Change the o3 3 runes system


I know, just saying that forcing everyone to take gambles with very realistic odds of never getting a decent amount of stuff (the current drop rates of many things, especially event whites) is not a good thing due to people who don’t like gambling, hence why after In-Combat and for O3 runes in general there should (and it seems there will) be, alongside UT exchange, better drop rates for many things to satisfy both sides.


Gambling is not forced: you agreed to this even before playing :arrow_heading_down:

You hereby agree to the following conditions before using our Service:

Never act silly
Never use RWT sites to get in-game items/rewards
Never complain about changes
Always check the small characters in contracts. Never blame your deaths on anyone or anything else than you. Never complain about facets of the game such as, but not limited to: chest events, THE COMPLETE LACK OF ANY AXE ITEM IN THE GAME, the gambling in form of lootbags, dungeon and realm randomization and the likes.


I like this idea, but I think it would be really cool if the rune used to Open O3 would change the mechanics of the fight. As in a different style of O3 for each time, and each iteration drops different loot. This is definitely way too much work at this point, but at the very least, which rune used could still affect what drops from O3, preserving rarity for certain items


You could always change the name of the runes and make them guarantee a specific miniboss. 4th would have 1/10 chance of spawning instead :stuck_out_tongue:


Something like 3/4 dammah, gemsbok, leucoryx for each rune and 1/4 beisa could work. That way, everyone gets roughly the same chances of appearing.


In Realm? :omegalul:


One last thing: If you change it to this system, two people with runes will either risk bringing a useful and very rare item to O3 with a good chance at dying or nexus and stash it. Either way, it’ll slow down the pace of people actually getting to O3. Instead of this:

it’ll look like this:

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I’m not following. how is that in any way different from the current system? people bringing alts and refusing to use rare/powerful items is related to the difficulty of the dungeon and the structure surrounding permadeath in the game itself. it has literally nothing to do with whether or not someone is carrying a rune.


I’m interpreting it more as “If I bring this rune and it’s useless this run I should probably vault it but then I can’t do the run”, except that argument’s redundant in relation to this topic. If the system stays unchanged, you’re still “risking it” by popping it without even a chance to keep it, because you might nexus.


“two people with runes will either risk bringing a useful and very rare item to O3 with a good chance at dying or nexus and stash it. Either way, it’ll slow down the pace of people actually getting to O3. Instead of this:”
how it will slow it down?!, you only need a Luck and one runes, if you what to increase the chance/Luck to 100% you still need three runes. am give a tiny door, a chance of getting in O3(more chance = more people = more death not 0) its not like the current system with pin needle size chance. that good that people are dying or nexus that mean people are learning. also you still have the option of discord(100% chance)/pubs(still a small chance but still a chance).
and it up to the people choice on how to play, risk it for the biscuit or be smart with the biscuit, mean char or backup char. this is O3 new boss(one of the hardest boss) of course there a good chance of dying, you either learn from your mistakes until you are good at doing it. and i bet my 8-9 years of experience i will still die.

and you are make sound like other people aren’t risking crap, what about other 85 people in the group you know, in that 85 are they all noobs to you?.


Top dupe rwter already duping runes at “special rates” ;=; (No I don’t rwt it’s literally on his discord status)


Are these actually in the TOS?


@RaindropMM please fix this wall of text for others sake


Forgive my naïvety but do a limited amount of Runes drop? Or can players get as many as they desire?


Honestly, I just heard someone saying they had all 3 runes say “This group can’t do O3” cause our dps wasn’t high enough and it was very discouraging to hear since my only chance to do O3 is through pub O3s.


You likely will never do O3 then unless you get swept up into a discord run.

Toastrz was arguing that regulars would get a chance to participate in O3 runs because the discords can’t kick.

However, I’ve seen how the discords select realms and they never pick active realms. For example, the RLs in Oryx Sanctuary have not picked any runs in USEast (the most active server). They also prioritize space over enemies left (they have been going into realms with around ~20-30 oryx enemies as long as they are deserted realms)

So unless you’re the only person sitting lonely in an empty realm you have almost no chance of randomly happening upon an O3 run.


That might be wise, albeit very sad. If the runes are as rare to acquire as I hear, then saving them for the right opportunity to use would prevent a massively wasted pop.


I may check later, but I’m sure they’re not. It was only to get my point across.