Best Overall Stat Bonuses With Decent Usefulness


Wondering what would be some really good class setups for every character, in terms of 1: Having a decently usable ability, and 2: Getting the best, highest stats with the ability equipped. So far, I’ve come up with a tank pally. Keychain Cutlass, Enchanted Seal, Bplate, and Bloodshed ring. Thoughts? Ideas for other setups?


Im loving pally with cutlass, oreo, zarvogs heart and amulet of drakefyre for a whopping 83speed. Rather low on defense. Can swap out sword and dagger and still stay at 74spd.


Though I don’t have it on prod, Ninja with an Oryxmas set is pretty neat.
Other than that, there’s sooo many possible sets that it’s hard to easily think of another =w="


That sounds spooky tbh. Like good af at rushing


Ye, I died with it in fungal cavern


That’s depressing


Found another set I really want, this time on Trickster: Symbiotic Ripper/Dirk of Cronus, with Queen’s stinger as swapout. No point in having dirk and ripper, but both are extremely fun. However, ripper does lower vit, while cronus just adds on top of your stats with 6 wis. Very nice. For ability, obviously it has to be prism of dancing swords as main during bosses and the like, with ghostly as a swapout for rushing. For armor, Leaf Dragon every single time if you have it, if not then csilk works, but not the best. For the ring, it was actually hard to make a decision. It depends on your train of thought. This trickster setup has low def, so you may want to have a sourcestone instead of a gemstone, but I prefer gemstone tbh.

TLDR; Cronus, Dancing, Leaf Dragon, Gemstone for a stat total of: 19 Def, 4 Att, 16 Speed, 3 Vit, 9 Wis, 90 HP, 110 MP. Speedy boy.


This gives Trickster overall: 810 HP, 362 MP, 69(Nice) Attack, 44 Def, 91 Speed, 75 Dex, 43 Vit, and 69(Nice x2) Wis. This is basically the ultimate speedy boy rushing trickster, in my opinion. Now I just need all these items myself ;-;


Set sounds good but I’d definitely take source over gem. 110 hp is way better than 6 def in almost every situation. Also having cdirk and ripper is still viable as ripper is quite hard to aim on quick moving targets as of its slow projectile speed. A set I really want too. Almost there :slight_smile:


Sorry for late reply, been busy. I can see why sourcestone is better… but also at the same time. I desire the gemstone almost purely for aesthetics at this point. As for having both dirk and ripper… well that’s very risky to actually run, as both are extremely rare from what I know. I don’t want to risk both of them at the same time haha


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