Can tablet spell fully spellbomb a [stationary] off-centered target?


alright thx for suggestion, here’s a test on skuld:

  • cursor doesn’t move
  • other enemies don’t block/take any shots

here’s a summary, each row is skuld’s hp after a spellbomb:

spell # hp difference
0 39750 -
1 38814 936
2 35321 3493
3 32296 3025
4 31354 942
5 30409 945
6 29488 921

note how only spell #2&3 were able to hit the “full” spellbomb. additionally you might notice the recording / fps get worse as the minions start spawning (due to the particle effect), and i think that’s a reason why none of the latter spells were able to “full” spellbomb.

to verify spells 2&3 are indeed full spellbombs, we calculate the range of total damage for a full spellbomb: [(min dmg/shot - def) * # of shots, (max dmg/shot - def) * # of shots] = [(260-35)*15, (280-35)*15] = [3375,3675]

now this range is pretty interesting: it suggests spell #3 didn’t even hit a full spellbomb, although it was pretty close.

would be cool if minions didn’t eat me so i could get more data, but i recorded 2 more clips. the first had 1/4 spellbombs fully hit, and the second had 2/5 fully hit.

i think at this point we can finally draw some conclusions:

  • to answer the question: yes, tablet can fully spellbomb a stationary, off-centered target

  • however, the likelihood of actually landing a full spellbomb on such an enemy is variable.

    • it seems to have something to do with fps
    • for the two cases i tested on my laptop (ava&skuld), the probability of landing a full spellbomb seems to be less than 50%


Puppet Master (Encore) is in the intersection of 4 tiles if i remember correctly

edit: late


How tf??? That makes no sense to me. Tablet should make no difference compared to other spells in hitting all shots. Only time it is helpful is like during oryx 3 rotation phase shooting it slightly ahead of him will cause him to run into all shots as they boomerang.

Could regular spells also randomly hit perfect spell bombs or is it just tablet? and why does this even happen in the first place?? It shouldn’t happen at all


When you use a tiered spell (there are probably UT or ST ones that don’t follow this rule; I just can’t keep track anymore), the shots appear from the center of the tile closest to your cursor. If an enemy is absolutely, perfectly positioned on that tile when you use your ability and there is no lag, all shots from the spell will hit. This is most easily done with stationary enemies that spawn in the middle of a tile (like the Mysterious Crystal), but can occasionally be done with moving enemies if you do it right and everything goes perfectly.


Only tablet! If I repeated this experiment with a t6 spell on ava/skuld, a full spellbomb would never happen. This is what makes it so intriguing for me…

One of @zquidx’s theory is that the tablet shots “overconverge” when going back to the center of the tile. Which makes sense if you look at the clips above, since you can see the damage numbers come in at two different times.

Why this happens I have no idea. :spaghetti: