Can i run unity on a chromebook?


So basically my comp pretty much broke and then my parents don’t want to get me a new computer because they say I wont need it. So rn i use my mom’s laptop like a sad boi and cant play rotmg. Basically i get a chromebook next year from hs. Because of unity coming out, is it possible to play unity on a chromebook? i think its a basic level chromebook. My best idea to what it is is I got no clue if a chromebook could run a unity game just lmk

  • Intel Celeron N2840 2.16GHz (Burst up to 2.58GHz) 1MB Cache
  • 4 GB Memory 16GB Flash SSD specs*


I think so? There are many little games on websites like CrazyGames that use Unity, and I have been able to play them with relative ease. My best bet is that Unity Web Player will, and I believe that’s what DECA will use (I’m not completely sure since Unity has discontinued its support for it).

I have a 5th Gen Acer w/ Intel.

If you can’t, there is most likely a way to play it using third-party software.

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if you need to download rotmg to play, probably not.
if google will allow unity online, then maybe.

my guess is no, but this may not be the case


It runs, but DO NOT play realm on a chromebook, at least not on a character you care about.


I am pretty sure it won’t run on there. A Chromebook is a Net PC, meant for accessing the web only through the web browser. It cannot run downloaded apps. It might have the specs for it but it explicitly designed not to run downloaded apps.

And ROTMG is switching from being web based to using a downloaded app. So by design a Chromebook won’t run it, sorry.

(a Chromebook can run Android apps. Google added this to expand the number of apps available. But by all reports it is badly broken, does not work fo all apps, or on all Chromebooks. And there is no Android version of ROTMG)


Can I play as myself Im kidding
But yes do not, I only do ppes when on my chromebook.


It won’t run on this model of chrome book, however, it is possible to run unity on higher end chrome books.

The Google team has allowed you to run Linux natively on chrome book hardware. This would allow users to run applications such as unity clients


I did not know that. High end though; the one the original poster asked about is pretty basic. The most expensive Chromebooks cost $1000 or so. If it’s that high end you would be better off with a PC laptop.


my chromebook has linux beta(i’m guessing that’s what Kalitaio is talking about), and i’m 99% sure it didn’t cost $1000


just wonderin is there a way on the chromebook store that I could get an app that runs unity?


wait just wondering on flash not being supported does, what does flash not being safe mean?


Browsers nowadays often treat Flash as insecure, so not safe, and refuse to install it, or at least not by default. Usually there is some way to override this, by download Flash yourself, installing it, then telling your browser to use it.

This is on desktop, i.e. Mac and Windows. I don’t know if it will work on a Chromebook. I doubt it as AFAIK there is no Chromebook version.


also 1 more question sorry, but do you have any thought if it is possible for realm to still be a browser game?


In theory yes, as you can just Javacript and HTML5. A lot of games already do. But it has three massive problems.

Performance: even with the best code performance depends on the browser, so is highly variable. And people often don’t write the best code, using shortcuts like the Unity web player which is a horrible performance sink, unsuited for games.

Compatibility: differences between browsers not only affect perfortmance but can stop a game running altogether, or disable features it relies on. And this can happen after release, with an update which gets pushed out automatically. There’s nothing like Flash’s extended compatbility, where people still use Flash 18, released five years ago, with no problems.

Security: as the code is interpreted on the client it is very hackable, even more so than Flash which requires special tools (with Javascript you can just use the browser). Furthermore Javasrcript’s model lets you apply patches on the fly. No need to download a special client ever again.


I saw the following circulating:

Is it fr

If so…


It’s not for real, this will change


Thank god


I’m in a similar situation to you, but the details don’t matter.

As far as I can tell, DECA will not support a browser-based Unity client. Their reasoning for this is probably sound, so I won’t presume anything. However, that leaves us with the conundrum of how to play realm with only a chromebook.

I see two ways that this can play out.

  1. As mentioned above, you could install a Linux distribution on your chromebook. I’m sure that you can figure out how to do this. It’s fairly straight forward. The main problem with this is that your school likely has disabled developer mode, making it fairly unlikely that you would be able to pull it off.

  2. Somebody makes a flash client. Now, this in itself is not actually unlikely. As far as I know, the server won’t be able to differentiate, though I could be wrong about this. I feel that this likely would not have support from DECA themselves, so I suppose use at your own risk. As an additional note, chrome is cutting off all support for flash this December. I do suppose you could buy a computer in that time though.

As far as I know, there is no official word about browser’s fate after Unity launch. We can always hold out hope that they continue to support flash, but I find the prospect highly unlikely.

We shall see.