, we as a community pick an idea, at it goes through a review process from the mods using the criteria above, save the implementability category.

(Lost Halls, I see you coming)


How would you explain Status Depletion Effect then? The only two critical posts in the entire thread came from Minterreal and Trof, the former concerned with the idea of making chain stuns even easier and the latter concerned with the effect it will have on the skill development of newer players.

Both, however, did not spark any conversation, though Trofs comment was well received, and the thread continued with the ‘+1’ comments.

I think that great ideas don’t need to generate discussion, they can just bask in their Perfect glory.


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