best rushing class in general?


which class do u guys use to rush dungeons the most?

  • Warrior
  • Trickster
  • Rogue
  • Kensei
  • Other

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I prefer Warrior because he’s tanky and fast, especially with Helm of the Swift Bunny.


The best class to rush on is just trickster and there is no debate about that. The problem is, is that trickster takes some practise to get used to rushing on and is a lot more squishy than a class like warrior or kensei. However, once you’ve learnt to use trickster, it’s by far the best class to rush on in terms of speed and survivability.


With the inclusion of newer UTs such as gemstone and turncoat in the game, trickster is by far the king of rushing. Low spam teleports, no cool downs, high mobility and utility without a doubt the best class for rushing. A bit sad to see rouge on the bottom of the list but with every inclusion if newer items some things come and go into the meta.


It’s not a simple question to answer as it’s both situational and subjective. Do you like to dodge and rush past everything (Trix, Kensei)? Rush but also tank a fair amount (Warrior)? Mostly tank (Knight)? Cloak to go through everything (Rogue)?

These are the archetypes but you can use pretty much any char for pure rushing, if you can dodge, with enough speed which now any class has with gear. Or clear as you go; if you can clear quickly enough it’s as good as rushing. I use Cnidaria Rod to clear corridors in front of me and rarely have to slow down, and can pick the quickest path rather than weaving around enemies. My “other” vote above was for Sorc.


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