Character's list is pretty broken


I currently have 8 characters. They’re all different classes, as I tend not to have 2 of the same class at any time. The following bugs have been happening:

I am not able to get more than 6 characters to show up on my Realmeye profile at any time

Dead characters not disappearing after death

“Last Seen” times were not updating for a good few days but have recently started updating

These are all some pretty substantial bugs, hope they are addressed and/or fixed.


I currently have 8 characters. They’re all different classes

but yeah, that’s kind of the point, RealmEye is pretty broken atm


Whoops didn’t see that :sweat_smile:
Sorry I couldn’t be more help!


I haven’t been keeping up with things well but I’ve been getting the impression from threads like these that realmeye still hasn’t finished adapting to the changes that came with unity. realmeye’s been interfacing with the game with flash for an extremely long time and hasn’t really needed major updates, so I wouldn’t know how long it’ll take for a major update to realmeye to get finished.


We only show one character with 0 fame for each player.


Link doesn’t work for me [working now]


It wasn’t quite the Unity port that has caused problems with Realmeye’s bots and by extension API. It’s the changes to the server code, namely the recently changes to the player stats and fame bonuses. Whereas previously the player data was formatted in a certain order, the new changes to the player data has illegitimized all previously working code. While the issue may simply be changing the way the player object is handled, its likely more complicated as while Deca and Realmeye have sort of agreement, I doubt that Realmeye has access to the documentation.


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