Clear out non-members from guild?


currently my guild has two founders, Patek and myself, 1 leader, MrSprinklz, and no other members. Realmeye is showing a bunch of old members though. I’m not able clear it out anywhere on the site.

Is there some other way to clean it?


Use to and may still be a bug where you can add multiple spaces in a guilds name when creating it which will make 2 guilds with the same realmeye page.


I think it might be a mix of that and something else, I do recognize some of the names in the guild on realmeye.


(rip kingphats)


I don’t have the option for that


ah, you need to send a message to mreyeball asking him to confirm you as a founder before you can do that. then you can also confirm people in your guild (the :information_source: to the left of people’s names). reason for this confirmation shit is explained by shatter above, idk if every guild with a space in its name needs to do this


Ahhhh that makes sense, I’ll have to do try that later. ty for the help!