[CommUnity Update] State of the project


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@Shatter move to #news:developers-corner please


free boxes yummmmm


As of I know we are Realmers not realmsters


Maybe its a play off of realms, as in rotmg and unity, as they are a bit different, and realmsers just isn’t quite right, so they added the t. Maybe.


Actually I think that “Realmers” refers to us in-game, the characters, and realmsters to us, the players


You can’t read “realmsters” and not think about hamsters. Realmers seems more appropriate.


We could have a character that look like a hamster, then yeah… Realmsters. (y)


I am not a hipster.


Since I’m bored:



Alright. I like “Realmsters,” but that’s just me.

I’m really excited for Beta, and have been looking forward to it since the supporter campaign. I can’t wait to see what it’s like, and hope that DECA’s anti-lag features work well so that more people can become fellow Realmsters! (I might like that term, but my spellcheck doesn’t.) Can’t wait to see where the game goes from here!


Deca: Hey guys, we’re starting the Unity beta soon and we have a few neat new features we added!

Everyone: what’s a realmster


Why, it’s meant to bee read as “Realm ster”, which of course means “Realm star” in Dutch! :smile:


maybe they used it because “realmster” and “remaster” are almost the same


Finally, I as getting worried for a bit, but it looks like everything’s falling into place :smiley:


ngl but I legit thought unity would come out mid 2020 since it’s been so long between the updates.