Can something be done about realm crashers?


i’m sick of having to nexus during o/o2 due to lag because when oryx is about to start suddenly the realm stacks with 100 people from a guild because they’re farming oryx shards… there really needs to either be a way to stop mass joining, or make it so my game doesn’t completely shut down when that many people are on the screen.



They’re from a discord probably pub halls judging by the size

Before the tp cool down there were event notifiers. Then the cool down happened and mostly killed notifiers (save for same server notifying or empty realm notifying). Closing realm notifying however didn’t get fixed, so what do you propose to fix this?

Granted your game only crashes because of the obscene amount of people which shouldn’t even happen in the first place; hence why there’s an 85 player cap. Unity might have a thing or two up it’s sleeve to enforce these caps because anything with 100+ people is just :nauseated_face: we’ll see


bro if its 100+ people its very likely the LH discord doing realm clears
fortunately for people who participate in this system (i.e. me), realm is such a flawed game you cant really do anything about it. My best advice is “if you can’t beat them, join them” - someone, somewhere, probably

or just get gud


Yeah I’m almost 100% sure it’s just pub halls server hopping to near closed realms. Nothing you can really do about that if your computer can’t handle the overwhelming number of people.


Pub halls gang


unity wont fix anything its server sided bro


Nothing you can really do about it


True. But I swear Deca said on an q&a somewhere that they wanted to address large roflstomp groups sometime in the future. I guess that has less to do with unity tho so you’re right.


its not my pc, its flash!!

not trying to flex my build but my components are good enough to run the latest games at 100+ fps, but not this 8-16 bit game lol


this is the laziest, cop out answer i’ve ever heard. i can’t join them, because the giant mass of people on my screen literally makes flash player freeze


Try using flash projector 18 and optimizing in-game settings


Try optimizing every single in-game graphic settings.

even not having a single setting turned off can massively decrease your FPS. I mean, since it’s flash player to begin with, you will roughly get around 10 FPS even if you do so, but it should be better than your game entirely freezing up.

If you already have all the graphic settings turned off in Experimental, turned off shadow, etc. and you still have this issue, I can’t really come up with a solution for this one. Sorry.


the thing is that when you have 100+ ppl click a button at the same time you cant really stop them from entering from once


If they wanted to, they could introduce a loot-cooldown (like the teleport cooldown) where a player is ineligible for getting any loot for a certain time (1 minute, 2, 5, whatever they wished) to make it pointless to serverhop in repeated succession. :no_entry_sign:

Or they could make it so your game only allows you so many server changes per hour/day, to make it impossible to permanently play Realm in a serverhopping style. :stop_sign:

For a more positive way to encourage staying in one server, they could create a server loot timer that counts up (kinda like how the loot boost counts down) where every minute in the same server gives you a fractionally higher drop rate, up to 10 minutes = double drop rates or something (making these numbers up on the spot). :timer_clock:

Or let players allocate a ‘home server’ where their loot boost counter decreases at half the normal rate, to give an advantage to not hopping around. :hourglass_flowing_sand:

They could make it so players have to ‘earn’ the right to remain in when the realm transfers to Oryx, so if you haven’t contributed to the realm close, you have lower loot chances, or even get booted.

It’s one of the major downsides of the Heroes Remaining counter being in plain sight. In the old days you couldn’t walk into any realm and know it’s virtually closed, you had to judge it from Oryx’s callouts; so crashing moments before the close was WAY harder to do. I would remove the Heroes counter. :wastebasket:

There’s a lot of possible solutions. It’d be nice if the bigger Discords self-disciplined to avoid certain servers (like ‘yes’ to USE but ‘no’ to USE2 :no_entry: ) but lets be honest without a reason to, they will go wherever they can find. I admit that’s how I treat events that require a closing realm (though not using Discord) so I can’t throw stones from my greenhouse.


That probably won’t happen because the intelligence of an average RotMG player is lesser than the one of mere ants, thus making it impossible for them to do anything considered as an coordinated action.

And no, people who use discord for in-game activities probably do have more than a single brain cell.


Can I get uhhh dynamic tp cooldown that goes up the more you hop?

Especially if it activated upon entering a realm so that traders need not worry.


i was talking about discord lol but without a platform like that of course it wont work xd


I understand it’s frustrating, but Solars is right.

There’s really nothing you or me or anyone can do besides optimizing all your settings (i.e turning off particles, turning off player shots, etc) or upgrading your computer (which doesn’t really seem to help all that much).

Hopefully deca introduces something soon, such as advantages to sticking to one server, but Flash is just awful, nothing anyone can really do until unity comes out.

Also, nice Doctor Aphra pfp.


Added an ? to the title because OTC


wouldnt this make more ppl to go to uw2 so it becomes even more laggy?