Closest You've Ever Gotten To Death


Hm…I wouldn’t say Trickster is overpowered…


I don’t have any visual proof here, unfortunately, being this was ages ago.
But in a nutshell, I was running up to the Stone Guards on my original 8/8 archer, I was late and didn’t see which phase they were in, and I run on top of a stone sword as it spawns, eating the full shotgun, and I think I nexused like a few frames before it would have killed me. I’d say that was one of the closest I recall lol


how is this to close to death?
btw I checked I was at 0 hp thats why @dudesactio said “huh”



Keyboard froze in snake pit, was getting destroyed by snakes. The Oh Shiet Button saved my life.


may I ask? What is this saving button called the “Oh shiet”.



You obviously haven’t watched the pro as heck guide to the trickster



i got 2 oryx swords in a row from these shard thingies and i seriously considered wiping my account and hanging myself with a toaster wire


I understand why you enjoy the Trickster, but every class can be “pro as heck”.


Nothing will ever be as pro as heck as the hipster.


not the closest but its the only one i got pic of
closest was 1 hp at sew plz like


I did.
And now I go to heaven right?
thats how it works right?


@Nevov Like Darkawaiii’s post. Oh, and like this one too while you’re at it.

Thanks Nevov!


I had a 1 HP warrior PPE nexus once, but i either didn’t screenshot, or the screenshot is lost.


Closest I got to death was I had a character that died, but as the it went to the death screen the game crashed, and when I was able to reopen it, it had, idk, unprocessed his death or something, and that’s how I had a necromancer that died twice


Did you get get fame on the first “death”?


No, sadly not


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